Principles of Management

Principles of Management

by Robert Kreitner



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ISBN-13: 9781111525644
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 02/28/2012

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Robert Kreitner is a retired Professor of Management in the College of Business Administration at Arizona State University. He received his doctorate from the University of Nebraska. In addition to this superivsory text, Kreitner has authored or co-authored several successful Management and Organizational Behavior texts. He serves as a member of the Academy of Management and currently devotes full-time efforts to revising his well respected educational texts. A sought-after business consultant, Kreitner is a frequent lecturer for various companies and organizations.

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Chapter contains a Summary, Terms to Understand, Internet Exercises, and Test Prepper. I. The Management Challenge
1.Managers and Entrepreneurs The Changing Workplace: Can the 10-Day Sofa Save American Jobs? Management Defined Management Ethics: PNC Financial Services Recycles Its Old Building What Do Managers Do? Learning to Manage Small-Business Management Skills & Tools: Career Tips for Today's and Tomorrow's Managers Hands-On Exercise: Do You Have the Right Stuff to Be an Entrepreneur? Closing Case: The Studious Entrepreneur Behind Staples
2.The Evolution of Management Thought The Changing Workplace: The Survivor The Practice and Study of Management The Universal Process Approach The Operational Approach The Behavioral Approach The Systems Approach The Global Manager: Your Custom Car Is Ready The Contingency Approach The Era of Management by Best Seller: Proceed with Caution Skills & Tools: Recommended Periodicals for Staying Current in the Field of Management Hands-On Exercise: Managers Need Open-System Thinking to Deal with Global Terrorism Closing Case: History Matters at This Wisconsin Boat Builder
3.The Changing Environment of Management: Diversity, Global Economy, and Technology The Changing Workplace: Home Depot Goes Old School The Social Environment Managing Diversity: Finally in the Director's Chair The Political-Legal Environment The Economic Environment The Technological Environment Skills & Tools: How Business Leaders Can Help Women Break the Glass Ceiling Hands-On Exercise: Crystal Ball Gazing Closing Case: Meet Emma—AMD's Computer for the Masses
4.International Management and Cross-Cultural Competence The Changing Workplace: MTV's Passage to India Global Organizations for a Global Economy Toward Greater Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Competence Managing Diversity: Dealing with Religion in the U.S. Workplace Comparative Management Insights Staffing Foreign Positions Skills & Tools: Competencies You Need to Develop to Work Effectively in a Foreign Culture Hands-On Exercise: Look into the Cultural Mirror Closing Case: Tell the Kids We're Moving to Kenya
5.Management's Social and Ethical Responsibilities The Changing Workplace: Money and Morals at GE Social Responsibility: Definition and Perspectives Toward Greater Social Responsibility The Ethical Dimension of Management Encouraging Ethical Conduct Management Ethics: MBAs Majoring in Morality Skills & Tools: An International Code of Ethics Hands-On Exercise: The Rokeach Value Survey Closing Case: The Housewife Who Got Up Off the Couch Managers-in-Action Videos: 1A Milton Rodriguez, the Passionate Entrepreneur; 1B Hewlett-Packard Leverages Global Diversity II. Planning and Decision Making
6.The Basics of Planning and Project Management The Changing Workplace: Plan B (and C and D and...) Coping with Uncertainty The Essentials of Planning Management by Objectives and Project Planning The Global Manager: Culture Affects How Planning and Control Are Perceived—Russian Versus Western Views Graphical Planning/Scheduling/Control Tools Break-Even Analysis Skills & Tools: Ten Common Errors to Avoid When Writing a Plan for a New Business Hands-On Exercise: How to Write Good Objectives and Plans (Plan = What + When + How) Closing Case: Ford's Hybrid SUV Team Races to the Finish
7.Strategic Management: Planning for Long-Term Success The Changing Workplace: Starbucks Tries to Hum a New Strategic Tune Strategic Management = Strategic Planning + Implementation + Control Thinking Strategically (Including E-Business Strategies) The Global Manager: The Ultimate Fairly Inexpensive Driving Machine The Strategic Management Process Strategic Implementation and Control Forecasting Skills & Tools: Reengineering Hands-On Exercise: Thinking Strategically—A SWOT Analysis Closing Case: Sally Jewel's Market-Driven Strategy at REI
8.Decision Making and Creative Problem Solving The Changing Workplace: The Stats Wonk Who Runs a Pro Sports Team Challenges for Decision Makers Managing Diversity: Are You a Biased Decision Maker? Making Decisions Group-Aided Decision Making: A Contingency Perspective Managerial Creativity Creative Problem Solving Skills & Tools: How to Construct a Fishbone Diagram Hands-On Exercise: How Creative Are You? Closing Case: The Phantasmagoria Factory Managers-in-Action Videos: 2A Mary Guerrero-Pelzel, Contractor; 2B Planning and Decision Making at Percy Inn III. Organizing, Managing Human Resources, and Communicating
9.Organizations The Changing Workplace: Southwest Finds Trouble in the Air What Is an Organization? Organization Charts Contrasting Theories of Organization Organizational Effectiveness Management Ethics: Should We Admire Wal-Mart? Organizational Cultures Skills & Tools: How to Build Your Organization's Learning Capability Hands-On Exercise: An Organizational X Ray = Capturing the "Feel" of an Organizations's Culture Closing Case: Smart Is Not Enough
10.Organizing in the Twenty-First Century The Changing Workplace: Business NOT as Usual at W. L. Gore—Part 1 Contingency Design The Global Manager: A Globe-Trotting Organizational Thinker Looks at the Future of Work Organizations Basic Structural Formats Contingency Design Alternatives Effective Delegation The Changing Shape of Organizations Skills & Tools: If You Want to Be Delegated Important Duties, Then Demonstrate a Lot of Initiative Hands-On Exercise: A Field Study—Sizing Up an Organization's Structure and Design Closing Case: A Virtually Great New Business for UPS
11.Human Resource Management The Changing Workplace: Finding Workers Who Fit Human Resource Strategy: A People-Centered Approach Recruitment and Selection Managing Diversity: Diversity Goes Global Performance Appraisal Training Contemporary Human Resource Challenges and Problems Skills & Tools: How to Handle the Job Interview Successfully Hands-On Exercise: Writing Behavioral Interview Questions Closing Case: How UPS Delivers Objective Performance Appraisals
12.Communicating in the Internet Age The Changing Workplace: How to Start Turning Around a Behometh The Communication Process Dynamics of Organizational Communication Management Ethics: Keeping Blogs in Check Communication Problems and Promises in the Internet Age Becoming a Better Communicator Skills & Tools: How You Speak Shows Where You Rank Hands-On Exercise: Oh, No! What Have I Done? Closing Case: Don't Just Check the Box Managers-in-Action Videos: 3A Organization Structures at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters; 3B Managing Human Capital at Accenture IV. Motivating and Leading
13.Motivating Job Performance The Changing Workplace: Pat McGovern Motivates Through Respect Motivation Theories The Global Manager: Paying Employees to Go on a Global Search for Self-Actualization Motivation Through Job Design Motivation Through Rewards Motivation Through Employee Participation Motivation Through Quality-of-Work-Life Programs Skills & Tools: Stress Management 101 Hands-On Exercise: Quality-of-Work-Life Survey Closing Case: Employee Involvement = Loyalty at Genencor
14.Group Dynamics and Teamwork The Changing Workplace: Do Business and Friendship Mix in the Workplace? Fundamental Group Dynamics Group Development Organizational Politics Management Ethics: How Do You Feel About "Hard Ball"Organizational Politics? Conformity and Groupthink Teams, Teamwork, and Trust Skills & Tools: How to Use Cooperative Conflict to Avoid Groupthink Hands-On Exercise: Management Teamwork Survey Closing Case: Thirteen Time Zones Can't Keep Lucent's Virtual Team from Succeeding
15.Influence, Power, and Leadership The Changing Workplace: eBay's Secret Weapon Influence Tactics in the Workplace Power Leadership Managing Diversity: A Native American's Vision for a Better Future Mentoring Behavior Modification Skills & Tools: Putting the Empowerment Puzzle Together Hands-On Exercise: What Is Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Closing Case: Business NOT as Usual at W. L. Gore—Part 2
16.Change, Conflict, and Negotiation The Changing Workplace: What CEO Anne M. Mulcahy Learned from Turning Around Xerox Change: Organizational and Individual Perspectives Overcoming Resistance to Change Making Change Happen Managing Diversity: Tempered Radicals as Everyday Leaders Managing Conflict Negotiating Skills & Tools: How to Express Anger Hands-On Exercise: Putting a Conflict on Ice Closing Case: Under the Knife Managers-in-Action Videos: 4A Alternative Work Arrangements at Hewlett-Packard; 4B Entrepreneurial Leadership V. Organizational Control Processes
17.Organizational Control and Quality Improvement The Changing Workplace: Ronald Gets Back in Shape Fundamentals of Organizational Control Crisis Management The Global Manager: How Dell Survived a Global Supply Chain Crisis The Quality Challenge An Introduction to Total Quality Management (TQM) Deming Management Skills & Tools: How to Avoid a Public Relations Nightmare in a Crisis Hands-On Exercise: Measuring Service Quality Closing Case: It's All About the Shoes Managers-in-Action Videos: 5A Finagle A Bagel's Management, Organization, and Production Finesse; 5B Training a Sales Employee at REI

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