Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems (OECS-8). Lecce, Italy, 15-17 September 2003: Physica Status Solidi - Conferences and Critical Reviews

Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Optics of Excitons in Confined Systems (OECS-8). Lecce, Italy, 15-17 September 2003: Physica Status Solidi - Conferences and Critical Reviews

by Wiley


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ISBN-13: 9783527405053
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/11/2004
Pages: 250
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Coherence Properties of Polaritons in Semiconductor Microcavities (invited) (S. Kundermann, T. Guillet, M. Saba, C. Ciuti, O. El Daif, J.L. Staehli and B. Deveaud).

Excitons in Disordered Nanostructures: From the Schrödinger Equation to Random Matrix Theory (invited) (Erich Runge).

Fine Structure if Highly Charged Quantum dot Excitons: Turning Dark Into Bright States (B. Urbaszek, R.J. Warburton, K. Karrai, B.D. Gerardot, P.M. Petroff and J.M. Garcia).

Optical Response of a 3-level “Fluctuating” Single Quantum dot (A. Jankovic, R. Ferreira and G. Bastard).

Counter Polarized Photoluminescence of Trions in n-doped Self-assembled InAs/GaAs Quantum dots (S. Laurent, O. Krebs, M. Sénès, X. Marie, T. Amand, P. Voisin and J.-M Gérard).

Optically Induced Intraband Electron Transfer in Self-assembled InAs Quantum dots (F.F. Schrey, G. Fasching, T. Müller, G. Strasser and K. Unterrainer).

Non Perturbative Exciton-phonon Coupling for a Single GaAs Quantum dot (E.Peter, J. Hours, P. Senellart, A. Vasanelli, A. Cavanna and J. Bloch).

Temperature Dependence of the Photoluminescence Lifetime in Disordered Quantum Wires (A. Feltrin, V. Savona, J.L. Staehli and B. Deveaud).

Quamtum Theory of Photonic Crystal Polaritons (Dario Gerace, Mario Agio and Lucio Claudio Andreani).


Optical Response of Semiconductor and Metal-embedded Photonic Crystal Slabs (invited) (Teruya Ishihara).

Emission Properties of Organic Random Lasers (M. Anni, S. Lattante, R. Cingolani, G. Gigli, G. Barbarella and L. Favaretto).

Saturated Excitonic Absorption in as Polymeric Quantum Wire (F. Dubin, J. Berréhar, R. Grousson, C. Lapersonne-Meyer, M. Schott and V. Voliotis).

Solid State Laser Devices Based on an Optically-Confined Oligothiophene-S,S-dioxide (Dario Pisignano, Luana Persano, Paolo Visconti, Giuseppe Gigli, Roberto Cingolani, Giovanna Barbarella and Laura Favaretto).


Theory of Optoelectronic Quantum Devices (invited) (Emanuele Ciancio, Rita C. Iotti and Fausto Rossi).

Coherence Length and Time of Excitons in ZnSe Quantum Wells (B. Dal Don, Hui Zhao, G. Schwartz, T. Unkelbach and H. Kalt).

Entanglement-buildup Through Charged-Exciton Decay in a Semiconductor Quantum dot (Ulrich Hohenester and Claudia Sifel).

Statistics of Polaritons in Microcavities (Paolo Schwendimann, Christiano Ciuti and Antonio Quattropani).

Spin Injection Probed by Combined Optical and Electrical Techniques in Spin-LED (B.L. Liu, P. Renucci, H. Carrère, M. Sénès, X. Marie, T. Amand, J.F. Bobo, C. Fontaine, A. Arnoult and Phi Hoa Binh).

The Influence of Two-exciton Correlations on the Dynamics of Parametric Polariton Amplification (Omar Di Stefano, Salvatore Savasta and Raffaello Girlanda).

Spin Processes Related to Trions in Quantum Dots (invited) (I.A. Akimov, T. Flissikowski, A. Hundt and F. Henneberger).

Correlated Dynamics of Trions and Excitons in Modulation-doped CdTe Quantum Wells (M.T. Portella-Oberli, V. Ciulin, J.H. Berney, M. Kutrowski, T. Wojtowicz and B. Deveaud).

Sloped and Bow-tie Speckles from a warped Energetic Landscape (Gianandrea Mannarini, Woldgang Langbein and Roland Zimmermann).

Excitons or Free Carriers? That is the Question (J. Szczytko, L. Kappei, F. Morier-Genoud, T. Guillet, M.T. Portella-Oberli and B. Deveaud).

Exciton-Biexciton Quantum Coherence and Polaritonic Stop-band Transparency in CuC1 (S. Cheis, M. Artoni, G.C. La Rocca, F. Bassani and A. Mysyrowicz).

Determining the Structure of Semiconductor Heterointerfaces by Excitonic Optical Spectra (V. Savona, W. Langbein and G. Kocherscheidt).


Photoluminescence Spectra and Level Repulsion in Quantum Wires (A. Feltrin, A. Crottini, M.A. Dupertuis, J.L. Staehli, B. Deveaud, V. Savona, X.L. Wang and M. Ogura).

Photoluminescence Spectral Evolution from 2DEG-free Hole to Charged Excitons in Modulation-doped GaAs/A1GaAs Quantum Wells (B.M. Ashkinadze, V.V. Rudenkov, P.C.M. Christianen, J.C. Maan, E. Linder, E. Cohen and L.N. Pfeiffer).

Coupled 2D Electron-exciton System Under Microwave Irradiation (B.M. Ashkinadze, E. Linder, E. Cohen and L.N. Pfeiffer).

Organic Microcavities with Anisotropic Optically Active Materials (D.B. Balagurov and G.C. La Rocca).

Excitonic Spectra of Orientationally Disordered Molecular Aggregates (D.B. Balagurov, G.C. La Rocca and V.M. Agranovich).

Observation of Charged Excitons in V-groove Quantum Wires (T. Otterburg, D.Y. Oberli, M.-A. Dupertuis, B. Dwir, E. Pelucchi and E. Kapon).

Novel Nanofabrication Techniques of Organic Optical Cavities (D. Pisignano, M.F. Reganato, P. Visconti, G. Gigli and R. Cingolani).

Study of the Exciton Transitions in InGaAsP./InGaAsP MQWs to Determine the Band Offset of the Structure (D. Tarí, M. De Giorgi and R. Cingolani).

Ab-initio Study of Single and Triplet Excitation Energies in Oligothiophenes (E. Fabiano, F. Della Sala and R. Cingolani).

Magneto-optics from Type-II Single Quantum Dots (M.P.F. Godoy, M.K.K. Nakaema, F. Iikawa, T.E. Lamas, A.A. Quivy and J.A. Brum).

Identification of Singlet and Triplet States of Negatively Charged Excitons in CdTe-based Quantum Wells (G.V. Astakhov, D.R. Yakovlev, S.A. Crooker. W. Ossau, P.C.M. Christianen, V.V. Rudenkov, G. Karczewski, T. Wojtowicz and J. Kossut).

First-principles Time-dependent Density-functional Theory Study of Functionalized Benzo[b]thiophenes (V. Vitale, F. Della Sala and R. Cingolani).

Spatially Resolved Photoluminescence in Semiconductor Nanostructures: A Theoretical Description (G. Pistone, S. Savasta, O. Di Stefano and R. Girlanda).

Excitron Spin-flip Processes in Single Quantum Dots (E. Tsitsishvili, R. v. Baltz and H. Kalt).

Time-integrated and Time-resolved Photoluminescence Studies of InGaN Quantum Dots (J.W. Robinson, J.H. Rice, A. Jarjour, J.D. Smith, R.A. Taylor, R.A. Oliver, G. A.D. Briggs, M.J. Kappers, C.J. Humphreys, S. Yasin and Y. Arakawa).

Thermal Broadening of the Exciton Line in III-V Semiconductor Quantum Dots (Katsumoto Ikeda, Fujio Minami and Nobuyuki Koguchi).

Imaging of Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission from High-density Plasmas in Quantum Wells (L. Kappei, F. Morier-Genoud and B. Deveaud).

Hydrogenation of Strain Engineered InAs/InxGa1-x As Quantum Dots (D. Ochoa, A. Polimeni. M. Capizzi, A. Frova, L. Seravalli, M. Minelli, P. Frigeri and S. Franchi).

Transient Linear Dichroism in InAs/GaAs Self-Assembled Quantum Dots (J. Tribollet, L. Maingault, A. Lemaître, B. Sermage, J.M. Gérard, F. Bernardot, C. Testelin and M. Chamarro).

Role of Excitons in the Persistent Photocurrent of GaN-based MSM Detectors (M. De Vittorio, B. Potí, M.T. Todaro, M.C. Frassanito, A. Pomarcio, A. Passaseo, M. Lomascolo and R. Cingolani).

Temperature Dependence of the Spin Dynamics in Undoped and n-doped InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots (M. Sénès, X. Marie, B. Urbaszek, P. Renucci, T. Amand and J.M. Gérard).

Decoherence and Quantum Entangled Exciton States in Semiconductor Quantum Dot Molecule (A. Hichri, S. Jaziti and R. Ferreira).

Excitonic Complexes in Quantum Structures: A Quantum Monte Carlo Study (Takuma Tsuchiya).

Temperature Study of the Photoluminescence of a Single InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot (V. Donchev, K.F. Karlsson, E.S. Moskalenko, P.O. Holtz, B. Monemar, W.V. Schoenfeld , J. M. Garcia and P.M. Petroff).

Leakage Current Induced Anomalies in the Photoluminescence of GaAs Coupled Quantum Wells (Y. Imanaka, A.J. Shields, P. Atkinson, I. Farrer, D.A. Ritchie and M. Pepper).

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