Prince Not So Charming: Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence

Prince Not So Charming: Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence

by Kathleen Grace


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Prince Not So Charming: Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence by Kathleen Grace

In"Prince Not So Charming," you will take a riveting journey with Cinderella as she navigates romance, emotional upheaval, and near-financial-death experiences—all of which lead her to findinner strengthdespite seemingly insurmountable setbacks.

Nine out of ten womenwill be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives."Prince Not So Charming," is a call to action that willinspire and empower youto take control of your finances regardless of the obstacles you face, plus you’ll learn:

Strategiesfor women to regain power and avoid financial ruin

The importance of and how to maintainfinancial independence—whether you're married, single, or contemplating divorce

Financial strategiesto help you safeguard yourself and those you love

Ideas toreduce the financial and emotional burdensof divorce

Whether you're a high-powered executive or a single mom struggling to make ends meet,"Prince Not So Charming"will encourage you to claim your power tocreate and protect your financial future.

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ISBN-13: 9781630476342
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 02/02/2016
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 1,266,551
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Kathleen Grace, CFP, CIMA, is a Managing Director of United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC. For over 23 years, Kathleen has provided sophisticated financial and estate tax planning strategies to Fortune 500 executives, affluent multigenerational families, entrepreneurs, and institutions by serving as her clients' Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Kathleen earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Miami and her CFP certification from the Wayne Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University. In addition, Kathleen was awarded the CIMA designation from the Investment Management Consultants Association with education and curriculum through the Wharton School of Business.

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“Help me!” she screamed. Cinderella stood on a cliff overlooking jagged rocks and an endless sea. She was running away from something dark and menacing, but she could not identify exactly what the frightful figure was. Her toes gripped the cliff’s edge, and her heart pounded so hard she could hardly form a thought. In an instant, Cinderella’s footing gave way, and she slid down the cliff, saved only by a branch that stuck out from a crevice. She clung to it with all her might as her legs dangled in midair. “I can’t hold on much longer!” she cried to the heavens.

Cinderella bolted upright. Sweat beaded on her forehead, and she felt the safety of the mattress beneath her. The morning sun and the birds chirping outside signaled that the nightmare was over. For months, Cinderella—Cindi for short—had been experiencing dreams like these. I’m probably just stressed out, she told herself.

Like the fairy-tale character, Cinderella Patterson had flowing blond hair, porcelain skin, and clear blue eyes. Many people admired her for her kindness, and she worked hard to create a happy life for her seven-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, and herself. A single mom, Cindi lived with Kaitlyn in a cozy house near the coast of southern Florida. Lush palm trees lined the street leading up to 23102 Marina Circle.
According to those closest to her, Cindi led an idyllic life. But like the classic fairy tale’s Cinderella, she faced many challenges. Cindi played multiple roles: She was a single mom, a loyal friend, a fashion designer, and a business owner. While juggling her varied responsibilities, she tried to maintain a social life, though it became more difficult with each passing day.

Her daughter, Kaitlyn, brought her joy and unconditional love. Her best friend, Anne, provided her much-needed support. During tough times, she sobbed in Anne’s embrace, unabashedly expressing her sadness. Other times, she and Anne sat with each other in their pajamas, surrounded by fluffy pillows and fashion magazines, while talking about life’s ups and downs, sipping Cakebread, and nibbling on fine chocolates. They spent countless hours analyzing their relationships and wondering if they would ever find the man of their dreams. Both wanted to find that special someone, each one’s version of Prince Charming, who would bring them love and happiness.

As far as work was concerned, ever since Cindi was a little girl, she had dreamed of designing elegant evening wear. In fact, she was only seven years old when she began filling notebooks with sketches of beautiful gowns. It was a dream she had held onto throughout her fashion-design courses in college. After her studies, a series of lucky career breaks bolstered her belief in her design skills. At one point, she had aspirations to be the designer for A-list celebrities. Recently, however, her confidence had diminished.

Over the past few years, Cindi’s self-esteem had reached an all-time low, which caused a lack in creativity. She was embarrassed to admit it, but it had been a long time since she had designed a dress that she was truly proud of. To her disappointment and frustration, her latest designs were unimaginative and lacked the sparkle and flair that had made her previous collection so extraordinary. Her current state gnawed at her, as did the endless stream of questions and doubts that kept her awake at night. If I can’t come up with fresh ideas, how long will I be able to stay in business? And if I go out of business, what will that mean to my daughter and me?

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction x

Prince Not So Charming 1

Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence 259

Happily Ever After 275

Resources 277

About the Author 280

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Prince Not So Charming: Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Any woman who wants to be financially independent should read this book.