Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks

Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks

by Ronin Ro
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Prince: Inside the Music and the Masks 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
franellan More than 1 year ago
A mask will hide your face but not who you really are. Masks are worn to keep a person¿s identity hidden, the focus on the mask itself and detract from the face that someone does not want seen. But, there are many other masks that hide people and not always are they ones we physically put on. Prince was a complicated young man and man from the start. He has many different personas, goals and friends that helped, hindered and worked with them to get where he is today. At times he felted shunned, ostracized and cast out by his family because of his beliefs, ideas, and passions. Never really recalcitrant, rude or disrespectful and only wanting to rise to the top of the musical charts, Prince went on a roller coaster or Ferris wheel ride filled with dips, turns, wild twists and much more to become who he is today: Prince the Music Icon and Star. Flamboyant, talented, unique and quite different Prince rocks the stage like no one else. But, it was not always that way for him and his roots and his beginnings are related in a biography that will bring it all home for the reader allowing you to get to know the real Prince. Ronin Ro wrote Prince: Inside the Music and The Masks to showcase this amazing and talented man. Born in 1958 to John and Mattie his parent¿s life took on a rocky road from the start. A father who wanted to be what his son aspired to and became and a mother who wanted him to be college educated and not what he turned out to be. Life began for him as Prince Rogers Nelson in Minneapolis with a rocky start. Parents that wanted to become singers and musicians but with six children to support had to give up on their dreams and aspirations. A father who resented his children¿s talent as Prince and his sister would play the piano and sing together. His parent¿s divorce, his mother¿s remarrying and his flight to live with a father that would turn him out onto the streets with nowhere to go. An aunt that took him in and a father that finally understood but did he? Things changed for Prince as his mother had a child from her second husband life was not to the same. Breaking every music boundary and definitely developing a style so different and unique author Ronin Ro takes the reader on a journey back to where it all began as we learn about his talented singer, musician and man of many masks or hidden faces. From the start he had several strikes against him. Being short in stature received him much ridicule and harassing in school. A father that wanted to become a piano playing star and a mother whose aspirations were cut short because of family obligations, Prince decided to leave home at an early age and pursue his music career. At the age of 17 he caught his first break when he became friends with Chris Moon who had wrote songs, had faith in Prince and managed to get his first demo recorded. Prince played all of the instruments, produced his own records and was totally in control of how he wanted things done. Not focusing primarily on the piano, he began playing bass, drums, lead guitar and adding vocal tracks. Mystifying those that heard him and astounding the studio tech and he orchestrated, created and wrote the words, chapters and book so to speak that would be his life. But, at seventeen he was unstoppable and even though he did not have the total confidence he does today being in the limelight, he hid it behind his mask of fear. He became more difficult to work with although many thought him talented. Not want
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have a heart for you
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really informative,not a lot about his personal life though
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago