Proceedings of the 17th International Seaweed Symposium: Cape Town 2001

Proceedings of the 17th International Seaweed Symposium: Cape Town 2001




Seaweeds are members of intertidal and subtidal marine communities of organisms that have been subjects of intensive academic investigation over several decades. This work has contributed greatly to our understanding of community ecology, physiology, phylogeny and taxonomy. In addition to their academic significance, seaweeds and their products have enormous economic importance, generating in excess of US$3 billion per year in revenues.
The International Seaweed Symposia are unique gatherings of industrialists and academics who are interested in sharing the findings of their research on marine macroalgae. The papers in this Proceedings represent the majority of communications presented at the 17th symposium held in Cape Town in 2001. The selection of articles cover technical aspects of the seaweed industry including extraction, processing, utilization and marketing of products. Of particular importance is the wide range of papers on seaweed farming. Farming is a relatively recent development. Seaweed products are also extracted from harvests of wild stands, and the Proceedings presents several papers that deal with management of the wild resource.
In addition to industrial utilization of seaweeds and their products, this Proceedings also covers current studies within the academic fields of taxonomy, ecology, phylogeny and physiology. Some of these papers seem remote from any industrial perspective, but, in fact, utilization of living organisms must depend on an adequate knowledge of biology. Among living organisms, seaweeds are a very under-studied group and this almost certainly acts as barrier to further industrial production.

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