Productivity of the Ocean: Present and Past

Productivity of the Ocean: Present and Past



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ISBN-13: 9780471922469
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/08/1989
Series: Dahlem Workshop Reports-(LS) Life Sciences Series , #8
Pages: 492
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Ocean Productivity and Paleoproductivity—An Overview (W. Berger, et al.).

Food Web Structure and Loss Rate (R. Peinart, et al.).

Is the Downward Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) Flux Important in Carbon Transport?

(J. Toggweiler).

Regional Extremes in Particulate Matter Composition and Flux: Effects on the Chemistry of the Ocean Interior (J. Bishop).

Does Mesopelagic Biology Affect the Vertical Flux?

(M. Angel).

How Much Shelf Production Reaches the Deep Sea?

(J. Walsh).

Productivity Record in Benthic Foraminifera (A. Altenbach & M. Sarnthein).

Transformation of Seafloor-Arriving Fluxes Into the Sedimentary Record (P. Jumars, et al.).

Tertiary Cooling Steps and Paleoproductivity as Reflected by Diatoms and Biosiliceous Sediments (J. Barron & J. Baldauf).

Phosphorus vs.

Nitrogen Limitation of New and Export Production (L. Codispoti).

Geological Reconstructions of Marine Productivity (T. Herbert, et al.).


List of Participants with Fields of Research.

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Author Index.

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