Private Eye Murders

Private Eye Murders

by Bob Moats


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ISBN-13: 9780692403648
Publisher: Magic 1 Productions
Publication date: 03/09/2015
Pages: 234
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

Detroit area resident, Bob Moats, has been writing short stories and plays for as long as he can remember. He has lost most of his original stories, typed or handwritten, in the numerous moves he has made from his hometown of Fraser, Michigan to Northern Michigan, to Las Vegas and back to Fraser, where he now lives. He also wrote the short fantasy novella "Crystal Prison of Kyr" and is a published playwright with his three act comedy "Happily Ever After".

Moats became one of the victims of unemployment early in 2009, and had time on his hands to finally pursue a life long dream of writing a full blown crime novel. Thus was born the first book, "Classmate Murders".

What followed was a series of thirty-four murder novels starting with "Classmate Murders" which introduces the main character, Jim Richards, who has to admit he has become a senior citizen, reluctantly. Richards, one day, receives an email from a childhood sweetheart asking for his help, but by the time he reaches her, she has been murdered.

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Private Eye Murders (Jim Richards Murder Novels, #34) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Bookworm1951 More than 1 year ago
One of the better books of the series. Still some editing inconsistencies such as: Deacon stated he was going to his hotel room for the night rather than hanging out with the others for some night-life fun and gambling and early in the next chapter, one of his friends questioned how he felt because he was enjoying the clubs the night before. The paragraph spacing was much better than the prior book. This one did not have huge spaces between paragraphs and chapters. The murder didn't take place until half way through the book. So, the story started to get a bit boring while you waited for something to happen. Just too much of the same old stuff about Penny shopping, Lacey tormenting Jim with her sarcastic remarks, etc. On a positive note, this book did introduce new characters which now have their own Bob Moats series. It was a good way to highlight these new characters and also start to phase out Jim Richards. The next book is the series finale.
SpyderRyder More than 1 year ago
In this book Bob brings most of his characters together at a PI convention in Detroit. True to form there are 3 murders shortly after Jim arrives at the convention. Jim and his new and old friends help Bernie of the Detroit Police solve the murders after many twists and turns. Very good book with Bobs unique style of writing. Well worth reading.