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Oxford University Press, USA
Processes of Change in Brain and Cognitive Development: Attention and Performance XXI

Processes of Change in Brain and Cognitive Development: Attention and Performance XXI

by Mark Johnson, Yuko Munakata


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ISBN-13: 9780198568742
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date: 01/15/2006
Series: Attention and Performance Series , #21
Pages: 688
Product dimensions: 9.50(w) x 6.50(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

1. Contrasting domains in the control of action: the routine and the non-routine, Tim Shallice
I - Learning Mechanisms
2. How far can you go with Hebbian learning, and when does it lead you astray?, James L McClelland
3. Constructive learning in the modelling of psychological development, Thomas R Shultz
4. Dynamically guided learning, Rebecca L Gomez
5. Core mechanisms of word learning, Lori Markson
II - Constraints on Learning
6. Developmental constraints on or developmental structure in brain evolution?, Barbara Finlay, Desmond Cheung & Richard B Darlington
7. Under what conditions do infants detect continuity violations?, Renee Baillargeon, Jie Li, Yuyan Luo & Su-hua Wang
8. The emergence of cognitive specialization in infancy:the case of face preference, Francesca Simion, Chiara Turati, Eloisa Valneza & Irene Leo
9. Age-related changes in infant memory retrieval: implication for knowledge acquisition, Harlene Hayne
10. Learning how to be flexible with words, Kim Plunkett
11. Social learning and social cognition: the case for pedagogy, Gergely Csibra & Gyorgy Gergely
12. Commentary: Constraints on the acquisition of specialization for face processing, Isabel Gauthier
III - Representational Change
13. Different profiles of plasticity within human cognition, Helen J Neville
14. Atypical representational change: conditions for the emergence of atypical modularity, Michael S C Thomas & Fiona M Richardson
15. A brand new ball game: Bayes net and neural net learning mechanisms in young children, Alison Gopnik & Clark Glymour
IV - Representational Integration and Dissociation
16. Modelling integration and dissociation in brain and cognitive development, Randall O'Reilly
17. Enhanced red/green color input to motion processing in infancy: evidence for increasing dissociation of color and motion and information during development, Karen Dobkins
18. When do 4-month olds remember the 'what' and 'where' of hidden objects?, Denis Mareschal & Andrew J Bremner
19. The infant as synaesthete?, Daphne Maurer & Catherine J Mondloch
20. The development of human conceptual representations: a case study, Susan Carey & Barbara W Sarnecka
V - What Have We Learned (Or Can We Learn) From Cognitive Neuroscience About Developmental Change?
21. Species comparisons in development: the case of the geometric 'module', Lynn Nadel & Almut Hupbach
22. Learning about learning and development with modern imaging technology, B J Casey, Dima Amso & Matthew C Davidson
23. Spatial cognitive development following early focal brain injury: evidence for adaptive change in brain and cognition, Joan Stiles, Brianna Paul & John Hesselink
24. Modules, genes and evolution: what have we learned from atypical development?, Annette Karmiloff-Smith
25. Connectionist models in developmental cognitive neuroscience: critical periods and the paradox of success, Mark S Seidenberg & Jason D Zevin
26. Processes of change in brain and cognitive development: the final word, Richard N Aslin

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