Printing Technology

Printing Technology

by J. Michael Adams, Penny Ann Dolin

Hardcover(5TH INSTR)

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ISBN-13: 9780766822337
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/01/2002
Edition description: 5TH INSTR
Pages: 542

About the Author

J. Michael Adams is the Dean of the College of Design Arts at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

David D. Faux is a Professor at the State University of New York in Oswego, New York.

Lloyd J. Rieber is an Associate Professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

1The Printing Industry1
Printing Technology5
Size and Scope of the Printing Industry9
Organization of Printing Services12
Preparing for a Career in Printing15
2The Tradition of Foundry Type17
Foundry Type Composition19
Machine Composition of Hot Type25
3Basic Design and Traditional Preparation29
Section 1Design Considerations31
Alphabet Design34
Type Copy41
Traditional Art Copy44
Design Steps48
Section 2Traditional Layout and Pasteup51
Surfaces, Materials, and Tools for Traditional Layout and Pasteup52
Types of Art54
Working with Photographs54
Working from the Rough Layout55
Single-Color and Multicolor Pasteup55
4Traditional Line and Halftone Photography59
Section 1Line Photography61
The Nature of Light61
Camera Fundamentals66
Film Processing69
Section 2Halftone Photography72
Density, Tone, and Contrast72
Traditional Halftone Screens79
Areas of a Continuous-Tone Print89
Understanding Halftone Dots90
Basic Color Theory94
Halftone Dots and Color100
Color Masking101
UCR and GCR102
6Traditional Image Assembly and Platemaking106
Section 1Traditional Image Assembly107
Stripping Transparent Materials107
Elementary Stripping Techniques112
Multiflat Registration120
Proofing Transparent Materials125
Section 2Offset Platemaking129
Equipment for Proofing and Plating129
Lithographic Printing Plates132
Surface Plates134
7Working with Digital Data139
The Concept of Digital Information141
Computer Basics143
Moving and Storing Data147
Digital Workflow159
8Digital Prepress: Creation and Input162
Digital Image Types163
File Formats168
Digital Image Input171
Digital Photography178
9Digital Prepress: Assembly182
Page Layout183
Illustration and Image-Editing Software186
Digital Halftones191
Color Management198
10Digital Prepress: Output202
Portable Document Format204
Imposition and Trapping206
Output to Film209
Digital Proofing211
Computer to Plate214
Output to the Internet217
Databasing and Archiving219
11Printing Presses: An Overview222
Press Development224
Understanding Offset Press Operation228
The Systems Approach to Learning about Presses229
Multicolor Sheet-Fed Presses242
Web Offset Presses248
Toward Total Automation258
12Offset Press261
Section 1263
Offset Press Operation263
Printing Process Color on Sheet-Fed Offset Presses273
Quality Control Devices274
Section 2280
Roller and Blanket Problems and Adjustments280
Common Press Concerns284
A Troubleshooting Checklist290
Press Maintenance291
13Screen Printing293
Section 1294
Basic Concept and Classification of Stencils294
Fabric and Frame Preparation296
Photographic Stencil Methods302
Masking the Stencil311
Section 2312
Squeegee and Ink Considerations312
Basic Screen Printing Process315
Halftone Reproduction in Screen Printing321
High-Speed Production Presses323
Special Machine Configurations325
14Gravure Printing330
The Gravure Industry333
Basic Gravure Concepts334
Cylinder Construction and Preparation340
Gravure Presswork344
Trends in Gravure349
15Flexographic, Ink-Jet, and Digital Presses352
Flexographic Printing354
Ink-Jet Printing366
Digital Printing370
16Paper and Ink377
Section 1Paper379
Introduction to Paper379
Recycled Paper383
Classifying Paper386
Determining Paper Needs390
Sample Paper Estimating Problem393
Determining the Price of Paper394
Section 2Ink395
Properties of Ink395
Ingredients in Ink396
Calculating Ink Usage398
Ink Specifications and Standards400
Lithographic Inks401
Screen Printing Inks405
Letterpress Inks409
Flexographic Inks410
Gravure Inks410
Ultraviolet-Curing Inks411
17Finishing Operations413
Special Letterpress Applications420
In-Line Finishing430
Demographic Binding431
Packaging and Shipping433
18The Business of Printing436
Determining Real Printing Costs438
Job Estimating446
Production Planning447
Computer-Based Management Tools452
19Customer-Defined Quality Management463
Defining Quality465
Motivation for a Customer-Defined Quality Orientation467
The Principles of Customer-Defined Quality Management472
The Typical TQM Process473
Statistical Process Control475
The Problem-Solving Process478
Group Processes480
Appendix AColor Temperature483
Appendix BFinding Information Resources in the Graphic Arts485
Appendix CHealth and Safety Issues492

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