Principles of Electromagnetic Waves and Materials

Principles of Electromagnetic Waves and Materials

by Dikshitulu K. Kalluri


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Publication date: 06/11/2013
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Table of Contents

Electromagnetics of Bounded Simple Media
Electromagnetics of Simple Media

Simple Medium
Time-Domain Electromagnetics
Time-Harmonic Fields
Quasistatic and Static Approximations
Maxwell’s Equations in Integral Form and Circuit Parameters

Electromagnetics of Simple Media: One-Dimensional Solution
Uniform Plane Waves in Sourceless Medium (ρV = 0, Jsource = 0)
Good Conductor Approximation
Uniform Plane Wave in a Good Conductor: Skin Effect
Boundary Conditions at the Interface of a Perfect Electric Conductor with a Dielectric
AC Resistance
AC Resistance of Round Wires
Voltage and Current Harmonic Waves: Transmission Lines
Bounded Transmission Line
Electromagnetic Wave Polarization
Arbitrary Direction of Propagation
Wave Reflection
Incidence of p Wave: Parallel-Polarized
Incidence of s Wave: Perpendicular-Polarized
Critical Angle and Surface Wave
One-Dimensional Cylindrical Wave and Bessel Functions

Two-Dimensional Problems and Waveguides
Two-Dimensional Solutions in Cartesian Coordinates
TMmn Modes in a Rectangular Waveguide
TEmn Modes in a Rectangular Waveguide
Dominant Mode in a Rectangular Waveguide: TE10 Mode
Power Flow in a Waveguide: TE10 Mode
Attenuation of TE10 Mode due to Imperfect Conductors and Dielectric Medium
Cylindrical Waveguide: TM Modes
Cylindrical Waveguide: TE Modes
Sector Waveguide
Dielectric Cylindrical Waveguide—Optical Fiber

Three-Dimensional Solutions
Rectangular Cavity with PEC Boundaries: TM Modes
Rectangular Cavity with PEC Boundaries: TE Modes
Q of a Cavity

Spherical Waves and Applications
Half-Integral Bessel Functions
Solutions of Scalar Helmholtz Equation
Vector Helmholtz Equation
TMr Modes
TEr Modes
Spherical Cavity

Laplace Equation: Static and Low-Frequency Approximations
One-Dimensional Solutions
Two-Dimensional Solutions
Three-Dimensional Solution

Miscellaneous Topics on Waves
Group Velocity vg
Green’s Function
Network Formulation
Stop Bands of a Periodic Media

Electromagnetic Equations of Complex Media
Electromagnetic Modeling of Complex Materials

Volume of Electric Dipoles
Frequency-Dependent Dielectric Constant
Modeling of Metals
Plasma Medium
Polarizability of Dielectrics
Mixing Formula
Good Conductors and Semiconductors
Perfect Conductors and Superconductors
Magnetic Materials
Chiral Medium
Plasmonics and Metamaterials

Waves in Isotropic Cold Plasma: Dispersive Medium
Basic Equations
Dielectric–Dielectric Spatial Boundary
Reflection by a Plasma Half-Space
Reflection by a Plasma Slab
Tunneling of Power through a Plasma Slab
Inhomogeneous Slab Problem
Periodic Layers of Plasma
Surface Waves
Transient Response of a Plasma Half-Space

Spatial Dispersion and Warm Plasma
Waves in a Compressible Gas
Waves in Warm Plasma
Constitutive Relation for a Lossy Warm Plasma
Dielectric Model of Warm Loss-Free Plasma
Conductor Model of Warm Lossy Plasma
Spatial Dispersion and Nonlocal Metal Optics
Technical Definition of Plasma State

Wave in Anisotropic Media and Magnetoplasma
Basic Field Equations for a Cold Anisotropic Plasma Medium
One-Dimensional Equations: Longitudinal Propagation and L and R Waves
One-Dimensional Equations: Transverse Propagation: O Wave
One-Dimensional Solution: Transverse Propagation: X Wave
Dielectric Tensor of a Lossy Magnetoplasma Medium
Periodic Layers of Magnetoplasma
Surface Magnetoplasmons
Surface Magnetoplasmons in Periodic Media
Permeability Tensor

Optical Waves in Anisotropic Crystals
Wave Propagation in a Biaxial Crystal along the Principal Axes
Propagation in an Arbitrary Direction
Propagation in an Arbitrary Direction: Uniaxial Crystal
Group Velocity as a Function of Polar Angle
Reflection by an Anisotropic Half-Space

Appendix 1A: Vector Formulas and Coordinate Systems
Appendix 1B: Retarded Potentials and Review of Potentials for the Static Cases
Appendix 1C: Poynting Theorem Appendix 1D: Low-Frequency Approximation of Maxwell’s Equations R, L, C, and Memristor M
Appendix 2A: AC Resistance of a Round Wire When the Skin Depth δ Is Comparable to the Radius a of the Wire
Appendix 2B: Transmission Lines: Power Calculation
Appendix 2C: Introduction to the Smith Chart
Appendix 2D: Nonuniform Transmission Lines
Appendix 4A: Calculation of Losses in a Good Conductor at High Frequencies: Surface Resistance RS
Appendix 6A: On Restricted Fourier Series Expansion
Appendix 7A: Two- and Three-Dimensional Green’s Functions
Appendix 8A: Wave Propagation in Chiral Media
Appendix 8B: Left-Handed Materials and Transmission Line Analogies
Appendix 9A: Backscatter from a Plasma Plume due to Excitation of Surface Waves
Appendix 10A: Thin Film Reflection Properties of a Warm Isotropic Plasma Slab between Two Half-Space Dielectric Media
Appendix 10B: First-Order Coupled Differential Equations for Waves in Inhomogeneous Warm Magnetoplasmas
Appendix 10C: Waveguide Modes of a Warm Drifting Uniaxial Electron Plasma
Appendix 11A: Faraday Rotation versus Natural Rotation
Appendix 11B: Ferrites and Permeability Tensor

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