by Skye Warren, Annika Martin


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ISBN-13: 9781502913197
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/03/2014
Pages: 410
Sales rank: 349,333
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.92(d)

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Prisoner 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Suzanne and posted at Under The Covers Book Blog Working in a prison teaching prisoners isn’t what Abigail wants to be doing, but she must complete the project assigned to her. She would much rather have her head stuck in a book and as far away from the reality of prison, especially when she can’t seem to stop obsessing about one of the prisoners. He fascinates her, disgusts her, arouses her and she wants nothing to do with him. However, he manages to escape from prison and she is now his prisoner. This book wasn’t what I was expecting, I was thinking it would be the typical good girl meets bad boy and they all fall in love and it turns out that the bad boy ain’t all that bad beneath the surface. That isn’t what I got when I opened Prisoner. Instead this book takes you on a very dark and intense journey where two very damaged individuals fall in love. But the love isn’t anything as tame as “sweet” or “nice”, instead it is a turbulent mix of darkness, dominance, pain, need and passion with a dash of obsession thrown in. I can’t tell him no. Some people have a relationship that’s sunshine and roses. Ours is darkness and vengeance. The dark sensuality and intense emotions present in Prisoner pull you in; it is a hard book to put down once you get started. Greyson is a hero that I never thought I could like, most of his actions are violent and over bearing, and yet he has been drawn in such a way that I couldn’t help but almost emphasis with him. I also really liked Abigail, the heroine, she was just as interesting as Greyson, and the more I learnt about her the more I liked her. They were both broken people who didn’t quite belong in the world who were drawn together and didn’t mind being cut on each others jagged edges. All I can do is go to him and put my hands on him. To speak to him in some twisted language of love that only we two speak, where we hurt each other just to soothe the wounds that follow. A great read and I will definitely be looking for the next book in the series, Annika Martin and Skye Warren have written one of my favourite books of the year and I can’t wait to see more. *ARC provided by author
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read plenty reviews before purchasing the book and felt that it was going to be a fantastic read, but it left me very disappointed in the end.  The beginning had me hooked, I loved everything about it!  I despise spoilers, so I do not want to reveal too much about the book, but some portions were too extreme and completely unrealistic.  I know it is intended to be a work of fiction, but when the author attempts realistic fiction and ends up with a product that is borderline realistic and borderline "action", flaws begin to surface.  Also, and I know this is not the authors' faults, but there were numerous grammer mistakes throughout the book, and that definitely contributed to lack of enjoyment I got from reading the book. Overall, the book was just good, nothing to really rave about.  
nooklooker More than 1 year ago
Loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the story line, and it kept me interested.  Just wish the end was a little different. I cannot say exactly what I mean without ruining it for those who have not read it.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4 star This is a dark erotic book. If you don’t like that kind of book this is not for you. Dark alpha meets prim teacher. Will secrets be revealed? Will he get close to her? Will all the chemistry blow up and make them both do things they should not? In the end which one of them will be the prisoner? I loved these characters. Didn’t always love the way they were together. But it worked for them. I recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story in this series.
BlushingReader More than 1 year ago
Wow!  That is my first impression finishing Prisoner (actually is may have been a curse).  I was lucky enough to Beta read this back in September and after reading through this book (the first time) I sat on my thoughts for a few days since it was a lot to absorb and I actually went back and re-read the whole thing!  I NEVER re-read things (you guys know this ), so this tells you there is something special here.  Then I read this book a THIRD time (crazy town) after it was released to see what might have changed in the story (let's be honest I checked the acknowledgments to see if I was mentioned... not really, but that's ok) and I fell in love with these writers all over again!   I am not sure what I was expecting when I read this book the first time but what you get, blew me away.  I was addicted instantly (even though I still think Abby's character is too young) and can't get enough of these characters, their struggle and the beauty that came from something so horribly tragic.  This is considered a dark read and has some things in it that are graphic and dark.  However, if you have read Pam Godwin, Pepper Winters or E.K Blair you will be just fine!  Annika Martin and Skye Warren are a phenomenal writing team and I was floored with how much this story moved me, made me uncomfortable, broke my heart and then made everything better.  I am not going to go over the plot of Prisoner, you need to read it unspoiled and just trust that the Authors know how to get you where you want to go.  It is an amazing ride. I LOVED the vulnerability in Grayson.  He broke my heart.  It was a treat to read about a criminal that never stop being who he was but craved more than he though he deserved.  That fact that he doesn’t have to change who he truly is inside, was awesome.  His neediness and desperate cravings for something real and beautiful showed him as a real person, not just a criminal and really brought me to his side.   Watching his struggle with Abby... it was so well written seeing how he craved her, and tried to control his animalistic behaviors but he eventually gave in.  I loved his character.  There is a scene with Abby and Grayson that is hard to read, but the way it was written with the raw emotion and need, turned something dark into something almost beautiful.  Annika Martin and Skye Warren have a way of taking something dark and making it something so much more and it really was hard to put down, this story consumed me.   Abby was easy to like, I just wanted her older (and in my version she is).  I liked that she was tough, she didn’t just lay back and accept what was happening to her, she fought back and she didn't just let things happen to her.  I am very glad these Authors did not make her stupid, so many “darker” captive books seem to make the young women silly or do dumb things, but Abby didn't just take her situation lying down, she was a fighter;  Abby was smart.  The secondary characters in Prisoner were very well done.  I would love to get stories on all the milk carton boys and see them all get some light in their lives (crossing my fingers for more Grayson and Abby too).  I would completely and totally read this as a series, but if that never comes about I think Abby and Grayson’s story in Prisoner comes to a good conclusion and leaves you curious but satisfied with how it all unfolded.  I LOVED the writing style, it was engaging and kept me turning pages well into the night and chores/errands were ignored while I was in the land of Abby and Grayson.  The words, descriptions and dialogue in this book really moved me.  The pacing was good, moving at a good pace never dragging and I liked that the main focus of the story was Grayson and Abby not everyone around them.   I am definitely a fan and will be looking for more from Skye Warren and Annika Martin!  This was my first book by either Author and I will be adding both their back lists to my reading list.  I read dark books warily now after some have burned me with their horror and shock value but I am so glad I gave Prisoner a chance!  This story is different than you expect and they have something really special with Prisoner, I was invested, impressed and wowed with it.  Do yourself a favor and go 1-click this book!!