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Prince of Dogs (Crown of Stars #2)

Prince of Dogs (Crown of Stars #2)

4.5 11
by Kate Elliott

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Set in an alternate Europe where bloody conflicts rage, the second book of the Crown of Stars epic fantasy series chronicles a world-shaking conflict for the survival of humanity

Sanglant—the Prince of Dogs, King Henry’s bastard son; though believed dead by all who could succor him, he is being held captive in the city of Gent by Bloodheart,


Set in an alternate Europe where bloody conflicts rage, the second book of the Crown of Stars epic fantasy series chronicles a world-shaking conflict for the survival of humanity

Sanglant—the Prince of Dogs, King Henry’s bastard son; though believed dead by all who could succor him, he is being held captive in the city of Gent by Bloodheart, the Eika warlord. Cursed by his mother’s blood with an inability to die, he struggles to maintain the last shreds of his sanity in the hope rescue may yet come….
Liath—now a King’s Eagle, and still grieving over Sanglant, she strives to unlock the secrets of the past while seeking to evade the traps set for her by an obsessively ambitious man. But even a post in King Henry’s court offers her little protection from those determined to claim the forbidden knowledge she has hidden….
Alain—raised in humble surroundings but now proclaimed a Count’s heir, he is increasingly troubled by visions of the enemy he befriended and the Lady of Battles who he’s sworn to serve. A man who desires nothing more than peace, he is about to be thrust into the heart of war with the Eika….
Fifth Son—least favored child of Bloodheart, he has returned to the lands of his own people to build an army to do his father’s bidding. If he survives this mission, he will become a force to be reckoned with….
And even as King Henry continues his progress through his troubled realm, defeating rebellious lords and gathering their promises of troops to use at Gent, Sanglant, Liath, Alain, and Fifth Son are fighting their own battles against almost overwhelming odds. Only time will tell who will prove triumphant as all are caught up in the dangers and turmoil of a world at war.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
Praise for the Crown of Stars series:

“In the Jaran series, Elliott proved herself good at setting up conflict on a grand scale…. Here she creates a complex fantasy world with intriguing parallels to European history, colorful characters, and plenty of action and magic.” —Locus
“The saga’s world is extremely well built, its pacing is brisk enough to keep the pages fluttering…. This certainly could become one of the best multivolume fantasies—fans, take note!” —Booklist

“Elliott has a gift for creating grim, dark settings as well as swashbuckling action scenes (both magical and material) worthy of Rafael Sabatini. This is a splendid piece of intelligent entertainment.” —Publishers Weekly

“A solidly engrossing addition to a worthwhile series.” —Kirkus

“Kate Elliott, an excellent fantasist, writes lush and lyrical scenes and uses her characters to scale down cosmic events to a human scale.” —Midwest Book Review

“Ms. Elliott continues to weave an elegantly intricate tapestry of full-bodied characters who will fascinate and intrigue readers up to the very last page.”—Romantic Times Magazine (now RT Reviews)

“Strong plotting, thorough world building and sound characterization and character development make this novel a must-purchase for those collections that have invested in the rest of the series.”—VOYA

“Elliott has created a world with depth and color and peopled it with a large cast of characters, all poised on the brink of a cataclysmic conclusion.”—SF Chronicle

“This is a very good climax to a very long series…. The writing is clear and excellent, the universe is interesting, the politics and warfare believable.”—SFRevu

“Elliott has developed as real a fantasy realm as any writer working in the genre, and the very complexity of the story contributes to its verisimilitude.”—Chronicle

If you've read the first novel and you're wondering if the second book lags at all, don't. If anything, there's more going on, as Alain comes into his own and Liath, battling her paralyzing fear and self-doubt, changes the course of a second battle for Gent, and what it contains in the wake of Bloodheart's conquest. I want to say more -- but to say more is to give away not only the end of this book, but chunks of the previous one as well. These books are a lot of fun -- perfect winter reading!

—Michelle West

VOYA - Joyce Davidson
Only a few months have passed since the Eika captured the city of Gent, but much has changed. Everyone in the Kingdom mistakenly believes that the King's son, Sanglant, is dead. Sanglant will spend the next year of his life fighting the dogs he is chained with, just to stay alive. Liath is now a King's Eagle, learning that the magic she fears is not found in the book but in herself. Alain, now the Count's son, discovers that you can never go home again, and must prove himself a warrior and leader to his new father's men. Fifth Son goes back to the home of the Eika and begins to create his own powerbase. Then there are Anna and Matthias, the last two human children in the city of Gent; Hugh, who would do anything to get Liath and her book back under his control; and Ivan, a prisoner in a monastery who sees miracles where others see heresy. All are gathered together for the battle to retake Gent, and no one knows that Sanglant-the Prince of Dogs-is waiting for them. If your library does not have Volume One of the Crown of Stars series, The King's Dragon (DAW, 1997/VOYA June 1997), do not even consider buying this book. This story does not stand alone. It is a long and detailed fantasy novel with a large cast of characters for serious fantasy readers. The complex details of the alien Eika culture are fascinating and although there are a few serious flaws and things do get bogged down in detail at times (I also wish Liath would grow a spine), it is an excellent story. The wonderful cover by Jody Lee will attract readers who might otherwise be put off by the length of the book. VOYA Codes: 5Q 2P S (Hard to imagine it being any better written, For the YA with a special interest in the subject, Senior High-defined as grades 10 to 12).
Library Journal
Believed slain in the doomed battle for the city of Gent, Sanglant, the bastard son of King Henry, hovers on the edge of madness as a prisoner of the barbarian Eika conquerors. While Sanglant's lover Liath struggles to unlock her hidden magic powers, Alainlowborn son of Count Lavastinewages a private battle to prove himself worthy of his father's trust. Continuing the story begun in King's Dragon (DAW, 1997), Elliott weaves together the destinies of star-crossed lovers, ambitious churchmen, and barbarian invaders in a dazzling medieval fantasy set in an alternate Europe. Reminiscent of Katherine Kurtz's Deryni series, this engrossing saga should appeal to fantasy lovers and fans of historical epics alike.

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Crown of Stars Series , #2
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4.25(w) x 6.88(h) x 1.63(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

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Meet the Author

Kate Elliott’s credits include the Nebula finalist novel, King’s Dragon, its sequels, Prince of Dogs, The Burning Stone, Child of Flame, and The Gathering Storm; her groundbreaking DAW science fiction series, The Novels of JaranJaran, An Earthly Crown, His Conquering Sword, and The Law of Becoming; and her magnificent fantasy collaboration with Melanie Rawn and Jennifer Roberson, The Golden Key. She now lives in Hawaii with her husband, three children, and a dog. She can be found at kateelliott.com.

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Prince of Dogs (Crown of Stars #2) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was absolutely unbelievable. I love the characters and the plot, but some parts are a little lengthy, especially talking about the stars and heavens, though it is interesting. THe characters could be better expressed, but of course loving Terry Goodkind, i tend to expect too much for characters
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was an unbelievable book, i hadn't read anything better since Terry Goodkind (and god have i been looking and reading a lot) Its an unbelievable storyline with the greatest events, but the characters could use a little help. No character can surpass Sanglant, he is the epidemy of the perfect fantasy character (well, not exactly but still......), and my problem was that he was not in the book as much as i would have liked even though the book was titled after him. The rest of the characters are defintely interesting, and have very realistic human flaws, which is truly hard to find in hard core fantasy books..........overall this book was great
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was definitely well researched and written. I enjoyed every minute of it. This is certainly a book that I will read again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This whole series was surprisingly good, definitely a case of "don't judge a book by its cover." Multiple cultures and lands interact, and the rich histories of these cultures becomes more apparent as the story progresses. I found the protagonist's reaction to trauma to be much more realistic than many fantasy books, where once the action is over, the effects seem to be forgotten. I would recommend the entire Crown of Stars series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago