President Sophia: My Road To The White House

President Sophia: My Road To The White House

by Dr. Andrew Sassani M.D.


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As 10-year-old Sophia announces her candidacy for the presidency of United States, she quickly and connivingly adds that she didn't just announce her candidacy, but rather, she, "that some girl in America today", will be the President of United States of America.

Sophia tells of how she was inspired to run for the White House by her "girl" candidate in the 2016 presidential elections and her concession speech thereafter. She said, "It didn't really matter to me if she was a Democrat or Republican or something else." Sophia was just happy that a girl like her, was close to becoming the president. She announces her own political platform for the presidency and how she came up with it. In this book, Sophia strongly encourages other girls to run for political office and says "...we definitely need more girls in politics. Although half of America is female, in 2017 women make up only 21% of U.S. Senators, 20% of U.S. Representatives in congress, and 12% of Governors."

She formally accepts the baton passed from Victoria Woodhull to Hillary Clinton and exclaims "Victoria Woodhull started the race, Mrs. Clinton brought it to the finish line, and I will cross it into the White House!" Starting from Victoria Woodhull as America's first female presidential candidate, Sophia gives brief historical introductions on other girls in America who became Firsts in American political landscape and laments about the fact that America has never had a girl president despite the 19th Amendment having given voting rights to women almost a century earlier.

Some other excerpts from inside the book:

"Mrs. Clinton may have lost the presidency, but she has also inspired many girls like me. ... it was to me and millions of other girls like me, when Mrs. Clinton said in her speech "I know we have still not [won the presidency], ... but some day, someone will...and to all the little girls who are watching this... "

"Before the 2016 presidential election, I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grow up. But, now I do. ... I still don't know if I'll be a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or belong to another party. I guess I'll find my way as I grow up."

"But one thing is for sure, our country needs more girls to run for public office, and I will be one of them. I have given up being a princess and going for Madam President."

"Remember, I didn't just announce my candidacy. ...One day, I, that "some girl in America", will be Madam President of the United States!"

At the end of the story, the author adds "Ordinarily, "The End" would go on this page, but the story is not finished. This is just the beginning!" and writes to his readers in "Message to the Future President of the United States" with " ... Our country needs more girls like you to run for public office and be in the positions to make rules and policies. From the Mayor's office to the Governor's mansion, from the U.S. House of Representative to the Senate and the White House, America needs girls like you to run for political office. ..Voting is what makes a democracy strong, and America is a stronger democracy today than it was before 1920. No matter which election and no matter who is running for what office, as soon as you are old enough to vote, you must exercise your democratic right and vote. Every vote counts. Every vote matters. Every election impacts the future of our lives and country. America is waiting for a girl just like you, to grow up and become the President of the United States. ..Remember, America stands for Equality, Liberty, and Justice for all."

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ISBN-13: 9781974403721
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/05/2017
Pages: 26
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About the Author

Andrew Sassani MD is a married father of two girls. He is a Harvard trained board-certified physician, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and a Medical Director at a national healthcare company. He graduated cum laude from New York University's College of Arts & Science ('92) with a bachelor's degree in Literature. As a father, physician, and educator, he felt the need to author a new series of Girl-Empowerment children's books focusing on educational & professional achievements of those who overcame gender inequality, racism, and other forms of discriminatory attitudes in their lives.

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