Probably the Best Kiss in the World: The laugh out loud romantic comedy of 2019!

Probably the Best Kiss in the World: The laugh out loud romantic comedy of 2019!

by Pernille Hughes

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ISBN-13: 9780008307714
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/12/2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 25,698
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Probably the Best Kiss in the World: The laugh out loud romantic comedy of 2019! 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RedClara 3 months ago
This is probably the best romantic story of the decade, and definitely the best of the year. I know it's only April, but contenders have a lot to beat with this sassy, funny, thoughtful and brilliantly executed novel. From the very first page, Pernille Hughes captivated me with her perfectly imangined and expressed ensemble cast. Jen (our heroine) has a boss who is a complete incarnation of the rich, entitled, beautifully coiffed business woman who 'has it all' (money, looks, great staff, children, show-off-able partner) but doesn't actually understand the real life costs of her way of living on people who are less privileged. In a short, brilliantly witty scene, the author tells us all this without an excess word or a hint of judgement. It's all there for the reader - we are trusted to suss out these characters and enter their ways of thinking and behaving. Brilliant! I thought, I'm going to love this book. And from there it only gets better. Jen is very engaging and her relationship with her sister Lydia provides a context and emotional depth that is too often missing in modern romance. Jen is REAL, and fully understandable, even if we don't always agree with her choices ... which of course she manages to repair by the end. Lydia is a wonderful, inspiring character (who really deserves a book of her own - I would definitely read it!). Jen's other dedication - to her dream of a micro-brewery - is also a clever addition, giving her even more depth and purpose. The scenes in Copenhagen are very grounded and charming, making me sigh with the remembered pleasure of my last visit there. I'm sure this book should entice many an English-speaking traveller to explore Denmark - maybe the Danish tourist board should hand it out at promotional events. If only we could all meet the perfect Dane. Ah, Yakob. Hamlet, you are SO old hat with your hand-wringing style of romance - poor Ophelia. Move over and let lucky (and deserving) Jen and Yakob get on with it. All in all, this is a pleasure to read and wull brighten anyone's day. Satsifying all the needs of the genre, Probably the Best Kiss also manages to deliver more depth and engagement than many in this mode. I will be looking out with great interest for this author's next book.
whatsbetterthanbooks 3 days ago
Sweet, sassy, and inspiring! Probably the Best Kiss in the World is a thoughtful, heartfelt tale about rediscovering one’s self, taking chances, following your dreams, and the special bond between sisters. The writing is witty and light. The characters are quirky, dependable, and endearing. And the plot is a funny, engaging tale full of friendship, family, self-reflection, determination, independence, happiness, humorous mishaps, romantic moments, and an in-depth look into all the intricacies of craft beer making. Overall, Probably the Best Kiss in the World is a passionate, delightfully heartwarming tale that reminds us that sometimes things happen for a reason and if we stay open-minded, and believe in ourselves anything is possible.
GraceJReviewerlady 6 days ago
Witty, warm .. and a warning to anyone who thinks of 'settling' for safe . . . Jen Attison is a young woman I can identify with; she has her own way of doing things and is a bit set in her ways. A weekend in Copenhagen has been on her list for a long time but it's never reached the top - until a surprise is sprung! What she doesn't realise is that it may well make her re-assess everything which features in her comfortable - but predictable - life. This is a gorgeous, magical read! With some very clever writing - beginning with the title - it made me smile, giggle and nod my head in understanding all the way through. From Jen's work to her relationship, and not forgetting her passion, there is tons going on and it's such wonderful reading! Other characters just add to the fun, each with their own personalities, strengths and foibles and I just cannot fault this one at all. A rom-com is what is promised, and it delivers - big time! This is my first foray into Pernille Hughes' books, and it has definitely put this author firmly on my radar. Bursting with entertainment value, this is a full five star read!
Itsahardbacklife4me 26 days ago
An adorable, infuriating book about Jen Attison. Jen is with Robert who is just as much of a control freak and down right bore as she is. Jen is the “parent” of her 22 year old sister after their parents were killed and Lydia lost her leg in an accident. Lydia hates that Jen is so controlling and that Jen is with Robert. Jen stays with Robert because her dad had called Robert a “decent guy.” She has a passion for brewing beers but is ready to throw in the towel for Robert which upsets her friends and sister. Robert’s family is also insane- and Jen knows it! Lydia and her friends take her on a hen-do where she meets Jakob. Here comes the infuriating part- Jen is completely insane for a while in there. She acts crazy to her sister and Jakob. However, the ending is adorable and everything comes together. This is a very cute, rom-com. I enjoyed it immensely. I loved that Jen was a brewer- which is a pretty male dominant industry- and she eventually is proud enough of herself to enjoy telling people about it. I definitely recommend this book! I connected with Lydia and how awesome she is and even though Jen drove me crazy, I connected with her as well!
Anonymous 3 months ago
If you are British you probably recognise that the title is a riff on an advertising slogan for a well-known Danish lager, which kind of encompasses the concept of this novel. Jen Attison works in marketing for a local firm which sells eco-friendly incontinence pads, it's not her passion, that's brewing her own beer, but it's local and she's good at it and it allows her to look after her younger sister Lydia who lost a leg in the accident that killed her parents. She has also been dating her bosses' brother Robert for the past six years although she has known him since she was a child when he and his parents came to her father's car repair shop or her mother's dressmaking shop. Robert came to Jen's assistance when her parents were killed and he has been a quiet supportive presence ever since. When Robert springs a proposal on her Jen is surprised and a little bit shell-shocked, on her forced hen-weekend in Denmark she falls into a canal and is rescued by a gorgeous Danish man, called Yakob. Jen and Jakob spend the afternoon and evening together, talking about beer and Jen's pet hate, the global brewing company Kronegaard, which is headquartered in Denmark (any similarity to Carlsberg is probably intentional), they part on a kiss and Jen never thinks she will see Jakob again, until she runs into him at a brewing conference. Her parent's accident has had a profound impact on Jen's attitude to life, making her risk-averse and leading her to seek security. She gave up her dreams of being a brewer to look after Lydia but will she settle for boring Robert and his plans for her to give up work and live in a big house by the golf course or will she take a chance on her heart and the mysterious Jakob? I really enjoyed this, it was quirky, contained loads of detail about brewing and was a funny, light-hearted, feel-good romance. Jen wasn't perfect, as the novel progresses the reader discovers Jen is over-protective and controlling when it comes to Lydia and too passive when it comes to Robert and his (frankly) appalling family but she feels real, she makes human decisions and mistakes. Recommended if you like quirky British romances about choices and following your passion. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
KivicCT140 3 months ago
*ARC provided by NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review* Probably the Best Kiss in the World by Pernille Hughes is not only a fresh voice and original but down right hysterically funny to boot. This is one book that will suck in from page one. From beer puns, to crampons to "Mother Theresa of weak bladders" this book will have you rolling.