Preserved for the End of Time: New Uncovered Ezekiel Prophecies About Christ's Return

Preserved for the End of Time: New Uncovered Ezekiel Prophecies About Christ's Return

by W. I. Walker, A. A. Kevas


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The authors of Preserved for the End of Time, A. A. Kevas and W. I. Walker, amazingly stumbled upon the controversial, detailed accounts of Christ's first advent and second coming that are revealed in their book. The prophecies uncovered in this literal translation of the book of Ezekiel (Strong's Concordance numbers included), which have been occurring throughout the past few decades as prophesied, are beyond belief. The authors' shocking discovery was achieved by retranslating the book of Ezekiel from Hebrew, ignoring the much-later-added vowel and punctuation marks, and translating using the actual verb tenses recorded by the ancient scribes. Because the authors were open to a wider selection of words having the same recorded Hebrew letters as the previous versions, but different vowel pronunciations, they exhumed a fascinating, apocalyptic account with a continuous theme throughout the book of Ezekiel. Incredible details of prophesied events emerged that are now being fulfilled in our generation, with precision, such as the partitioning of Palestine and the construction of the barrier wall running through it, the two Suez Canal Wars in Egypt in 1956 and 1976, the signing of the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian Peace Agreement, air- and space travel, and so much more. Comments are included throughout Preserved for the End of Time, comparing the translated passages to historical and current events that match the prophecies. Remnants of the message discovered, though highly controversial, can also be found in other documentations, such as the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, Missing Books of the Bible, Nostradamus' End of Time predictions, and even the Koran.

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