Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Child Language Research Forum

Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Child Language Research Forum

by Eve V. Clark (Editor)


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ISBN-13: 9781575860206
Publisher: Center for the Study of Language and Inf
Publication date: 04/28/1996
Series: Center for the Study of Language and Information - Lecture Notes Series
Pages: 247
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword; Panel: 1. Current approaches to phonological development; Introduction Katherine Demuth; 2. Phonological variability in language acquisition: a representational account Keren Rice; 3. The segmental structure of early words: articulatory frames or phonological constraints Clara C. Levelt; 4. Two strategies in the acquisition of syllable and word structure E. Jane Fee; 5. The development of prosodic words Katherine Demuth; Papers: 6. Acquisition of causatives in Inuktitut Shanley E. M. Allen; 7. The acquisition of discourse markers as sociolinguistic variables: a cross-linguistic comparison Elaine S. Andersen, Maria Brizuela, Beatrice DuPuy, and Laura Gonnerman; 8. Locating parameters: evidence from early word-order Sharon Armon-Lotem; 9. Acquisition of spatial devices in American sign language as evidenced by sentence repetition Jeffrey Bettger, Edward S. Klima, Bonita Ewan, Colleen Lee Smith; 10. Verb initial utterances in early child German: a study of the interaction of grammar and pragmatics Katharina Boser; 11. Verbs, particles, and spatial semantics: learning to talk about spatial actions in typologically different languages Melissa Bowerman, Lourdes de Leo'n and Soonja Choi; 12. Acquiring the locative alternation: how can children tell alternators from nonalternators? Ursula Brinkmann; 13. Linguistic team-work: the interaction of linguistic modules in first language acquisition Hilke Elsen; 14. Like, how do children use _like_?: a relevance theoretic approach Marie E. Helt and Susan Foster-Cohen; 15. The effect of the whole object bias on preschoolers' understanding of collective nouns Gavin N. Huntley-Fenner; 16. Asymmetry in the taxonomic assumption: word learning vs property induction Mutsumi Imai; 17. A study of Chinese children's comprehension of universal quantifiers Xiangdong Jia, Patricia J. Brooks and Martin D. S. Braine; 18. Verb errors in the early acquisition of Mexican and Castilian Spanish Catalina M. Johnson; 19. A negative polarity verb: acquiring its lexical licensers Charlotte Koster and Sjoukje van der Wal; 20. Comparing different views of early grammatical development Elena V. M. Lieven and Julian M. Pine; 21. Sonority driven cluster reduction Diane Ohala; 22. The acquisition of breaking and cutting Clifton Pye, Diane Loeb and Yin-Yin Pao; 23. Factors contributing to the frequency of pronoun case overextension Matthew Rispoli.

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