Princess from the Past

Princess from the Past

by Caitlin Crews
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Princess from the Past 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Powerful physical attraction throw in a cold, unemotional man and a young girl with no experience. We have two people here, marrying without real knowledge of what that might mean to both of them. Threw years of absence and then together again, one to end the empty marriage the other to get back what he sees as his; turns into a rollercoaster of held in feelings screaming to get out. A strong book of emotions seen from both sides; learning what is truth. The emotions brought forth in this book made me feel their fears, hopelessness, sensual attraction, discovery of what is now and brought me to tears during the last chapter. The author makes you feel their thoughts and desires through her words. I'm trying not to give you too much as you really need to read their story to really feel the power of their emotions. I highly recommend this book. I won this book with no conditions attached and I am giving a review based on the feelings this story has left me with. I can't wait to read more of Ms Crews novels; hoping they are as powerful as "Princess from the Past"
Romance_Author_Buzz More than 1 year ago
Princess From the Past was an interesting royal romance. I loved how author Caitlin Crews depicted her “princess” from an angry young woman who had felt neglected to a now mature woman with a mind of her own. Three years later after leaving her husband Prince Leo, Bethany was summoned back to Italy because she wanted a divorce and Leo insisted she return home to Italy. However, her husband was not going to have any of it! A lot of blame, accusations, name calling and on top of that sexual tension that neither could deny was like a ping pong match between them and then some. So, would they end their marriage or see it for what is was? Their childhoods, how they were raised, their losses, hurts all played a heavy part in this royal romance. There were a ton of arguments, tension that coiled between them; royal duties that stood in the way and Bethany wanting it to all go away. While reading this I thought about the royal wedding coming up and the “duty bound” prince and how could this possibly affect his upcoming marriage? The “forgotten princess” about summed it up as far as Bethany was concerned. Will it be that way for Kate Middleton? Because that was what caused Bethany to flee home to Toronto because if she had not left, she would have withered away. Leo, at one time had swept her off her feet when they met quite by chance in Hawaii. When he should have married a more suitable “princess”, he had married her and she had been so very young and immature. However, he was not without blame. Groomed for the crown by an unemotional father, a mother with problems and his being swept into his duties and family. Well, the last chapters were certainly interesting, with a ton of tension and passion, accusations and hope, yes hope because Leo couldn’t imagine why now of all things, Bethany would want to walk away and divorce him. In the end, she had to realize she had never let go, that she loved him. As for Prince Leo, he had hope that they could build something together, forget the past, and move forward. Yes, the princess and and prince did, in the end, get their Cinderella happy ending!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I made a mistake buying this book. Is just dram in the beginning until the end. There is just fight and almost any romance. I wante a good contemporary romance and end with pure and heavy drama.