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Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) / Edition 1

Proceedings of the 3rd World Congress on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9781119139492
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 06/08/2015
Pages: 400
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The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) is a member-driven international professional society dedicated to fostering the exchange of learning and ideas across the entire range of materials science and engineering, from minerals processing and primary metals production, to basic research and the advanced applications of materials. Included among its nearly 13,000 professional and student members are metallurgical and materials engineers, scientists, researchers, educators, and administrators from more than 70 countries on six continents. For more information on TMS, visit

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Table of Contents

Preface . xi

Acknowledgments xiii

Conference Editors/Organizers xv

ICME Applications

Importance of Controlling Microstructure Heterogeneity When Designing Steel 3
K. Ushioda, H. Sawada, and M. Sugiyama

ICME for Process Scale-Up: Importance of Vertical and Horizontal Integration of Models 11
G. Tennyson, R. Shukla, S. Mangal, S. Sachi, and A.K. Singh

Finite Element Model for Plymouth Tube Processing Using Internal State Variables 23
H. Cho, M.F. Horstemeyer, Y. Hammi, and D.K. Francis

Ab-Initio Calculation of Solute Effects on Austenite Grain Boundary Properties in Steel 31
M. Hoerner, M. Eberhart, and J. Speer

ICME Towards Improved Understanding of Bainite in 100CR6 39
W. Song, W. Bleck, and U. Prahl

Steel – Ab Initio: Quantum Mechanics Guided Design of New Fe-Based Materials 47
W. Song, U. Prahl, and W. Bleck

Experiments and Modeling of Three-Dimensional Dendritic Morphology of Magnesium Alloy 55
M. Yang, Z. Guo, and S. Xiong

Phase Field Simulation of Orowan Strengthening by Coherent Precipitate Plates in a Mg-Nd Alloy 63
H. Liu, Y. Wang, and J.-F. Nie

Application of Multi-Scale Fatigue Models in Lightweight Metal Castings 73
Q. Wang

Experimental Verification for Solid Fraction Measurement in Semi-Solid Silver Metal Processing in Comparison with Theoretical Thermodynamics Model 81
P. Wirot, B. Lohwongwattana, and E. Nisaratanaporn

Experimental and Numerical Determination of the Fracture Energy of Pan/Phenolic-Based Carbon/Carbon Composites 89
K. Iqbal

ICME Building Blocks

From Integrated Computational Materials Engineering to Integrated Computational Structural Engineering 99
R. Dutton, P. Kobryn, D. Ball, J. Castle, M. James, and P. Yavari

Predictive Simulation of Diffusion in Ni-Based Alloys Using Pair Interaction Based Kinetic Monte Carlo Method 107
D.R. Alfonso and D.N. Tafen

Yield Strength Model for Undercooled Aluminium Alloys Based on Calorimetric In-Situ Quenching Experiments 115
M. Reich, P. Schumacher, B. Milkereit, and O. Kessler

Load Partitioning Mechanisms in Stainless Steel 440C by Crystal Plasticity Based Micromechanical Modeling Approach 123
L. Zheng, W. Yuan, and H. Badarinarayan

A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Mechanism with Imprecise Interatomic Potentials 131
A.V. Tran and Y. Wang

A Curve Swarm Algorithm for Global Search of State Transition Paths 139
L. He and Y. Wang

Modelling the Microstructure of Polycrystalline Austenite-Martensite Steels 147
A. Rahnama and R.S. Qin

An Interface to Quantum ESPRESSO 155
L. Malakkal, B. Szpunar, J.C. Zuniga, R.K. Siripurapu, and J.A. Szpunar

ICME Success Stories and Applications

Microstructure Modelling in ICME Settings 165
G.J. Schmitz, B. Böttger, and M. Apel

Development of an ICME Approach for Aluminum Alloy Corrosion 173
K.D. Smith, M. Jaworowski, R. Ranjan, and G.S. Zafiris

ICME Support for Jumbo Vertical Bloom Continuous Caster 181
P.I. Anderson, K. Sawamiphakdi, D. Cao, and C.M. Eastman Jr.

ICME Applications in Optimizing Welding and Thermal-Forming Processes 189
Y.-P. Yang, H. Kim, B. Mohr, H. Castner, T.D. Huang, and D. Fanguy

Design of Co-Free Cemented Carbides 197
M. Walbrühl, J. Ågren, and A. Borgenstam

Integration of ICME Building Blocks: Multi-Scale Modeling

Modeling and Simulation of Directional Solidification of Ni-Based Superalloy Turbine Blades Casting by Liquid Metal Cooling 207
Q. Xu, N. Tang, and L. Baicheng

From Melt Pool to Strength - Application of ICME Methods for the Development of Rapid Manufacturing Technologies 215
T. Maiwald-Immer, T. Göhler, and A. Fischersworring-Bunk

Calibrated Localization Relationships for Polycrystalline Aggregates by Using Materials Knowledge System 221
Y.C. Yabansu and S.R. Kalidindi

Computational Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Martensitic Transformations in NiCoAl for Self-Sensing Materials 229
T.A. Wallace, V.I. Yamakov, J.D. Hochhalter, W.P. Leser, J.E. Warner, J.A. Newman, G.P.P. Pun, and Y. Mishin

Mesoscale Modeling of 3-d Voids Evolution in Large Ingot during Multi-Hit Deformation 237
F. Chao, C. Zhenshan, S. Xiaoqing, and L. Xinjia

Modeling, Data and Infrastructure Tools

Data Infrastructure Developed for PW-8: Nickel Base Superalloy Residual Stress Foundational Engineering Problem 247
T. Wong, V. Venkatesh, and T.J. Turner

Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Inverse Prediction in Manufacturing Process Chains 261
S. Shah, S. Reddy, A. Sardeshmukh, B.P. Gautham, G. Shroff, and A. Srinivasan

nanoHUB as a Platform for Implementing ICME Simulations in Research and Education 269
T. Faltens, A. Strachan, and G. Klimeck

A Review of Materials Data Infrastructure Projects 277
ASM International CMD Network, S.D. Henry, and L.A. Berardinis

An Integrated Collaborative Environment for Materials Research 285
M.D. Jacobsen, M.D. Benedict, B.J. Foster, and C.H. Ward

Analysis of Published Cast Iron Experimental Data 293
S. Biswas, C. Monroe, and T. Prucha

Process Optimization

A General Simulation Technology for Forging with Considering the Evolution of Voids, Grains and Cracks 307
L. Xinjia, S. Xiaoqing, C. Zhenshan, F. Chao, and D. Dingqian

A Method for Determining the Set Points of the Ladle, Tundish and Caster for Manufacturing a High Strength Steel Slab 315
R. Shukla, R. Anapagaddi, J.K. Allen, J.H. Panchal, F. Mistree, and A.K. Singh

ICME for the Integrated Design of an Automotive Gear Considering Uncertainty 323
B.P. Gautham, N. Kulkarni, P. Zagade, J.K. Allen, F. Mistree, and J. Panchal

An Integrated Surrogate Modeling Approach for Materials and Process Design 331
M. Senn

Uncertainty Management in the Integrated Realization of Materials and Components 339
J.K. Allen, J. Panchal, F. Mistree, A.K. Singh, and B.P. Gautham

Exploring the Performance-Property-Structure Solution Space in Friction Stir Welding 347
C.-H. Goh, A.P. Dachowicz, J.K. Allen, and F. Mistree

Force Modelling for Temperature Field Determination during High Speed End-Milling of Super Alloys 355
S.J. Ojolo, O. Agunsoye, and O. Adesina

Author Index 367

Subject Index 371

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