Pretty Bad Boys

Pretty Bad Boys

by Goddo


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Canadian power trio Goddo was by no means a one-hit wonder band, but for all intents and purposes it was a one-hit single band. That single was 1981's "Pretty Bad Boy," the title cut -- minus a pluralizing "s" -- of the group's fourth studio album. Bouncing along to a jaunty beat, buoyed by jangly guitars and a rollicking piano, and topped with a smirking, sing-along chorus and cutey-pie child vocals, "Pretty Bad Boy" was the song that finally put this long-serving outfit on the Canadian radio charts. A lucky break, no doubt, but likely not a complete fluke; judging by the tone of the rest of Pretty Bad Boys, it seems obvious bassist, singer, and songwriter Greg Godovitz was angling for a hit. The ten-song album is Goddo's most mainstream effort to that point. Godovitz reins in his rockstar posturing and classical flourishes, aiming instead for solid pop
ock singles with crunchy guitar licks and lyrical hooks. Usually, his efforts pay off. "Forget About Forgetting," "Feeling Strange Today," "Am I Crazy, Crazy?!?," and "Vampire Eyes" are all hard-edged post-new wave rockers, propelled by four-on-the-floor beats from drummer Doug Inglis and chugging guitars from Gino Scarpelli. "Let's Talk It Over," meanwhile, features another of Godovitz' big, ringing riffs, augmented by harmonies borrowed from the Yardbirds' "For Your Love." Even "Shooting Stars," a quirky little slice of ennui with lilting Caribbean overtones, is reasonably enjoyable. All in all, a pretty good effort. Unfortunately, it turned out to be their last album for a decade. Two years after this album, the band underwent the first of several breakups.

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Release Date: 09/25/2006
Label: Attic Records Canada
UPC: 0057362112025
catalogNumber: 1120
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  1. Ngorongoro
  2. Am I Crazy, Crazy?! ?
  3. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  4. Feeling Strange Today
  5. Shooting Stars
  6. Pretty Bad Boy
  7. Forget About Forgetting
  8. Vampire Eyes
  9. Let's Talk It Over
  10. Orognorogn

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