Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics

by Mel Friedman

Paperback(Trade Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9780738604541
Publisher: Research & Education Association
Publication date: 11/25/2008
Series: Mathematics Learning and Practice Series
Edition description: Trade Edition
Pages: 276
Sales rank: 279,799
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

About the Author

About the Author
Author Mel Friedman is a former classroom teacher and test-item writer for Educational Testing Service and ACT, Inc.

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Welcome to the Ready, Set, Go! Probability & Statistics Workbook!
About This Book
This book will help high school math students at all learning levels understand Probability & Statistics. Students will develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to succeed on high school math exams with emphasis on passing high school graduation exams.
More than 20 easy-to-follow lessons break down the material into the basics. In-depth, step-by-step examples and solutions reinforce student learning, while the “Math Flash” feature provides useful tips and strategies, including advice on common mistakes to avoid.
Students can take drills and quizzes to test themselves on the subject matter, then review any areas in which they need improvement or additional reinforcement. The book concludes with a final exam, designed to comprehensively test what students have learned.
The Ready, Set, Go! Probability & Statistics Workbook will help students master the basics of mathematics — and help them face their next math test — with confidence!
To the Student
This workbook will help you master the fundamentals of Probability & Statistics. It offers you the support you need to boost your skills and helps you succeed in school and beyond! It takes the guesswork out of math by explaining what you most need to know in a step-by-step format. When you apply what you learn from this workbook, you can do better in class, raise your grades, and score higher on your high school math exams.
Each compact lesson in this book introduces a math concept and explains the method behind it in plain language. This is followed with lots of examples with fully worked-out solutions that take you through the key points of each problem. The book gives you two tools to measure what you learn along the way: short drills that follow each lesson and quizzes that test you on multiple lessons. These tools are designed to comfortably build your test-taking confidence.
Meanwhile, the “Math Flash” feature throughout the book offers helpful tips and strategies — including advice on how to avoid common mistakes. When you complete the lessons, take the final exam at the end of the workbook to see how far you’ve come. If you still need to strengthen your grasp on any concept, you can always go back to the related lesson and review at your own pace.
To the Parent
For many students, math can be a challenge — but with the right tools and support, your child can master Probability & Statistics. As educational publishers, our goal is to help all students develop the crucial math skills they’ll need in school and beyond.
This Ready, Set, Go! Workbook is intended for students who need to build their Probability & Statistics skills. It was specifically created and designed to assist students who need a boost in understanding and learning the math concepts that are most tested along the path to graduation.
Through a series of easy-to-follow lessons, students are introduced to the essential mathematical ideas and methods, and then take short quizzes to test what they are learning. Each lesson is devoted to a key mathematical building block. The concepts and methods are fully explained, then reinforced with examples and detailed solutions. Your child will be able to test what he or she has learned along the way, and then take a cumulative exam found at the end of the book.
Whether used in school with teachers, for home study, or with a tutor, the Ready, Set, Go! Workbook is a great support tool. It can help improve your child’s math proficiency in a way that’s fun and educational!
To the Teacher
As you know, not all students learn the same, or at the same pace. And most students require additional instruction, guidance, and support in order to do well academically. Using the Curriculum Focal Points of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this workbook was created to help students increase their math abilities and succeed on high school exams with special emphasis on high school proficiency exams.
The book’s easy-to-follow lessons offer a review of the basic material, supported by examples and detailed solutions that illustrate and reinforce what the students have learned. To accommodate different pacing for students, we provide drills and quizzes throughout the book to enable students to mark their progress. This approach allows for the mastery of smaller chunks of material and provides a greater opportunity to build mathematical competence and confidence.
When we field-tested this series in the classroom, we made every effort to ensure that the book would accommodate the common need to build basic math skills as effectively and flexibly as possible. Therefore, this book can be used in conjunction with lesson plans, stand alone as a single teaching source, or be used in a group-learning environment. The practice quizzes and drills can be given in the classroom as part of the overall curriculum or used for independent study. A cumulative exam at the end of the workbook helps students (and their instructors) gauge their mastery of the subject matter.
We are confident that this workbook will help your students develop the necessary skills and build the confidence they need to succeed on high school math exams.
About the Author
Author Mel Friedman is a former classroom teacher and test-item writer for Educational Testing Service and ACT, Inc.
About Research & Education Association
Founded in 1959, Research & Education Association (REA) is dedicated to publishing the finest and most effective educational materials — including software, study guides, and test preps — for students in elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and beyond. Today, REA’s wide-ranging catalog is a leading resource for teachers, students, and professionals.
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Table of Contents

About This Book
Icons Explained
Letters to Students, Parents, and Teachers
About REA
Lesson 1 Organizing Data — Part 1
Qualitative and quantitative data
Continuous data
Pie graphs
Test Yourself!
Lesson 2 Organizing Data — Part 2
Pareto charts
Time series graphs
Stem and leaf plots
Test Yourself!
Lesson 3 Organizing Data — Part 3
Class limits for grouped frequency distributions
Construction of grouped frequency distributions
Class boundaries for grouped frequency distributions
Test Yourself!
QUIZ ONE (Lessons 1–3)
Lesson 4 Measures of Central Tendency — Part 1
Midrange for individual data
Mean for individual data
Test Yourself!
Lesson 5 Measures of Central Tendency — Part 2
Median for individual data
Mode for individual data
Test Yourself!
Lesson 6 Measures of Central Tendency — Part 3
Class mark
Mean for grouped data
Median for grouped data
Mode (modal class) for grouped data
Test Yourself!
Lesson 7 Types of Frequency Distributions
Negatively skewed distributions
Positively skewed distributions
Symmetric distributions
Test Yourself!
QUIZ TWO (Lessons 4-7)
Lesson 8 Measures of Position — Part 1
Quartiles for individual data
Quartiles for even number of data
Quartiles for odd number of data
Interquartile range
Test Yourself!
Lesson 9 Measures of Position — Part 2
Quartiles for grouped data
Relationships that exist among quartiles
Test Yourself!
Lesson 10 Boxplots
Key data of a boxplot
Boxplots with skewed distributions
Boxplots with symmetric distributions
Test Yourself!
QUIZ THREE (Lessons 8–10)
Lesson 11 Probability Basics
Coin tosses
Dice tosses
Playing cards
Test Yourself!
Lesson 12 Classical and Empirical Probability
Classical or theoretical probability
Empirical probability
Test Yourself!
Lesson 13 Compound Events — Part 1
Complement of an event
Independent events
Test Yourself!
Lesson 14 Compound Events — Part 2
Dependent events
Conditional probability
Test Yourself!
Lesson 15 Compound Events — Part 3
Compound probability for data in chart form
Test Yourself!
QUIZ FOUR (Lessons 11–15)
Lesson 16 Addition Rules for Probability — Part 1
Mutually exclusive events
Addition rule for probability with mutually exclusive events
Test Yourself!
Lesson 17 Addition Rules for Probability — Part 2
Test Yourself!
Lesson 18 Counting Methods — Part 1
Fundamental counting principle
Properties of factorials
Test Yourself!
Lesson 19 Counting Methods — Part 2
Permutations of distinct items
Permutations with duplications of objects
Test Yourself!
Lesson 20 Counting Methods — Part 3
Simple combinations
Complex combinations
Test Yourself!
Lesson 21 Probability — Permutations and Combinations
Test Yourself!
QUIZ FIVE (Lessons 16–21)

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