by Auden Dar
4.5 2

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Prelude 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
BBBGirlsBlog 8 days ago
One word: INTENSE! I couldn't put this down. I wanted to know what happened between Lina and Julian! This book really hooked me and wouldn't let me go until the very end! I can't wait for the second one! Reviewed by: Alexis B.
JeriTRyan 11 days ago
What it the most exciting thing for a blogger ? Yes I know what you are going to say - getting a book of your favorite author early and you are right! But I mean the OTHER exciting thing .. Yes NOW you are on the right track… I am indeed talking about finding new authors and their debut novels. Debut novel, especially by indie authors can be a scary business. As sometimes the authors due to their lack of knowledge mistake a blogger for a beta reader and present them with an unedited / less than finished version. And I am not talking about typos or other tiny issues. So now I am especially happy to tell you about Auden Dar. A while ago she contacted me and requested me to read her debut novel “Prelude”. This book is the first one in a duet and to get one thing out of the way directly. YES it ends on a cliffhanger – and NO Auden I really DO not like that #ME LAUGHING … - because hey lets face it it’s a good sign that I am bothered by that right ? But no worries – she promised me that the second book will be released shortly behind – so NO SYLIVA DAY effect – I will hold her to that promise. #IDareYou So about the story itself … When you decide to read this book you will find it is well written & deeply developed. I doubt you will notice that this is a debut as the plot is solid. Solid also means that the story is predictable at times. That is not a bad thing so do not misunderstand me as it is a kind of second chance romance there has to be a certain predictability I think and there are tons of Readers that love that way of writing. Its just that I noticed about myself that I am more the “Colleen-Hoover-whiplash” reader than the “Melissa-Foster-romance”. But again NO Misunderstandings I really enjoyed this story its just that I pay attention to these things. Many reviewers retell the plot in their reviews but I shy away from spoilers wherever possible. So I will only tell you that the blurb gives a good indication on what you can expect of this story. I am pretty sure that if you like the plot you will like the book in total. I know the Blurb says there is no cheating – and there really isn’t ( at least in my world) But just in case that you are trigger sensitive I believe I should tell you that the story comes close to a love triangle. I mean lets face it the blurb tells you there are two guys involved and it really depends on what you personally feel where cheating starts to make up your mind if there is some kind of cheating here. For me the fiancé was not really an involved character therefore I guess I would say there is non but a person that is very sensitive might see it differently. I really liked that the inner fight our female lead had felt real. People are sometimes stuck in their life and it takes quite a lot to get them to change things. About Julian I haven’t made up my mind yet and THAT is def. the authors “mistake … #cliffhanger HELLO? #hahaha – yeah WE REALLY NEED TO TALK I am not really sure what I could tell you about the plot that is not already told in the blurb or would give away to much on the story. Something makes me feel that this story so far is really the prelude and that there will be something coming. So we just have to sit and wait where the author takes us.