Prince Claimed

Prince Claimed

by Amber Kell

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Prince Claimed by Amber Kell

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When fate spins two lives into turmoil, rising above their issues may be the only way to find true love.

Prince Bleine always had female mates before. As a Thresl he’d never been given a choice. The animal within chose who it chose. However when his brother-in-law Kreslan mates Bleine to a man in order to save his life, Bleine quickly learns to adapt and that what he's always thought he wanted isn’t exactly what he needs.

Sarler left his home planet to escape their restrictive ways. Interested in pursuing his interest in men, he had been unsure how to start. When he is inadvertently bonded to Prince Bleine, he is struck by how little he understands about handsome princes or life at court.

Secrets and mysteries surround them. Can they discover everything about each other while keeping their enemies at bay? When Sarler is injured, he realises he has to take a chance if he ever hopes to find love with the prince of his dreams. Can he convince Bleine that he sincerely wants to give their relationship a try, or has he waited until it’s too late?

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BN ID: 2940154545331
Publisher: Amber Kell
Publication date: 09/08/2017
Series: Thresl Chronicles
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 248,302
File size: 525 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Amber Kell is a dreamer who has been writing stories in her head for as long as she could remember. She lives in Seattle with her husband, two sons, three cats and one very stupid dog. To learn more about her current books or works in progress, check out her blog at Her fans can also reach her at

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Bleine bit his lip to hold back a shout as his orgasm tore through him. Cum splattered across the sheets and dripped down his fist in long, sticky strands as the stench of sex filled the room without the happy afterglow of a partner to cuddle with afterwards.

While gulping in air in fast desperate breaths, Bleine blinked to clear his vision. He grabbed for the box of tissues he now kept on his bedside table. His nightly releases had ruined more than one washcloth so he'd moved on to disposables. Tendrils of dream memories wafted through his mind. Bleine licked his lips, trying to recapture the lingering, imaginary taste of his mate. The sweet flavour of honey still coated his tongue as if he'd just kissed his mate Sarler after eating a sticky bun. His heart, empty and aching, beat sluggishly as the hollow feeling expanded to wrap him completely in despair. Without his bonded, it was almost as if he'd ceased to exist and wandered as a shadowy figure in his own life.

A peek at the wall clock revealed it was still several hours before morning. He wondered if Sarler was sleeping well. The process of bonding to mates went easier when going from Thresl to human form. Since Bleine had been human when he'd met his bonded, the process of joining souls had taken longer. It might take forever if he couldn't coax Sarler to stay the night in his bed. Three days had passed since they'd bonded and already he could feel his mind beginning to unravel. If they didn't have sex soon, without a human to anchor him, Bleine would descend into madness. No one knew how close he skated to losing his identity. He wouldn't pressure Sarler into a deeper bond or reveal his troubles to his brother.

Vohne had enough issues trying to arrange a bonding ceremony with his fractious mate. Already they'd pushed back the wedding a month in order to get everything together and allow time for guests to arrive from around and outside the galaxy. A coveted invitation to the Thresl king's wedding could make a political career, so invitees had to be chosen with care.

During his waking hours, Bleine spent his time focused on finding the betrayers—the group of people plotting against his brother, the king. Only when sleeping did images of Sarler haunt him. Beautiful Sarler. With his pale hair and sweet grey eyes, he reminded Bleine of the picture of a wood sprite he'd seen in a storybook as a child. His mother had used to read to him stories of forest dwellers who bonded with the wildlife and lived in peace. He'd been enchanted with the idea as a boy and had often searched for sprites when he had gone camping.

He'd never found one, of course. Sarler was the closest he'd ever come. Unfortunately, he was having as much luck capturing him as he had done catching a forest sprite as a child.

"Fuck!" he growled. Discontent radiated through him. He wanted to wake up beside Sarler, not all alone with no one for company but his own hand.

Damn Kreslan.

Bleine sighed. As much as he wanted to blame his brother's mate, he couldn't. If Kreslan hadn't interfered... Hell, he'd be dead. Kres had saved Bleine's life by finding him a bondmate as soon as Bleine had broken free from the cryo-pod. The scheming bitch who'd shattered his tube hadn't counted on Kres' quick action to find him a fast replacement.

Fortunately, unlike his brother, Bleine could re-bond. If Kres died, Vohne would quickly follow. A cryo-chamber couldn't save the king if his one and only mate lost his life. The same as hundreds of years before, Kres and Vohne would reincarnate together.

One advantage to not being the true king was that Bleine's mates didn't reincarnate. Sadly, it also led to him choosing the wrong people to bond with. Unlike Vohne, Bleine's choices weren't fated to be his perfect match. His first bonded had died in the Great Purge, killed by a fanatic while Bleine had been out fighting. His second bonded had tried to kill Vohne...and now his third didn't want him. So far, his record hadn't been stellar.

Sarler, his current bonded, was actively avoiding Bleine.

He didn't know what to do to get his bondmate's attention. Even though his patience was failing, becoming a stalker wasn't on his 'to do' list.

The fact that Sarler had never had sex with a male added to their complications. Although Bleine had always bonded with females, the Thresls as a species didn't discriminate between male and female partners. They chose the person, not their sex. Bleine worried that Sarler didn't have the same outlook. Humans sometimes weren't as flexible with their sexuality. If Sarler fixated on Bleine being a male instead of a preferred female, they wouldn't ever become closer.

He didn't know if it was because he had bonded with an empath, but Bleine woke up every morning coated with his own spunk and aching for the touch of someone he barely knew. He had hoped that Sarler's empathic powers might make it harder for him to resist the bond, to resist Bleine. So far that hadn't proved to be the case.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This author is really good but i cant stand to pay almost 5$ for a book that is 100pgs they should put that in the information section to be seen before anyone buys the book, now im scared to buy the other books and them barley be 100 pgs. Im sorry i just think its a rip off
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago