Private Speech: From Social Interaction to Self-Regulation

Private Speech: From Social Interaction to Self-Regulation



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ISBN-13: 9780805808872
Publisher: Erlbaum, Lawrence Associates, Inc.
Publication date: 10/28/1992
Pages: 312

Table of Contents

Contents: R.M. Diaz, L.E. Berk, Introduction. Part I: Theory, Method, and A Review of Research. L.E. Berk, Children's Private Speech: An Overview of Theory and the Status of Research. R.M. Diaz, Methodological Concerns in the Study of Private Speech. Part II: Social Origins and Self-Regulatory Functions. D.A. Behrend, K.S. Rosengren, M. Perlmutter, The Relation Between Private Speech and Parental Interactive Style. M. Azmitia, Expertise, Private Speech, and the Development of Self-Regulation. F. Smolucha, Social Origins of Private Speech in Pretend Play. D. Furrow, Developmental Trends in the Differentiation of Social and Private Speech. J.A. Bivens, F. Hagstrom, The Representation of Private Speech in Children's Literature. Part III: Structural and Linguistic Features. P. Feigenbaum, Development of the Syntactic and Discourse Structures of Private Speech. J.D. Ramirez, The Functional Differentiation of Social and Private Speech: A Dialogic Approach. P.P. Goudena, The Problem of Abbreviation and Internalization of Private Speech. D.J. Skotko, Structural Properties of Verbal Commands and Their Effects on the Regulation of Motor Behavior. Part IV: Recent Evidence Regarding Piaget's Position. A. Richelle Warren, C. Satterfield Tate, Egocentrism in Children's Telephone Conversations. Part V:Private Speech in Adulthood. P.S. Fry, Assessment of Private and Inner Speech of Older Adults in Relation to Depression. V. John-Steiner, Private Speech Among Adults.

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