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Presidents as Military Officers, As Commander-in-Chief with Humor and Anecdotes

Presidents as Military Officers, As Commander-in-Chief with Humor and Anecdotes

by Lee R. McDowell


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A great deal of history can be learned by reading the policies of our 44 presidents. This publication (45 chapters) describes the military activity prior to the presidency as well as the Commander-in Chief decisions of each president. Important war battles are described with photographs. For each president there is humor and anecdotes. Of the 44 presidents, 31 had served in the military. Twelve were generals. The most famous were Washington, Jackson, Taylor, Grant, Hays, and Eisenhower. Six Union veterans became presidents, as did 8 who served in World War II. Thirteen presidents would be considered heroes due to their conspicuous gallantry. Other presidents who did not serve in the military, but were effective while serving as Commander-in Chief during War.

The author, Dr. Lee R. McDowell, is a professor of nutrition emeritus at the University of Florida. In nutrition research he has published over 1500 scientific articles and has written 9 books. Five different nutrition courses have been taught. Most of McDowell's research has been in foreign countries. As a result, he has traveled extensively, 280 trips since 1971. In addition to college courses, he has given over 500 major talks throughout the world. Dr. McDowell is a "Fellow" of two International Societies and has won many awards in teaching and research. From one society he won the highest award available for research (Morrison Award). Books by McDowell have been used in classes at other universities. The last book he published was "The Presidents, Humor, Events and Morality". The new book is "The Presidents as Officers in the Military". Why is the author writing a book on presidents? Why not? Are only political scientists allowed to write on presidents? Dr. McDowell has always been interested in the presidents; there is humor associated with the situation they have been placed in. When he was younger, he could name all of the presidents in 17 seconds. He still can but with more presidents this takes longer. Although his major work is nutrition, he has taken college American History courses and is very familiar with the lives of the presidents.

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