Prince of Ravenscar

Prince of Ravenscar

by Catherine Coulter


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April 1831. Lord Julian is a widower whose mother wants him to marry her best friend’s daughter, Miss Sophie Wilkie, whom he last saw as a silent and skinny twelve-year-old. However, his mother is nothing if not persuasive, and Julian reluctantly accompanies her to London to meet the young lady.

Lord Devlin Monroe, Julian’s nephew, is enjoying an extraordinarily pleasant bachelor life until Miss Sophie Wilkie and her aunt, Miss Roxanne Radcliffe, appear in London society, and he suddenly finds himself wondering how he could have enjoyed midnight alone.

Julian and Devlin must discover what really happened three years earlier when Julian’s first wife was found dead. If they don’t find out the truth, their lives could be ruined. And there is another, even more perfidious, danger that lurks in the shadows, waiting.

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ISBN-13: 9780399158070
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/01/2011
Series: Catherine Coulter's Bride Series
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Catherine Coulter is the author of more than sixty-five books, including historical and contemporary romances and the New York Times-bestselling FBI Thriller series. She lives in Northern California.

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The Prince of Ravenscar 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 61 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1831 Lord Julian Monroe returns to Ravenscar, England after three years away. He left the country after he found his wife Lily dead from a bullet wound. His former brother-in-law Richard Langworth holds him culpable for his sister's death and plans to enact revenge on Julian. His mother Lady Corrine, ecstatic that her son has finally come home, wants her son to remarry, but he has no interest in a second wife. Her choice is Miss Sophie Wilkie, niece of her friend Miss Roxanne Radcliffe. Reluctantly he agrees to escort Miss Sophie while his nephew Lord Devlin the self-anointed vampire finds himself attracted to Miss Roxanne. As the pair of couples falls in love on the road from London to Ravenscar; Richard dangerously raises the past leading to Julian learning why he is called the Prince of Ravenscar. This is an amusing historical romantic suspense starring four strong independent characters. The course to true love is straighter than the Bonneville Salt Flats as there are no twists of consequence, yet the protagonists and the antagonist make for a fun journey. Filled with tension and jocularity especially the witty exchanges between the aunt and the nephew, readers will enjoy the couples on the road and at Ravenscar in Catherine Coulter's family affair. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Silly and predictable. Vampires? Where did that come from and what did it have to do with plot development? Maybe she's seen too many recent movies. Not what a long time reader would expect.
Fayedra More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of Ms. Coulter's historical romances for years, reading all multiple times. This addition to the Bride Series while witty in its exchanges falls completely flat in passion department. A few kisses over the last 100 pages is the extent of any "adult" contact between characters. While this isn't a must have for me to read, Ms. Coulter does it so beautifully and romantically where others can be downright crass, I was looking forward to that again here, but much to my surprise there was none to be found. I would have no issues with my 10 year old reading this that is how G rated this book turned out to be.
bdubdub More than 1 year ago
While historical fiction is not normally my cup of tea, I found this book to be enjoyable. The story is about a son of a Duke who lost his wife when she was mysteriously shot, leaves for three years to mourn his loss, and then comes back and is able to fine love again. In the midst of finding new love the hero, Julian, must deal with the his vengeful ex-brother-in-law who blames Julian for the death of his sister. The plot moves along nicely with good character development. I especially appreciated the abundant use of authentic old english words, as it added nicely to the story. The only reason I gave the 4/5 star rating is that the ending was highly predictable from the moment the characters were introduced. All in all, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of the genre.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Catherine Coulter but did NOT love this book. I have never read the bride series but I hope the others are better than this one. The changing of partners makes no sense, the "vampire" story is a distraction and he has pondered his wife's death for 3 years and suddenly knows what happened by a dress and hairdo? Really? If you really want to read it, check it out from the library. I wish I had.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a terrible book. The charater dialogue wasboring and childish at best. Nothing happened to show love interest of any kind till about chapter 40, the charaters of the Twilight series were kissing by chapter 6 or 7- and that was written by a moron. The climatic scenes were more like a bad soap opera plot. I just hope the next book is much better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I expect much more from a Catherine Coulter book.
Bfgleason More than 1 year ago
I love Coulter's books as a rule, but this was a convoluted mess. Really disappointed that I bought it in hardcover. You should know that I have never been so dissapointed in a book that I felt the need to review it until now. I don't even know why it is even called a Sherbrooke novel. There were a FEW places where the Sherbrooke's were mentioned but not enough to title it A Sherbrooke Novel!!
murphy430 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I enjoy her FBI series very much, and not much on historical romances, so I didn't know if I was going to like this book or not. I have to say it held my interest and I did enjoy it. She has an enjoyable writing syle. If you like historicals this is a certainly a must for you.
SunnySD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Ingenue Sophie is enjoying her first season chaperoned by her twenty-seven-year old aunt Roxanne, a lady who's quite happily on the shelf. Enter their love interests the "prince" of Ravenscar, whose mother intends he should marry Sophie, and his step-nephew Devlin. Thrown together a fair amount in London, the action heats up quickly when the quartet and a few supporting characters return to Ravenscar. Smuggling, arson, murder (or is it suicide?), mysterious comings and goings in the night, and plenty of intrigue and snide comments galore: it's a fairly typical Coulter novel.One complaint, which may be cleared up by publication time - I periodically confused Sophie and Roxanne. And honestly? I think Coulter's resting on her laurels a bit with this one. The plot has very little new to offer, and if you don't see the ending coming.... Final verdict? Much like sugary bubblegum, it's fun to chew initially, but loses its flavor pretty quickly.
scifimom58 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Catherine Coulter always satisfies my desire for long ago stories with strong women, sharp-tongued relatives, wealthy protective gentlemen and rescues! I never could stand the heroine that waited for a man to rescue her. It had a great storyline even if I did figure out the murderer well before the reveal but the why was a total surprise. If you're a fan of her historical romances, you'll love it and probably want to go back and read the Sherbrooke family stories like I do now.
ginger30297 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Well. . .I have to say Catherine Coulter has done it again! Loved this story almost as much as the very first time I picked up one of her books! It made me remember why I loved reading her to begin with. Since we often have to wait MONTHS in between her books, sometimes longer, I tend to forget and get caught up in other authors! This story will make you laugh at some of the ridiculous comments, it will even make your head spin trying to keep up, but it will also make you cry! To me, that's what makes a great author, someone who has the talent to get more than one emotion at a time out of their readers! So, I will not go into the story and I will tell you that you should just buy it and then you could read it twice! Though I do wonder if she will give Wicked Tongued Leah and Vengeful Richard their own story??
dearheart on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Sophie¿s mother, Bethanne, had been Julian¿s mother, Corinne¿s, best friend. The two had always hoped their families would be tied together through Julian and Sophie, so when it¿s time for Sophie¿s come-out, a little late because of the mourning period after her mom died, Julian is maneuvered into meeting her. Along for the ride are Roxanne, Bethanne¿s much younger sister who is handling her niece¿s come-out, and Devlin, Julian¿s nephew who is only a few years younger than him and the current duke¿s heir.If we had smooth sailing, there wouldn¿t be much of a story. First off Julian feels twelve years is too large of an age difference and would prefer that Sophie look at him as a wise uncle. But interestingly, he and Roxanne are both closer in age and have many like interests. His first wife had died from a gunshot wound and her family has always believed Julian shot her, their belief strengthened by the fact that Julian left the country for three years following her death. But now that he¿s back it appears that someone is trying to make him pay. We¿re also introduced to a second mystery involving the location of a magical item.This book is part of the Sherbrooke series so we are treated to some scenes with James & Corrie, as well as a mention of others we¿ve come to know. It¿s been years since James¿ story came out and I wish I¿d reread it as apparently Julian was a villain in that story and I can¿t recall any of it. And like all of the author¿s books, this one is filled with strong women, interesting characters and a great deal of wit and humor to go along with the mysteries and twists built into each story. The author tends to use the same formula for a great many of her characters involving their wit and their sense of humor, which makes the books such an enjoyable read. Some may find, though, that after reading so many of these books that the characters begin to sound recycled. Even though this has bothered me for many of her books coming out in the last few years, I still able to enjoy that aspect of the characters.The conclusion to the main mystery was surprising, but I¿m not sure why the second one was added unless it¿ll be important for a future book. That one was rather anti-climatic. And we¿ve likely met two characters that will be the focus for a future book. I definitely want to read about that one.Reviewed as an ARC for Library Thing. The book will be released on 11/1/11.
lms17 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The story was okay. I prefer the FBI series. I have read similar stories with the female characters finding true love in the end and the handsome prince falling head over heals for the young lady. I love C. Coulter, but I will stick with the thrillers!
KC9333 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Parts of this historical romance were fun-and that is exactly why I read this author. But wow, some of the twists and turns were just ridiculous, making it very hard to lose oneself in the story. I usually enjoy the opportunity to escape with a romance novel but this time I could not keep myself from rolling my eyes....
debr56 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Catherine Coulter¿s new novel, The Prince of Ravenscar, is exactly what I look for in a historical romance. It¿s romantic, suspenseful and entertaining. I was completely enthralled throughout this entire book, and I found myself completely lost and absorbed in this far away world that was once upon a time. I found the romance I was hoping for but not really expecting. Kidnappings, squabbles, girl fights, love and mystery make The Prince of Ravenscar an action-packed romance. Devlin, Julian, Sophie and Roxanne, the four main characters, keep this novel entertaining. Devlin keeps all the ladies entertained by pretending he is a vampire. Wearing hats, using umbrellas, staying out of the sunlight and paying a lot of attention to female¿s necks, he has everyone buying in to his ridiculous and hilarious scheme. Sophie and Roxanne are clever, witty girls who are not afraid to stick up for themselves or throw a punch. The characters keep this novel interesting. As far as the mystery and suspense goes¿I was extremely surprised. It¿s there for you to see, but it¿s not extremely obvious, which is exactly what I look for in a great mystery. It isn¿t shouting it out loud at you. It is whispered. I give this one 4 stars!
keeneam on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I did not enjoy this book as much as her others, I found it hard to get into and a bit predictable. While the Sherbrooke series has many before this, you don't need to read them first. However, I much prefer her earlier works in this series. I did enjoy the characters but the plot was lacking.
onyx95 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Have always really enjoyed Catherine Coulter, but this one was a little more difficult to get into. I found that the story line seemed to bounce around a bit too much for me. The characters where ok, but I found myself having a hard time getting emotionally involved in the story of them. May have just not been in the mood for this story, I may try to go back and re - read it at another time. I am still a big Coulter fan, but this one just didn't seem to live up to the standards.
Books007 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Have always really enjoyed Catherine Coulter, but this one was just okay for me. I had a hard time keeping up with all of the characters and their relationships. It was a "slow" read. Julian, accused of killing his wife, & his friend Delvin meet Sophie & Roxanne in London. His dead wife's brother, Julian's childhood friend & accuser, & family draws Julian back home to defend and/or end the riff. The rest of the trio, among others, follow and trouble begins almost immediately.Really no easy was to summarize it all because there is just so much going on - so many characters & so many plots. With that being said, none of it really captivated me either. Was I glad I read it? Sure. Was it CC at her best? In my opinion, no. If you are a CC fan, definitely worth reading.
AnnRig on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I generally enjoy Catherine Coulter's books, but this one was predictable and disappointing. The character development wasn't nearly as good as in previous books and I found it hard to like them. This one wouldn't be the one to read first if you have never read Coulter.
24girl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by Catherine Coulter and I have to say that I was very underwhelmed. Throughout the first half of the book I kept waiting for more to happen and nothing major ever did. The book sort of coasted through to a mild mystery which was resolved rather predictably. Also, I figured out who killed Lily the first time that character was introduced. I can't really recommend this one unless you've read and loved the first 10 books in this series.
no1bookaddict on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I love Catherine Coulter's FBI series and I normally enjoy her historical romances as well. However, this one was not on the top of my list. It moved to slow for me and overall was just not an enjoyable book to read.
dolphinchick on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A beautiful book! The description of the characters, places, clothes¿ and the hair, my goodness, the amazing hair these women have! :) Beautiful! If you enjoy historical romance you should definitely read this book! The `Prince of Ravenscar¿ is a `Sherbrooke¿ novel and I¿m now looking forward to re-reading those to once again visit old friends (there are a couple in here!) and see where these new ones fit in!Julian is the main `hero¿ in this story and he, along with his half-nephew Devlin, are everything you could want in a man¿ smart, sarcastic, funny, strong, quite sure of themselves and of course, devastatingly handsome! The main women in this story, Corinne (Julian¿s mother), Sophie (`meant¿ for Julian) and Roxanne (Sophie¿s ¿on the shelf¿ aunt) are, as always, smart, absolutely gorgeous, witty and fully capable of taking care of themselves (especially Roxanne!)! Once they all meet and become friends it¿s great to be a part of the intrigues they find themselves in! Figuring out the basics of the mystery is not difficult¿ but you want to keep reading to find out more and are rewarded with some interesting details as to the how and why of it all! You meet several people that you completely love to HATE, which is always fun! There are late night noises and people lurking, plus lots of flirting, which is also fun! It didn¿t totally pull me in like her others and I can¿t put my finger on exactly why¿ but all in all it is a wonderful book and I look forward to more!
Cats57 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
AS part of the Sherbrooke series, you may think that you need to read the other books to understand what is going on in this one. I had not read any of the others and had no problem as this is written in what can be considered a ¿stand alone¿ type novel. And it is a good thing too because I didn¿t know enough about this author or her books to invest in more of them. Nicholas needs to remarry, or at least that is what his mother believes. Of course, he doesn¿t think so and is going to balk at any attempt to marry him off. Especially when he finds out that his mother¿s prospect, Sophie, the daughter of his mother¿s best friend, is 12 years his junior.Nicholas¿s first wife, Lily, died under suspicious circumstances¿was it murder at Nicholas¿s hand or was it suicide? On the other hand, was a third party involved? And what a mystery! This book seems to be more about the mystery surrounding Lily¿s death, and her brother Richard¿s insistence that Nicholas killed her, than the romance between Nicholas and Sophie.An interesting secondary story involves Nicholas¿ nephew Devlin and Sophie¿s aunt Roxanne. Even though this book should have kept me interested, I had a hard time caring for these characters, although I am not sure if it was the characters themselves I didn¿t like or the situations that the author forced on them. The characters were well drawn, at times funny and always witty with that English dry sense of humor, so I think my dissatisfaction lies in the plot itself.
C.Ibarra on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I usually love historical fiction, but this book just didn't work for me. I found the characters and dialogue annoying. The interactions between many of the characters was just awkward. It also felt as if I was missing something. Is this a series? A standalone? It seemed a thorough backstory wasn't deemed necessary. I couldn't connect or bring myself to like the multitude of characters in the Prince of Ravenscar. I won't write this author off completely, but this novel just wasn't one I could bring myself to finish.