Pricing in Theory and Practice

Pricing in Theory and Practice

by Bjarke Fog



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ISBN-13: 9788716132291
Publisher: Blackwell Munksgaard
Publication date: 02/28/1999
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 6.33(w) x 9.32(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Normative and descriptive theories
Marginalism as a normative theory
Marginalism as a descriptive theory
Full cost as a descriptive theory
Full cost as a normative theory
Price strategy in competitive environments: different types of competition; illustrative cases; oligopoly theory as a descriptive theory; oligopoly and game theory; the theory of joint profit maximization; oligopoly theory as a normative theory; pricing under monopolistic competition
Multi-product pricing: joint production; multiple products
Transfer pricing: definition; transfer pricing in theory and practice; the practical solution; the theoretical solution
Price discrimination: conditions for price discrimination; price discriminiation in practice; predatory pricing; discount policy; charging for extras
Vertical relations: the basic theory; examples of monopsony; subcontracting; relations between producers and retailers

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