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Cengage Learning
Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists / Edition 2

Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists / Edition 2

by Anthony J. Hayter


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ISBN-13: 9780534386696
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 12/01/2001
Edition description: 2nd Edition
Pages: 928
Product dimensions: 9.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Probability Theory1
1.3Combinations of Events16
1.4Conditional Probability37
1.5Probabilities of Event Intersections44
1.6Posterior Probabilities55
1.7Counting Techniques61
1.8Supplementary Problems70
Chapter 2Random Variables73
2.1Discrete Random Variables73
2.2Continuous Random Variables85
2.3The Expectation of a Random Variable98
2.4The Variance of a Random Variable110
2.5Jointly Distributed Random Variables123
2.6Combinations and Functions of Random Variables141
2.7Supplementary Problems153
Chapter 3Discrete Probability Distributions156
3.1The Binomial Distribution156
3.2The Geometric and Negative Binomial Distributions171
3.3The Hypergeometric Distribution180
3.4The Poisson Distribution185
3.5The Multinomial Distribution193
3.6Supplementary Problems198
Chapter 4Continuous Probability Distributions199
4.1The Uniform Distribution199
4.2The Exponential Distribution203
4.3The Gamma Distribution213
4.4The Weibull Distribution219
4.5The Beta Distribution225
4.6Supplementary Problems229
Chapter 5The Normal Distribution232
5.1Probability Calculations Using the Normal Distribution232
5.2Linear Combinations of Normal Random Variables248
5.3Approximating Distributions with the Normal Distribution259
5.4Distributions Related to the Normal Distribution271
5.5Supplementary Problems284
Chapter 6Descriptive Statistics286
6.2Data Presentation294
6.3Sample Statistics306
6.5Supplementary Problems318
Chapter 7Statistical Estimation and Sampling Distributions321
7.1Point Estimates321
7.2Properties of Point Estimates326
7.3Sampling Distributions338
7.4Constructing Parameter Estimates347
7.5Supplementary Problems355
Chapter 8Inferences on a Population Mean357
8.1Confidence Intervals357
8.2Hypothesis Testing375
8.4Supplementary Problems414
Chapter 9Comparing Two Population Means417
9.2Analysis of Paired Samples425
9.3Analysis of Independent Samples432
9.5Supplementary Problems461
Chapter 10Discrete Data Analysis465
10.1Inferences on a Population Proportion465
10.2Comparing Two Population Proportions491
10.3Goodness of Fit Tests for One-Way Contingency Tables503
10.4Testing for Independence in Two-Way Contingency Tables519
10.5Supplementary Problems532
Chapter 11The Analysis of Variance535
11.1One Factor Analysis of Variance535
11.2Randomized Block Designs566
11.3Supplementary Problems590
Chapter 12Simple Linear Regression and Correlation594
12.1The Simple Linear Regression Model594
12.2Fitting the Regression Line604
12.3Inferences on the Slope Parameter [beta subscript 1]618
12.4Inferences on the Regression Line627
12.5Prediction Intervals for Future Response Values633
12.6The Analysis of Variance Table639
12.7Residual Analysis645
12.8Variable Transformations650
12.9Correlation Analysis657
12.10Supplementary Problems663
Chapter 13Multiple Linear Regression and Nonlinear Regression668
13.1Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression668
13.2Examples of Multiple Linear Regression679
13.3Matrix Algebra Formulation of Multiple Linear Regression697
13.4Evaluating Model Adequacy708
13.5Nonlinear Regression715
13.6Supplementary Problems719
Chapter 14Multifactor Experimental Design and Analysis722
14.1Experiments with Two Factors722
14.2Experiments with Three or More Factors759
14.3Supplementary Problems773
Chapter 15Nonparametric Statistical Analysis778
15.1The Analysis of a Single Population779
15.2Comparing Two Populations805
15.3Comparing Three or More Populations816
15.4Supplementary Problems824
Chapter 16Quality Control Methods827
16.2Statistical Process Control827
16.3Variable Control Charts835
16.4Attribute Control Charts844
16.5Acceptance Sampling851
16.6Supplementary Problems857
Chapter 17Reliability Analysis and Life Testing859
17.1System Reliability859
17.2Modeling Failure Rates865
17.3Life Testing870
17.4Supplementary Problems879
Table ICumulative Distribution Function of the Standard Normal Distribution881
Table IICritical Points of the Chi-Square Distribution883
Table IIICritical Points of the t-Distribution884
Table IVCritical Points of the F-Distribution885
Table VCritical Points q[subscript [alpha],k,v] of the Studentized Range Distribution888
Table VICritical Points d[subscript [alpha],n] for Kolmogorov and Kolmogorov-Smirnov Procedures890
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems891

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