Presences and Absences - Transdisciplinary Essays

Presences and Absences - Transdisciplinary Essays


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ISBN-13: 9781443849845
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 244
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About the Author

Nora Sellei (1961) is Reader both at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, and at the Catholic University, Ruzomberok, Slovakia. Apart from almost one hundred articles, her publications include Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf: A Personal and Professional Bond (Peter Lang, 1996), and four monographs in Hungarian, focusing on 19th-century English women writers; on 20th-century women's autobiographies; on Hungarian feminist theory and criticism; and on cultural (self-)reflexivity in Virginia Woolf's writings of the thirties. She translated Jean Rhys's Smile Please, and Virginia Woolf's Moments of Being and Three Guineas. She edited and translated a reader on feminism and (post)modernism, and was the series editor of the Hungarian feminist series Artemis Books. Katarina Labudova (1976) teaches British and Canadian Literature at the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Catholic University in Ruzomberok, Slovakia. She received her PhD in 2011 in the field of Comparative Literatures at the University of Masaryk, Brno, Czech Republic. Her dissertation deals with Angela Carter's and Margaret Atwood's strategies of writing beyond genre conventions. Katarina Labudova has published several articles focused on Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, identity, monstrosity and the representations of the body in postmodern literatures. Her research interests also include Slovak and Roma fairytales and the role of female tricksters in them.

Table of Contents

Introduction Nóra Séllei 1

Presence and Absence in Language and Linguistics: A Cognitive Case Study of the English Modals Péter Pelyvás 5

The Presence and Absence of Pragmatic Markers in Naturally-Occurring,

Scripted and Non-Native Discourse Bálint Péter Furkó 23

What Gets Highlighted and Hidden in a Genre Chain: A Case Study of Recontextualization in Headlines Danica Malekova 39

The Presence and Absence of the Stolen Generations: The Cinematic Representation of Cross-Cultural Reconciliation in Baz Luhrmann's Australia Judit Mudriczki 53

Words That Make Whole: Funeral Sermons as Meeting Points Between the Here-and-Now and the Hereafter in Antebellum African American Culture Cécile Coquet-Mokoko 69

The Refreshing Presence of God in the Personal Lyrics of Anne Bradstreet Jaroslav Marcin 81

"Such Absences!": Notions of Absence in Philip Larkin's Poetry István D. Rácz 95

Blank Space: Heliotropism in the Poetry of Arthur Symons Éva Gyöngy Máté 113

Spectral Presences in Two Turn-of-the-Century Ghost Stories Tamás Bényei 125

Being a Subject is a Horrible Thing: The Absence of Closed Formations of Subjectivity in A Nightmare on Elm Street György Kalmár 141

The Problem That Has a Masculine Name: Shell Shock and the Traumatic Memory of the Great War in Pat Barker's Regeneration Eszter Ureczky 155

"Ironing-because-its-Tuesday": Significant Presences and Absences in Katherine Mansfield's "How Pearl Button Was Kidnapped" Janka Kascakova 171

Intertextuality in the Opening Scenes of Virginia Woolf's The Years Nóra Séllei 187

Myth and Re-Presentation: John Cowper Powys, A Glastonbury Romance Angelika Reichmarm 205

Waterless Flood and Mythless Myth: Absence/Presence of Biblical Myths in Oryx and Crake (2003) and The Year of the Flood (2009) by Margaret Atwood Katarina Labudova 219

The Arabesques of Presence and Absence: Subversive Narratives in Sarah Waters's Fingersmith Boglárka Kiss 233

Contributors 241

Index 245

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