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Pearson Education
Principles of Criminal Law / Edition 2

Principles of Criminal Law / Edition 2


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ISBN-13: 9780801319198
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 10/11/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 358
Product dimensions: 6.94(w) x 9.14(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Cliff Roberson LLM, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Criminal Justice at Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas and a retired Professor of Criminology at California State University, Fresno, California. He has authored or co-authored over 60 books and texts on legal subjects. His previous academic experiences include Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Arkansas Tech University; Dean of Arts and Sciences, University of Houston, Victoria; Director of Programs, National College of District Attorneys; Professor of Criminology and Director of Justice Center, California State University, Fresno; and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, St. Edwards University. Dr. Roberson’s non-academic experience includes U.S. Marine Corps service as an infantry officer, trial and defense counsel and military judge as a marine judge advocate; and Director of the Military Law Branch, U.S. Marine Corps. Other legal employment experiences include Trial Supervisor, Office of State Counsel for Offenders, Texas Board of Criminal Justice and judge pro-tem in the California courts. Cliff is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Military Appeals, U.S. Tax Court, Federal Courts in California and Texas, Supreme Court of Texas and Supreme Court of California. Educational background includes: Ph.D. in Human Behavior, U.S. International University; L.L.M., in Criminal Law, Criminology, and Psychiatry, George Washington University; J.D. American University; B.A. in Political Science, University of Missouri; and one year of postgraduate study at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Harvey Wallace, who died in 2007, was a professor and chair of the criminology department at California State University, Fresno, California. He also served as the academic coordinator for the U.S. Department of Justice, National Victim Assistance Academy in Washington, DC. Professor Wallace had a JD and was the former City Attorney for Fresno, California and County Counsel for Butte County, California. He also served as a deputy district attorney for San Diego County, California. He retired from the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. He has written and published numerous articles in academic and professional journals and eight textbooks in the social sciences and criminal justice field. He was noted for his work with victims and victim assistance programs.

Table of Contents

Preface     vii
Sources of Criminal Law     1
Punishment     3
Principles of Criminal Responsibility     5
Morals Versus Law     5
Classification of Crimes     7
Origins of Criminal Law     11
Case Law     15
Reform of Criminal Law     17
Police Powers of Government     18
Summary     20
Additional Assignments     20
Practicum     21
Notes     21
Worldwide Web Sites for Legal Resources     21
Limitations on Criminal Liability     23
Bill of Rights     25
Eighth Amendment     26
Due Process     26
Jurisdiction     27
Social Harm     32
Right to Privacy     33
Legality     34
Equal Protection     35
Double Jeopardy     36
Summary     37
Additional Assignments     38
Practicum     39
Notes     39
Basic Requirements of a Criminal Act     40
Act-Actus Reus     42
Intent-Mens Rea     46
Joinder of Intent andAct     53
Causation     54
Presumptions     55
Vertical Growth of Criminal Codes     58
Summary     58
Additional Assignments     59
Practicum     60
Notes     60
Inchoate or Anticipatory Crimes and Criminal Liability     62
Attempt     64
Solicitation     70
Conspiracy     74
Accomplices and Accessories     80
Comparing and Contrasting Inchoate Crimes     85
Summary     86
Additional Assignments     87
Practicum     87
Notes     88
Criminal Responsibility     92
Justification and Excuse     106
Procedural Defenses     121
Summary     123
Additional Assignments     125
Practicum     125
Notes     125
Homicide     127
Murder     129
Felony-Murder     139
Voluntary Manslaughter     143
Involuntary Manslaughter     146
Negligent Manslaughter     148
Special Problems in Homicide     151
Comparing and Contrasting Homicides     153
Summary     154
Additional Assignments     154
Practicum     155
Notes     155
Sex Offenses     157
Rape     159
Sodomy and Oral Copulation     169
Other Sexual Acts and Offenses     174
Summary     178
Additional Assignments     179
Practicum     180
Notes     180
Other Crimes Against Persons     182
Kidnapping     184
False Imprisonment     187
Trafficking in Humans     189
Stalking     190
Assault and Battery     194
Aggravated Assault and Battery     196
Mayhem     197
Summary     199
Additional Assignments     200
Practicum     200
Notes     201
Robbery, Extortion, and Bribery     202
Robbery     204
Extortion     212
Special Problems in Robbery and Extortion     218
Bribery     219
Summary     220
Additional Assignments     220
Practicum     221
Notes      221
Theft and Other Crimes Involving Property     222
Larceny     224
Embezzlement     229
False Pretenses     231
Consolidation of Theft Offenses     231
Receiving Stolen Property     233
Forgery     233
Money Laundering     236
Counterfeiting     238
Identity Theft     239
Federal and State Racketeering Laws     240
Summary     242
Additional Assignments     242
Practicum     243
Notes     243
Crimes Against Habitation     244
Burglary     246
Arson     256
Special Problems in Crimes Against Habitation     264
Summary     266
Additional Assignments     266
Practicum     267
Notes     267
Crimes Against Public Morals     269
Obscenity     270
Prostitution     275
Games of Chance     277
Public Corruption     281
Under Color of Law     281
Summary     283
Additional Assignments     283
Practicum      283
Notes     284
Narcotic and Alcohol Offenses     285
Narcotic Offenses     287
Alcohol Offenses     299
Solutions     305
Summary     310
Additional Assignments     311
Practicum     311
Notes     311
Special Crimes and Offenses     313
Child Abuse     314
Elder Abuse     320
Spousal Abuse     324
Summary     331
Additional Assignments     331
Practicum     332
Notes     332
Sentencing and Punishment     335
Introduction to Sentencing     338
Types of Sentences     343
Incarceration and Its Alternatives     347
Victim Rights     351
The Death Penalty     354
Summary     363
Additional Assignments     364
Practicum     364
Notes     365
Case Index     367
Subject Index     370

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