Prince of Dragons

Prince of Dragons

by Brian Afton

Paperback(Second Edition)

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This book is about love, light, life, forbidden knowledge and everything churchianity and organized religion forgot about long ago.

It is the story of Michael, the boy prince, who constantly snuck off into the woods or went fishing instead of going to church and showed little interest in either his religion or becoming king. It is the story of his mother, Catherine, first the slave of the Moorish Prince Mohammed and later the unwilling Viking queen of Hendaye. It is the story of her illegitimate son Rupert, of her daughter Margret, the most intelligent of the Vikings, and of William, who became the love of her life.

This is the story of what actually happened at the end of the ninth century when the forces of Islam, Christianity and the Vikings clashed at the insignificant village of Hendaye, France without realizing that an extremely intelligent and powerful dragon also had interests there.

Finally, these are the chronicles of Tulku, the dragon, who was himself to become the stuff of legends, and his epic journey through the world of humans, where he was swept up in a mystifying chain of events beyond the control of any of them. This is the story of that time, of a corrupt church, a lawless nobility, forbidden knowledge which troubles the world to this very day, and above all else, it is the story of living an inspired and courageous life in a very complicated, challenging world most of us do not understand very well.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780998569369
Publisher: Brian Afton
Publication date: 02/11/2018
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 620
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.37(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue Part 1: About the Dragon. 5

Prologue Part 2: About the Queen and Hendaye.7

Chapter 1: The Birth.15

Chapter 2: The Other Birth. 23

Chapter 3: Back at the Castle. 33

Chapter 4: Back to the Circle. 41

Chapter 5: Sir William. 54

Chapter 6: William at the Megaliths. 59

Chapter 7: The Letter. 88

Chapter 8: The New Situation. 92

Chapter 9: Learning to Stay Alive. 95

Chapter 10: The Bard. 112

Chapter 11: The Dragon to India. 115

Chapter 12: Business as Usual in Aquitaine. 129

Chapter 13: Gratitude. 169

Chapter 14: Back at the Megaliths. 190

Chapter 15: Advice from a Tulku. 210

Chapter 16: Building a Harbor. 225

Chapter 17: The Ship that Changed Everything. 231

Chapter 18: The Duke of Aquitaine. 238

Chapter 19: Returning to Hendaye. 244

Chapter 20: Odo Comes to Hendaye. 252

Chapter 21: Trying to Get Started. 261

Chapter 22: Quadruple Agent. 286

Chapter 23: The Meeting. 300

Chapter 24: Starting School. 310

Chapter 25: Getting a new Priest. 325

Chapter 26: The Priest and the Dragon. 334

Chapter 27: Confession. 347

Chapter 28: Bram Gets a Lesson. 363

Chapter 29: The Bishop’s Widow. 368

Chapter 30: Baptism. 371

Chapter 31: After the Baptism. 376

Chapter 32: Cordoba. 380

Chapter 33: Jobs for the Converts. 386

Chapter 34: The Message. 389

Chapter 35: Moving On. 391

Chapter 36: Headaches for Vortigen. 397

Chapter 37: Headaches for Margret. 405

Chapter 38: Michael in the Circle. 409

Chapter 39: The Longship. 421

Chapter 40: Hiding a Dragon. 423

Chapter 41: At Sea. 438

Chapter 42: Constantinople. 442

Chapter 43: In the Water. 449

Chapter 44: The Holy Land. 455

Chapter 45: Hendaye. 472

Chapter 46: The Island. 478

Chapter 47: Secret Teachings. 487

Chapter 48: Back in Hendaye. 510

Chapter 49: Complications. 526

Chapter 50: The Wedding. 531

Chapter 51: The Morning After. 533

Chapter 52: Reflections. 536

Chapter 53: Meeting in the Tower. 539

Chapter 54: Meeting in the Circle. 556

Chapter 55: Fate. 566

Chapter 56: Preparing for Siege. 573

Chapter 57: First Light at the Megaliths. 576

Chapter 58: The Battle of Hendaye. 579

Chapter 59: Dragon’s Transformation. 583

Chapter 60: Final Showdown. 591

Chapter 61: Negotiations. 595

Chapter 62: Resurrection. 603

Chapter 63: Epilogue. 615

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