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ISBN-13: 9781498508902
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 11/15/2016
Series: Security in the Americas in the Twenty-First Century Series
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Jonathan D. Rosen is research professor at the Institute of International Studies at the Universidad del Mar, Mexico.

Marten Brienen teaches political science at Oklahoma State University.

Table of Contents

Ch 1: General Trends in Prisons in the Americas, Astrid Arrarás and Emily D. Bello-Pardo

North America
Ch 2. Broken Systems: Prisons and Prison Gangs in California and the United States, Susan Phillips and Jonathan D. Rosen
Ch 3: The Penitentiary System in Mexico: An Institution Permeated by Corruption and Controlled by Organized Crime, Roberto Zepeda Martínez

Central America
Ch 4: Drugs, Crime, and Prisons in Guatemala, Tamara Rice Lave

The Caribbean
Ch 5: Haiti: Prisons, Organized Crime, and Drug Trafficking, Christa L. Remington & Jean-Claude Garcia-Zamor
Ch 6: Retribution vs. Reintegration: The Trinidad and Tobago Reality, Dianne Williams and Randy Seepersad

The Andean Region
Ch 7: An Organized Chaos: Venezuela’s Prison Crisis, Brian Fonseca and Pamela Pamelá
Ch 8: Drugs and Prisons: the Slippery Road to the Criminalization of Drugs in Ecuador, Adrián Bonilla and Nashira Chavez
Ch 9: A Special Kind of Hell: The Bolivian Penal, System Marten W. Brienen
Ch 10: Drugs and the Prison Crisis in Peru, Lucía Dammert and Manuel Dammert Guardia

The Southern Cone
Ch 11: Beyond Overcrowding: the Decline of the Brazilian Penitentiary System, Marcelo Rocha e Silva Zorovich
Ch 12: The Drug-Crime-Prison Nexus: What the U. S. Experience Suggests to Argentina, Khatchik DerGhougassian and Sebastián Cutrona

An International Solution
Ch 13: Prison Reform: An International Solution, W. Andy Knight

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