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Products for a Happy Life

Products for a Happy Life

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by Jennifer Mcknight-Trontz
Seeks to ?untake? for granted some of life?s simplest, most elegant and most functional items.


Seeks to ?untake? for granted some of life?s simplest, most elegant and most functional items.

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Batty, Mark Publisher
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4.50(w) x 6.55(h) x 0.35(d)

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Products for a Happy Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As each of us daily boots up the computer to go shopping on the internet, intending to avoid leaving the house, or seeking the best bargain without having to drive to the stores, walk the aisles, chat with the clerks or perhaps the store owner - remember the socializing while shopping for things that begged to be picked up and thought about and discussed before taking out the wallet and paying? - or in other words, consuming as electronic parts replace the human interaction, there is that tiny twinge of memory of the 'old days' without the computer/cellphone/instant messaging with video depersonalization. That is what this little, beautifully crafted, tender and well-designed book is all about. Jennifer McKnight-Trontz has provided a pathway to a quieter time, that period when new objects were viewed in decorated store windows or in Montgomery Ward catalogs, and simply turning the pages of this treasure house gives a second look at the solid things, the memorabilia of a slower time: PRODUCTS FOR A HAPPY LIFE. In simple single color drawings on contrasting color pages are items that range from slip joint pliers, pocket knives, toasters, clothes pins and willow clothes baskets, tricycles, home floor fans, rolling pins, scooters, women's and men's underwear, hangers, hairpin/bobby pin/rollerpin, steel crib, steering sled, to the basic broom - among countless other items. The drawings are accompanied by succinct descriptions of the items without ballyhoo or noxious sales tactics. These are the items from our past and the author/designer simply places them before our eyes as gentle prods to reminisce about the products for a happy life, products that signify a time before our current chaotic computer driven existence. It is a pleasure to visit this little book: it is the perfect bread and butter gift to leave behind the next time to pay someone a visit 'remember that?....' Grady Harp