Prison - The Key to Stay Free

Prison - The Key to Stay Free


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Prison - The Key to Stay Free by L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander, Jonathan Helos McAlexander

Chris was there and witnessed my transformation into a much more dynamic person than I had ever been in my entire life. After experiencing this transformation, seeing me in such a good mood all the time, and noticing how focused I was, Chris asked me if he could read my father's book. I told him I didn't think he'd be very interested in it and that there was more to it than just reading the book. I explained a little bit about it and was greatly surprised that he still wanted to read it.

Truthfully, I didn't take him seriously at all. I figured he would skim through the book and more than likely he'd hand it back to me the same day and tell me "he was good on that".

After just one month Chris was not Chris anymore, at least not the same person I had come to know for the past four years. He had completely transformed into a very new and improved Chris right before my very eyes; much like I must have done as he watched my transformation.

He was much more mature, in touch with his spirituality, and most noticeably, he was thinking and acting instead of feeling and reacting. That was about seven months ago and to see Chris get angry now is a very rare occurrence. Now even when something happens that rubs him the wrong way it's no big deal because he's able to react calmly and think things through.

Chris sees the bigger picture now and realizes what is really important isn't behind these prison walls. He now realizes that what's most important is what's happening out there with our families and loved ones in the "free" world.

Now we both understand and immensely appreciate the fact that "The Key to Stay Free" empowers us and gives our lives more meaning than we've ever had before. Now we are confident that we can create a life worth living once we are released from prison.

Now we without doubt know we will no longer be sacrificial pawns and that we can and will be kings in the game of life.

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ISBN-13: 9781467854474
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 12/05/2011
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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PRISON— The Key to Stay Free

By L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander Jonathan Helos McAlexander


Copyright © 2011 L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander & Jonathan Helos McAlexander
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4678-5447-4

Chapter One

Butter Me Up Buttercup


(Adapted from the Paul McCartney lyrics— Band on the Run) Stuck inside these four walls Sent inside forever Never seein no one Nice again Like you hoo Momma Boo hoo Momma

If I ever get out of here Gonna try to run far away Can't stand this chastity. Got to find a way To get outta here today

Well the gun exploded with a mighty clash as I went on the run And the first thing I thought was this ain't any fun

Cause I'm the— Man on the run Man on the run And the jailer man— and warden Sam— were searching every one For the— Man on the run

Now the undertaker made a heavy sigh seeing I wasn't gonna come And a bell was ringing in the village square for the man on the run

Cause I'm the— Man on the run Man on the run And the jailer man— and warden Sam— were searching every one For the— Man on the run

Well, the night was falling as I began to settle down And in the town they're still searching everywhere But I never will be found

Cause I'm the— Man on the run Man on the run And the jailer man— and warden Sam— were searching every one For the— Man on the run

And the St. John's County judge Who held a grudge Will search for evermore For the man on 'the run Cause I'm the— Man on the run Man on the run

Every inmate, of course, longs for the day when their ordeal will end, and, as you well know, the hardest part of serving time is the boredom. The best gift I can give you is a way to deal with that boredom in a unique way that you never would have realized if not for what I've written in this book. You are going to learn how to escape the bonds of your confinement in an amazing, imaginary world within your own mind. As an added benefit you'll fantasize about ways and means to actually make your present time served a better one than you could ever possibly imagine, and it's all about using your imagination to accomplish absolutely anything you desire; short of escaping, as lyrics of the previous song portray. Many of you reading this book will even figure out how to get out much sooner than you originally expected by using the techniques you will soon learn that will totally change you and get you excited about life once more.

A long time ago (I can't remember when) I was reading an article in a psychology book about life changing experiences. According to this article most people only go through an average of five life changing events. Well, I've experienced far more than five, and I vividly remember each and every one of them. In fact, I experienced five in just one horrific year of my life. Four of them were extremely detrimental. Three of them actually caused me to collapse mentally, and one of them, taking Silva Mind Control classes, enabled me to survive the other four.

For reasons I still do not know to this very day my first wife was responsible for three of them. Up until then life could not have been more perfect for me. I was married to a beautiful woman. I owned an awesome Lotus Elan+2 sports car. I was taking college courses at night and planning on going to law school. Plus, my wife and I were able to travel extensively throughout Europe for about six months of every year when we were in Belgium at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)

Six years after our divorce my first wife telephoned to apologize for all the trouble she felt responsible for during our marriage. I never knew for sure if her apology was sincere or if she fully realized the extent of the damage she had caused me. I always wondered if she ever felt any real feelings of remorse or regret. I never condemned her or even discussed the things she did that so drastically impacted my career and me mentally. In fact, for 19 years I purposefully envisioned a tranquil life for her so that, hopefully, she would not suffer retribution for her "sins", and, foolishly, I hoped that someday she would realize how much I loved her and come back to me.

It was because of Silva Mind Control training that I realized the importance of not thinking negatively about her. Instead, I would pray and meditate on the terrific, near perfect, beginning to our relationship. Later in this book I will relate just how wonderful it was in the early part of our relationship because it is relative to demonstrate how negative and positive experiences influence the future.

For now I will only relate the one event that triggered a mental impairment that I've suffered from ever since that fateful year in 1970. For nearly a year she had been causing me grief for one thing or another. For example, to get her out of one of the binds she got herself into I even had to buy a prostitutes license for her when we were vacationing in Paris (she was accused of soliciting sex from an undercover gendarme when we were there for a weekend trip. Prostitution is legal in Paris but a license is required). I will write more about this incident later in Chapter 4.

Sometimes she would start an argument over trivial, stupid things that I don't even remember, and when I wouldn't take the bait and argue back, which I never did, she would just get angrier and more belligerent. Occasionally she would go into hysterical rants and bitch about almost anything. I did my best to be sympathetic, patient, and understanding because I always thought it was just PMS (Post Menstrual Syndrome). The last ranting and raving session I remember was about my going to Silva Mind Control classes.

Finally I said to her, "I'm going to give you 30 days to get your act together and stop causing so much trouble between us all the time", or words to that effect.

It was an empty threat. I loved her deeply and had put up with so much grief already that my threat was just an attempt to try and shock her into changing. Being young and naïve (we were just 22 years old at the time) I didn't even think of marital counseling. We were Catholic, too, according to church doctrine we are still married and there is no Biblical justification for a woman to divorce her husband.

Well, low and behold the threat seemed to be working. The next 30 days were the best 30 days of our marriage. Things could not have been any better. I was ecstatically happy that our relationship had survived those horrific events of the previous six months. I remember making love to her the night I was going to tell her how pleased I was over her finally overcoming whatever made her so bitchy and disagreeable all the time. But she immediately drifted off to sleep, it seemed, so I planned to tell her over breakfast the following morning. As fate would have it I was late getting up and late for work so I decided I would get some roses for her that morning, come home for lunch, and tell her how happy I was, and take her out to dinner and dancing that evening.

I was really excited all morning long at work and talked the supervising officer into letting me take an extra ½ hour for lunch. When I got home I had the most shocking experience that has ever happened to me in my entire life. Every piece of furniture in that house was gone and so was my wife. Immediately I realized that she had been deceptively planning the whole 30 days to leave me and take everything we jointly owned.

I was heartbroken beyond description. I remember falling to my knees, clutching the roses to my chest, and weeping uncontrollably as my heart started to beat fast and erratically. Then I blacked out for several minutes. When I came to I just laid there on the floor motionless as I tried to recover from the devastating experience I had just been through, I didn't know it then but what I had experienced was my first panic and anxiety attack. That same afternoon I was served divorce papers and that very evening she came to me, said she had made a terrible mistake, and wanted to move back home. To this day I regret having said no, because she soon took up with another man and I was shipped out to Vietnam.

35 years later I experienced my last panic and anxiety attack. This time, too, it was because of a relationship with the last woman I fell in "lust" with. Of course I thought it was love but after what I've gone through with the "loves" of my life I have to admit that I don't know if I can tell the difference between lust and love.

Sex, just like a drug, can be addictive. Sometimes the more and better a person gets, the more and better a person wants to try and achieve, and when a person mixes alcohol and/or drugs with sex it can be a "lethal" combination.

My objective in describing these life altering relationships is to illustrate how they caused me to develop a mental illness. After psychiatric counseling, psychotropic drugs, and heart medication, I began to understand how detrimental a mild mental illness had adversely affected me for over 37 years of my life.

What I discovered is that most people who are mentally ill don't even realize they have a problem. What they experience in their lives seems normal to them. Although my mental problems were mild, they still had a profound effect on important periods of my live. Nowadays, however, it is common to see drugs advertised on TV which alleviate the problems associated with mild forms of anxiety and depression. But 37 years ago these types of illnesses were virtually unknown.

An analogy would be somewhat like a person who is a cigarette smoker who quits smoking for several weeks, then smokes a cigarette and gets queasy and ill from it. They were ill when they smoked everyday but their illness was normal to them because after smoking several packs a person doesn't realize they are sick all the time. They are sick but used to it.

People who are really wacko and insane don't realize they are crazy because to them what goes on in their lives is normal. To them everyone else in the world is crazy and abnormal. To anyone who has seen the movie or read the book Catch-22 you know what I mean. Catch-22 was an unwritten regulation. If a person claimed they were insane then they were considered sane because an insane person is not sane enough to realize and claim that they are insane.

Now all that I've stated so far is not to imply that I've had a horrible life because of bad relationships. Quite the opposite is true. I've had a fruitful and very interesting life. I've accomplished many things. I've helped many people. My life's motto has always been, "The measure of a man's life is what he accomplishes in service to his fellow man".

What I couldn't figure out for most of my life is why there were so many incredible highs and so many real low, lows. It was because of the training I received with Silva Mind Control and psychiatric counseling that eventually led me to realize I created exactly the life I have experienced. My problem was that I was inexperienced at creating a better future for myself. But if not for the experiences I've undergone I would not now be able to write about how everyone who reads this book can benefit enormously from my testimonials and mistakes. By learning how to implement disciplines and techniques that will have a tremendous influence on their lives people will be able to create better lives for themselves.

I finally figured out how to keep from bringing women into my life that are bad to me and for me, too, and I realized it was my own fault. I unwittingly kept bringing woman that were bad for me into my life because I didn't know that I needed to "create" a future with a woman that would have been ideal for me. Because I kept dwelling on the unresolved issues from my first marriage I kept having similar relationships throughout my life.

Through learning the techniques I will teach you in this book you can, more effectively than I did, create whatever future you desire for yourself. I guarantee it. As you read this book you will realize just how real and effectual what you are learning will be to the rest of your life. As you go through the testimonials of this book an excitement will develop as the truisms you encounter will strike a chord within you that will eventually lead you to realize just how important this book is to you and the rest of your life.

This book is about a real life, and not just my life but it is also about the real life experience my son is going through, too, as an inmate in the Florida Penal System. We are two real people with real life testimonials that will profoundly affect the lives of everyone who God cares enough about to get a copy of this book into their hands. I've served as a Certified Corrections Officer, too, just so I could experience firsthand what inmates go through when they are in prison.

I'm no Bible thumper, but as you read these words of wit you'll realize just how important God is to your life. And for you agnostics and atheists, try to stick around for the first couple of chapters. What I write about the Bible, God, and Jesus the Christ will profoundly influence and change many of your views and beliefs.

I realize that to many of you the Bible is just a book of myths and fables written by well-intentioned zealots. But by the time you read an analysis of what God has led me to discover and tell you, you will be see religion from a completely different perspective.

Take for instance the Biblical parable where Christ said, "If thy faith be that of a grain of a mustard seed and you should say 'mountain be removed', the mountain would be removed". Most people would read that and say, "How can I believe this Bible when it's so called prophets make such outlandish claims"? The problem is in the correct interpretation of the intent of what is written. Was Christ stating that if you have enough faith somehow you could say "abracadabra" and magically the mountain would disappear.

I believe what Jesus is saying is that if you want that damned mountain removed badly enough somehow you will find a way. Maybe it's just one person with a pick and a shovel working his entire life to whittle away at the mountain and, like in the book Huckleberry Finn, people stumble in to lend a helping hand to remove the mountain. It may take this person his entire life but eventually he gets the job done because he believed he could. Another visionary might go to college, end up the executive of a company, sell his stock in the company, become a millionaire and purchases or rents earth removal equipment. He buys some dynamite, too, and, voila, in a few short years he gets that mountain removed. However, if you are God you could order up a meteor to hit that mountain and poof, it's gone in an instant.

The point is that faith is the important ingredient. But faith alone won't get the job done. To get the job done it takes both faith and hard work. Faith without works is as worthless as works without faith.


Excerpted from PRISON— The Key to Stay Free by L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander Jonathan Helos McAlexander Copyright © 2011 by L. Nelson "Mac" McAlexander & Jonathan Helos McAlexander. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Butter Me Up Buttercup....................1
Chapter 2 The Power Within....................15
Chapter 3 Imagine....................27
Chapter 4 True Love....................43
Chapter 5 Relationships....................61
Chapter 6 Religion....................77
Chapter 7 Full Circle....................95
Chapter 8 Tools....................125
Chapter 9 "The Last Word"....................145
About the Author....................163

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