President Trump Sells California

President Trump Sells California

by Duke Q. Wallace

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 A short political satire in which a President Trump nationalizes the Girl Scouts, privatizes the Supreme Court, and sells the state of California—his way of paying off the Federal debt. Nine brief chapters, each one resolving a real national issue with an excess of creativity and zeal. What happens when the zeal is spent?

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ISBN-13: 9781624910814
Publisher: Parkhurst Brothers, Inc.
Publication date: 01/21/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 112
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Duke Wallace writes in that time-honored tradition of political satirists that reaches as far back in American history as the Revolutionary War period. Tom Paine, Ben Franklin, and their contemporaries used creatively-signed epistles to stir sentiment in favor of home rule. Wallace is both a former Marine and a one-time Republican political operative. Besides, he is a lifelong student of American history. If Mr. Wallace considers the value of his fully-attached neck a higher value than fleeting fame, who are we to cast the first stone? Just the sort of fellow to be aware that he’s inside the caldera of a volcano when visiting Yellowstone National Park, Mr. Wallace lives with his wife and dog in a domicile near the Main Street of a small Midwestern town. Rumors that he and the Mrs. share a weekly canasta evening with the Mittys are unfounded.

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From the Preface:
"Public discourse was once the sovereign domain of well-educated, reasonable men and women. No longer. Today, some of our would-be statesmen behave like circus clowns, vying amongst one another to act in a most uncivil and certainly unadult manner in order to secure coveted moments on camera. Apparently, they think we are all as vapid as those Roman citizens of old who could be enticed to vote for any whelp, provided they were given the day off, a hot roll, and a good show. I trust that you have a bit more sense in your head than all that. If you’ve purchased this book, then I must be right. Redemption is only nine chapters away." © May not be used without permission. For more info:

Table of Contents

Preface. A Note Before Reading I. God Giveth and President Trump Fireth II. President Trump’s First State of the Union Address III. President Trump Buys the Supreme Court IV. President Trump Fires the Army V. President Trump Redresses Congress VI. President Trump Nationalizes the Girl Scouts VII. President Trump Auctions Off the Smithsonian VIII. President Trump Sells the Veterans Administration IX. President Trump Sells California Biographical Note Share with Your Friends

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