Prizefighters, Mediums, and Slave Auctioneers: Creating World Experts at Eagle Hill School

Prizefighters, Mediums, and Slave Auctioneers: Creating World Experts at Eagle Hill School


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Prizefighters, Mediums, and Slave Auctioneers grew out of an unusual high school history course. Rather than passively reading old history, “World Expert” students research and write new history—history never written before—on topics of their choice. And in the process, each student becomes the pre-eminent authority on their topic, and joins the community of historians by having their paper added to the collections of a world-class research library. This book presents excerpts from twenty-five World Expert papers, and provides detailed suggestions on how to run a World Expert course. It also seeks to inspire people to research the unresearched, to write up their findings, and to become “world experts” on their own.

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ISBN-13: 9781733768603
Publisher: Eagle Hill School
Publication date: 05/10/2019
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

William Duncan was born in Newton, Massachusetts, at the dawn of the new millennium. His parents are Anne and Thomas Duncan, a teacher and portfolio manager respectively. From preschool to 3rd grade he attended Nixon Public School, but was withdrawn by his parents because of his lack of academic progress. With a newly discovered learning disability, he was enrolled in the Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Upon graduating from 8th grade, he continued his disability-tailored education at Eagle Hill School. In his four years at EHS, he successfully dealt with these issues, and consistently held a 4.0 GPA. He was also elected student body president twice, and was captain of both wrestling and crew. He is currently a member of the class of 2022 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, having been awarded their highest academic honor for entering freshmen, the Marquis Scholarship.

Nym Cooke (A.B., Harvard College, 1974; M.A. and Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1990) has taught music, meditation, history, writing, and social justice at Eagle Hill School since 2004. His scholarly specialty is early American sacred music; an anthology, American Harmony, was published in 2018 and an historical study, Making a Joyful Noise, is in the works. Cooke enjoys conducting choruses and making choral arrangements.

Table of Contents

The Sporting Life

Yankee Sullivan’s Fights with Tom Hyer and Thomas Secor by Patrick DeNicola

~ 21 ~

The American Rowing Almanac & Oarsman’s Pocket Companion (1874) by Lucia Escobar

~ 27 ~

Aquatic Monthly & Nautical Review: An American Boating Magazine from the 1870s by Ben Zorfas

~ 33 ~

Home, Sweet Home

A New Biographical Game of the Distinguished Men of the United States by Andrew Best

~ 37 ~

Cinderella: Four 19th-Century Versions by Maddie Fahey

~ 39 ~

The Complete Confectioner: Or, The Whole Art of Confectionary Made Easy (1807) by Jake Green

~ 43 ~

The Detroit Conglomeration (1876) by Tift Hollis

~ 47 ~

Obstetrics and Womanly Beauty: A Salesman’s Sample Book from ca. 1900 by Machiah Norville

~ 51 ~

Man vs. Man, Man vs. Animal

John Waldo Lincoln’s Copy of the First U.S. Army Manual by Matthew Bissonnette

~ 61 ~

A Brief Biographical Sketch of I. A. Van Amburgh by Jack Johnson

~ 65 ~

The Cabinet of Natural History (1830) by Kobe Isaiah Petters

~ 69 ~

The 1874 Springfield Rifle, Carbine and Army Revolvers Manual by Jackson Polk

~ 73 ~

The Hunter’s Guide, and Trapper’s Companion (1869) by Sam Solmitz

~ 79 ~

Women’s Perspectives

The Diary of Nancy C. Aiken: An Analysis by Paul C. Carbone and Jackson Morris

~ 85 ~

The Diary of Julia M. Dodge by William Duncan

~ 89 ~

The 1867 Diary of Elizabeth C. Dodge by John Przypek and Alexa Matesanz

~ 97 ~

Dark Sides

The Confession of Philip Hawkins by Oliver Clark

~ 105 ~

A Slave Auction Broadside from 1855 by Nathan Frias

~ 109 ~

The Trial of James Graham by Elizabeth McKeegan

~ 113 ~

Experiments and Observations on Opium (1803) by Kendall Tally

~ 119 ~

The Great Unseen

My Experience, or Foot-Prints of a Presbyterian to Spiritualism by Caroline Curtis

~ 127 ~

The Mystery of The Tongue of Time by Daniel Feinblatt

~ 137 ~

Rabbi Haijm Isaac Karigal’s Sermon at Newport, Rhode Island, 1773 by Bryan Garson

~ 141 ~

Dreams and Their Meanings by Sydney Kenig

~ 145 ~

William H. Mumler’s Spirit Photography Book by Katherine Lincoln

~ 147 ~



~ 155 ~


~ 165 ~

Suggestions and Materials for a World Expert Course by Nym Cooke

~ 175 ~

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