Pro Crystal Enterprise / BusinessObjects XI Programming

Pro Crystal Enterprise / BusinessObjects XI Programming

by Carl Ganz

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.)

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Pro Crystal Enterprise / BusinessObjects XI Programming by Carl Ganz

BusinessObjects is a serious enterprise-level product, and knowing how to use it to create enterprise-level solutions is a most valuable skill. The goal of this book is to teach you those skills and enable you to develop solutions using the Crystal Enterprise and BusinessObjects XI SDKs. The code examples are written using C# so as to provide the greatest familiarity to Java developers. Though the book was written with BusinessObjects XI Release 2 in mind, the information contained within is very much compatible with Crystal Enterprise 9 and 10 as well.

Inside we'll examine Crystal Enterprise and BusinessObjects XI from a developer's angle. By examining every feature in the product, you'll pick up where the BusinessObjects documentation leaves off and learn how to create custom interfaces to control those features programmatically. You'll learn how to control the various servers, create reports at runtime, use BusinessObjects' unique brand of SQL to query report information, schedule reports, and manage security settings. I'll also cover web services and how to leverage Crystal Reports' technology to deliver reports without using the server product at all. Finally, we'll examine the various third-party products available that fill in the gaps of BusinessObjects' features list.

Having used Crystal Enterprise and BusinessObjects XI since the 9.0 release, I can testify to the power of the product. This book is the result of over three years of experience working with the SDKs, getting to know their idiosyncrasies, mastering the object model, and creating enterprise-wide solutions for clients. I fully expect that you will save hundreds of hours of development time using the material contained within.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781430211709
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 11/15/2014
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.
Pages: 459
Product dimensions: 7.52(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Carl Ganz, Jr. is president of Seton Software Development, Inc., a provider of software design and development services located in Raritan, New Jersey. He holds a master's in business administration from Seton Hall University and is the author of three other books on software development as well as dozens of articles on Visual Basic, C#, and Microsoft .NET technology. Carl has created numerous solutions over the years using the Crystal Enterprise and BusinessObjects XI .NET and RAS SDKs. He is the president and founder of the New Jersey Visual Basic User Group and has been a featured speaker at software development conferences in both the U.S. and Germany. Carl and his wife, Wendy, live in Raritan with their son, Carl III, their dog, Elke, and their cats, Jack and Jake. Contact Carl at

Table of Contents

Foreword     xv
About the Author     xvii
About the Technical Reviewer     xix
Acknowledgments     xxi
Introduction     xxiii
Welcome to BusinessObjects XI     1
History     1
From Report Writing to Business Intelligence     2
BusinessObjects XI Release 2     3
Licensing     4
Service-Oriented Architecture     5
Reporting Considerations     6
Preprinted Forms     7
High-Volume Printing     7
Legal Issues     8
Availability and Distribution     8
BusinessObjects XI vs. SQL Server Reporting Services     9
Market Considerations     9
Feature Differences     11
Summary     12
BusinessObjects XI Server Architecture     13
InfoStore     13
FileStore     14
Servers     16
Programmatic Access     19
Central Management Server     22
File Repository Servers     24
Event Server     26
Page Server     29
Job Servers     32
Cache Server     34
Report Application Server     37
Server Groups     39
Creating a Server Group     41
Adding Servers to a Server Group     41
Extracting the Servers in a Group     42
The Auditing Database     42
Scalability     43
Backups and Disaster Recovery     44
Summary     45
Administration Tools     47
Central Configuration Manager     47
Properties Tab     48
Dependency Tab     49
Connection Tab     50
Configuration Tab     50
Protocol Tab     53
Import Wizard     53
Publishing Wizard     57
Administration Launchpad     61
Central Management Console     61
InfoView     62
Administration Tool Console     62
Business Views Manager     68
Crystal Reports Explorer     69
Summary     72
Using the Central Management Console     73
Folders and Reports     73
Folders     74
Reports     75
Objects     96
Calendars     97
Events      98
File and Schedule Events     99
Custom Events     101
Summary     102
BusinessObjects XI SDK Programming I     103
Connecting to BusinessObjects XI     103
Connecting with User IDs     104
Connecting with Tokens     106
Connecting with Trusted Connections     108
Examining the Connection Objects     109
Querying the InfoStore     112
The InfoStore SQL Language      113
Working with the InfoStore     125
Extracting Folder Information     126
Creating Folders     129
Deleting Folders     130
Report Refresh Options     131
Scheduling Reports     131
Report History in the CMC     132
Building Your Own Report History     133
Adding New Reports     138
Run Now     139
Retrieving and Saving Schedules     140
Adding Executable Code     144
Handling Report Parameters Generically     145
Summary     148
BusinessObjects XI SDK Programming II     149
Scheduling     149
Notifications     149
Alerts     152
Report Format Options     156
TextFormatTabSeparated     159
TextFormatPaginated     159
TextFormatCharacterSeparated     160
RichTextFormat     162
RichTextEditableFormat     163
PlainTextFormat     163
PDFFormat     163
ExcelFormat     164
ExcelDataOnlyFormat     165
Destination Options     166
Printer Options      170
Programming Categories     171
Programming Events     173
Programming Calendars     175
Data Access Techniques     177
BO XI Web Controls     179
Getting Started     179
Web Controls     187
.NET Providers     192
Membership Provider     193
Using the .NET Providers     194
Summary     197
Crystal Reports and BusinessObjects XI     199
Crystal Reports Viewer Control     199
Setting Up the Control     199
Communicating with the BusinessObjects XI Server     204
Running a Report on Disk     205
Passing Parameters     207
Passing an Entire SQL Statement to Crystal Reports     208
Embedded vs. Nonembedded Reports     209
Exporting Reports     213
Filtering     215
Field Structure     216
Sections     217
Database Connectivity     220
Printer Options     220
Summary Information     220
Unmanaged RAS     221
Passing Data Sources     222
Crystal Reports Web Services     224
Summary      227
Programming the Report Application Server     229
Introduction to RAS Programming     229
Working with Reports     230
Connecting to the Data Source     231
Building the Body of the Report     236
Exporting Reports     265
Setting Parameters     267
Filtering Reports     268
Sorting     269
Charts     272
Report Options     274
Summary Information     276
Printing Reports     277
Saving Reports     279
Summary     280
Enterprise Solutions Using the BusinessObjects XI SDK     281
On-Demand Web Service     281
On-Demand Web Service Internals     282
Scheduling Assemblies     289
Creating Criteria Screens     294
Building the WinForms Interface     295
Web Interface     308
BO XI Windows Service Monitor     313
Reporting Against the InfoStore     318
GetReportTree Web Service     319
Reporting Against the XML Output     325
Building Dynamic Menus     327
Storing Custom Metadata     330
Using Your RDBMS      330
Custom Properties     331
The Limits of Crystal     334
Summary     335
Security     337
Security Considerations     337
Managing Security Through the CMC     338
Creating Users     339
Creating Groups     341
Adding Users to Groups     342
Extracting the Users in a Group     343
Subgroups     345
Access Levels and Security Rights     347
Roles     348
Rights     349
Limits     355
Non-Enterprise Security Management     359
Validating NT Group Users     360
License Keys     362
Summary     366
BusinessObjects Unified Web Services SDK     367
Configuring the Unified Web Services SDK     367
Why Use the Web Services SDK?     370
Programming Web Services     370
Services     370
Creating a Connection     371
Queries     373
Extracting Data     376
Working with Reports     380
Working with Folders     389
Managing Servers     390
Managing Security      392
Summary     393
Third-Party Solutions     395
Apos Systems Inc     395
AddressBook Gateway     395
Archive Manager     396
Bursting Manager     398
InfoScheduler     400
Instance Manager     402
Instance Monitor     404
Key Performance Indicator     404
Object Manager     406
RealTime Monitor     408
Report Package Booster     412
RunTime Manager     413
Solutions Kit for ESRI GIS     413
View Time Security     416
Software Forces     418
.rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite     418
Teleran Technologies     421
iGuard     421
iSight     422
CRD     424
Excel Solutions     425
Syncfusion's Essential XlsIO      427
SoftArtisans's OfficeWriter     431
Word Solutions     434
Summary     435
Index     437

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