Prepper's SHTF Stockpile: The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness And Survival Essentials Guide

Prepper's SHTF Stockpile: The Ultimate Disaster Preparedness And Survival Essentials Guide

by Ron Johnson


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You know it is important that you start building up a stockpile of goods that will sustain you should disaster ever strike and send the world reeling. Natural disaster, financial uncertainty, civil unrest and acts of terrorism are just some of the thing that threaten to turn the world as we know it upside down. We never know what tomorrow holds. With so many possible scenarios, it is a good idea to prepare for anything and everything.

Stockpiling food, water, survival gear and basic medical supplies gives you the best shot of living through a catastrophe. Many disasters over the years have claimed the lives of thousands of people. In many cases, it wasn't the actual disaster that killed people, it was the aftermath and utter lack of preparation. Clean water, food and blankets were scarce and people died or succumbed to their injuries because of a lack of supplies. Don't become one of the tragic losses.

This book aims to help you come up with a survival plan that will help you live through a disaster by relying on the stockpile of goods you have stashed away. It isn't just a bunch of food and water you need to survive. You also need some basic knowledge about finding and building a shelter should you have to escape your home. There are many facets to surviving a catastrophe. You will find many survival books focus only on food and water, but don't take into the possibility you may have to flee your stockpile and leave it all behind. This book will cover every eventuality and help you prepare for sheltering in place or fleeing and heading for the hills. Don't put off planning for your survival another day. Start making your plans with the help of this book.

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