Pretty Scary

Pretty Scary

by Vox Anon

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Pretty Scary by Vox Anon

uncollected poems from "The Unicorn Man" text. & for private horror &/or delight. ENJOY!

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ISBN-13: 9781257617548
Publication date: 08/15/2011
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 561 KB

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Pretty Scary 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stalking mice was easy and fun, and the kittypet Freddy always felt that rush when he did. However, the only mice he could get to were his housefolk's pets, so he couldn't eat them. Still, stalking was fine. Right now, he was stalking a black mouse with white splotches. He was carefully making his way to it...when the doorbell rang. The mouse looked up, saw Freddy, and ran. Freddy hissed and turned to see who had ruined his hunt. His owner had just opened the door, and Freddy groaned as he saw the neighbor boy who always got a kick out of teasing him. His owner started to open the door, and Freddy had a sudden idea he'd never considered before. He darted in the direction of the now half-open door. Just as it opened fully, he ran out full speed, and kept going down the street until he realized he was exhausted. Then he fell on the ground, panting. When he looked up again, he saw he was in front of an abandoned house. He looked harder and saw a shining pair of amber eyes inside a hole in the boarded-up doorway. He slowly got to his feet and padded toward the house. Then a lithe black cat launched itself out the hole, ramming into Freddy and knocking him down. The cat started attacking him. Freddy rolled out from under it and got to his feet, any previous exhaustion gone. The other cat, a male, also got to his paws, though he didn't attack. "Leave," he hissed in a strangely flat voice. "Leave or be shredded by TwolegplaceClan." Freddy just stared at him. "TwolegplaceClan?" he said questioningly. "I...I don't know...what that is..." The other cat didn't really react. He just turned around and stalked away, saying,"Then leave. Or you will learn the hard way what TwolegplaceClan is." Freddy, out of instinct, followed him. They padded inside the abandoned house. A slender she-cat with long, dark brown fur and a white muzzle ran up to the tom and, seeing Freddy, asked,"I take it this was the intruder?" Freddy noticed that she had the same amber eyes he'd seen from outside. He glanced at the quiet black tom, and saw that he had blue eyes. So it was this she-cat who'd seen him! He wanted to say something, but faced with the beautiful she-cat, he couldn't think straight and didn't want to risk talking like a mouse-brain. The black tom, unaffected by her beauty, replied,"Yes. Where is Thomas?" Just then, a ginger tom with brown eyes appeared. "Here!" he announced. Then he saw Freddy and asked,"Who's this?" Freddy could finally speak, and he said,"I want to join TwolegplaceClan!" Thomas stared at him, then started laughing. "Sure!" he said. "What's your name?" "F-Freddy," Freddy replied. "Okay!" Thomas said jovially. Then he turned around and padded to the next room. Freddy followed. The she-cat padded next to him, the black tom behind them. The she-cat said,"Hi, Freddy! My name is Ariel. Nice to meet you! You're pretty handsome, you know." Freddy felt hot under his brown-and-black tabby fur. Ariel purred,"I'm sure the other girls will go crazy the moment you walk in." They did. Sort of. They stared at him as he padded through behind Thomas, and he heard mutters of,"Did Ariel take him?", "He is kinda cute", and,"I hope he's single." Thomas leapt up on top of a bookcase and called,"This is Freddy! He's joining TwolegplaceClan!" Ariel called,"And he's single!" and winked at Freddy. Then a human walked in. He looked about eight seasons older than Freddy's neighbor boy, who he'd heard was twelve somethings. The person said,"Now he'll learn to morph."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was one week old when I meet those three leopards. "This cat will be the companion of a great magican." one said. "Let us give him the gift of imortality." another suggested. I felt a tingleing on my fur. I meowed in suprise and raced into an ally. For the next month I lived on the streets. Then,one day, I saw a tall man with a tall girl. The girl was wearing a strange pointy black hat and was carrying a wooden staff. She looked kind,so i leaped out of the ally. I overshot,and landed on her hat. She reached up and lifted me off of the hat. I cant understand human,but she seemed to be deciding to keep me. (For the rest go to rue 21 result three)