Presente! U. S. Latino Catholics from Colonial Origins to the Present

Presente! U. S. Latino Catholics from Colonial Origins to the Present

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Presente! U. S. Latino Catholics from Colonial Origins to the Present

Through dozens of original documents Presente! offers readers the story of Latino/Hispanic Catholicism from 1534 to the present. From the first mission encounters in the sixteenth century, to Cesar Chavez and the UFW, to the beginnings of mujerista theology in the 1980's this collection offers a unique and indispensable look at the community which has become the largest ethnic component in the American Catholic church today.

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ISBN-13: 9781570753282
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 11/01/2000
Series: American Catholic Identities Series
Pages: 280
Product dimensions: 6.03(w) x 9.27(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1Colonial Foundations
1.First Encounters9
1a.Texas, 153410
1b.Florida, 158711
1c.New Mexico, 163012
2.Testimony on Indian Rebellion in New Mexico, 168114
3.Report on Mission Collapse in Florida, 170717
4.Pledge to Commemorate Local Patron Saints, San Antonio, 175520
5.Bishop's Concerns about Language in New Mexico, 176022
6.Inauguration of the Church at Mission Santa Clara, California, 178423
7.Guidelines for a Texas Mission, 1786-178725
8.A Franciscan View on Secularizing Missions in San Antonio, 179227
9.Report on Catholic Life in New Orleans, 179530
10.Good Friday Service in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 182132
11.Plea to the Bishop of Havana for Support, St. Augustine, 183636
12.Accounts of Mission Life in California, 1820s-1840s37
12a.Eulalia Perez38
12b.Julio Cesar41
Part 2Enduring Communities of Faith in the Southwest
13.Los Pastores, Monterey, California, 184658
14.Holy Week at Santa Barbara, California, 185159
15.Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration at Santa Rita, Texas, 185165
16.Response to Know-Nothing Attacks, San Antonio, 185567
17.Padre Martinez Protests the Actions of Bishop Lamy, New Mexico, 185768
18.Feast-Day Processions in Los Angeles70
18a.Feast of the Assumption, 185771
18b.Feast of Corpus Christi, 185871
19.Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration at Conejos, Colorado, 187472
20.Speech at Colegio de Las Vegas, New Mexico, 187873
21.Religious Devotion in Tucson, Arizona76
21a.Private and Public Devotion, 188276
21b.San Isidro Feast Day, 189477
22.Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast Day, Ysleta, Texas, 188278
23.Pilgrimage to Chimayo, New Mexico, 189080
24.Holy Week and Feast Days, Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, ca. 1890s82
25.Confirmation at Las Cruces, New Mexico, 190286
26.La Capilla de Los Milagros, San Antonio, 190787
Part 3Crossing Borders: The Immigrant Experience
27.Circular Letter Promoting a National Parish at San Francisco, 1871101
28.Borderlands Catholicism106
28a.Arizona-Sonora, ca. 1880s106
28b.El Paso-Juarez, ca. 1910s107
29.Mexican Immigrants in the Midwest108
29a.Statement of a Chicago Resident, 1928108
29b.Letter to the Bishop of Detroit, 1932109
30.Report on the Religious Conditions of Puerto Ricans in New York, 1951110
31.Report on Ministry among Puerto Ricans in Chicago, 1955115
32.Plea for Retaining Puerto Rican Faith Traditions, 1955117
33.Recollections of Life in Puerto Rico and New York, 1982119
34.Reflections on the Evolution of Hispanic Ministry in New York, 1982122
34a.Fiesta de San Juan, 1950s122
34b.The Cursillo, 1960s124
35.Narrative of an Immigrant from the Dominican Republic, New York, 1982125
36.Report on San Juan Bosco Parish, Miami, 1983128
37.A Honduran Tragedy in New York, 1990130
38.Testimony of a Salvadoran Refugee, 1991132
39.Reflections on South American Catholics in the United States, 1997134
40.Bishop Gonzalez's Message upon His Election as Archbishop of San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1999138
Part 4Exiles, Faith, and the Homeland
41.Description of a Visit with Padre Felix Varela, 1852151
42.Description of Cuban Catholics in Key West, 1892-1900152
43.Establishment of a Pious Association at San Antonio, 1925156
44.Editorial regarding Religious Persecution in Mexico, 1926159
45.Journey into Exile from Puebla, 1927160
46.Correspondence of an Exiled Cristero Supporter, Los Angeles, 1932163
47.Report of Guadalupe Celebration in East Los Angeles, 1934165
48.Arrival of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre in Miami, 1961168
49.A Cuban Deportation Experience, 1961171
50.Organizing Charter of the Union de Cubanos en el Exilio, 1961174
51.Obligations of an Exiled Agrupado, 1962176
52.First Cuban Studies Meeting, 1969178
53.Exiles Denounce Human Rights Violations in Cuba, 1978180
54.From Cuban Exile Document, "Cuba, ayer, hoy y siempre," 1982182
55.Founding of the Christian Democratic Party of Cuba, 1991183
56.Returning Home: Excerpts from Cuban Exile Document, CRECED, 1993185
Part 5Twentieth-Century Struggles for Justice
57.Dia de la Raza Speech, Ponce, Puerto Rico, 1933199
58.Demand for Spanish-Speaking Clergy, San Diego, 1939201
59.Protests against Discrimination and Segregation, Texas, 1947204
59a.Affidavit of Henrietta A. Castillo204
59b.Letter of Support from the Lay Council for the Spanish Speaking205
60.Cesar Chavez's Speech on the Mexican American and the Church, 1968206
61.Catolicos por la Raza209
61a.Press Release, 1969210
61b.Announcement of a Communal Fast, 1970211
62a.Proposal for a National Chicano Church, 1971212
62b.Circular Letter Promoting the Appointment of Hispanic Bishops, 1978216
63.Las Hermanas217
63a.Circular Letter to Prospective Hermanas Members, 1970218
63b.Presentation on U.S. Bishops' Proposed Pastoral Letter on Women, 1985218
63c.Reflections on Las Hermanas National Conference, 1991220
64.Call for Increased Hispanic Leadership in the Archdiocese of New York, 1972221
65.Cuban Exiles Denounce Archbishop for Discrimination, Miami, 1972222
66.Reflections on the 1972 Founding of the Mexican American Cultural Center224
67.Presentation of Puerto Rican Youth, Northeast Regional Encuentro, 1974226
68.A Laywoman Calls for Justice, Northeast Pastoral Region, 1976227
69.Bishop Patricio Flores's Address at the Segundo Encuentro, 1977230
70.Essay on Mainland Puerto Ricans' Aspirations for the Island, 1979232
71.In Defense of Cuban Prisoners in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, 1986234
72.Hispanic Deacons' Statement to Cardinal John O'Connor, New York, 1988238
73.Bishop Zavala's Address on Proposition 187, Los Angeles, 1994240
Part 6Contemporary Theological Voices
74.Conversion: Embracing an Indigenous Heritage245
75.A Galilean Christology: Mestizaje and the New Humanity248
76.Immigrant Traditions: The Religion of the Mountains on Fifth Avenue252
77.Diaspora Theology: Journeying through Exile254
78.Mujerista Theology: The Struggle for Liberation257
List of Works Cited261

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