Professional Ado.Net / Edition 1

Professional Ado.Net / Edition 1

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Professional Ado.Net / Edition 1

ADO.NET is Microsoft's latest data access technology and, as an integral part of the .NET Framework, is far more than simply an upgrade of previous incarnations of ADO. ADO.NET provides an extensive set of .NET classes that facilitate efficient access to data from a large variety of sources, enable sophisticated manipulation and sorting of data, and forms an important framework within which to implement inter-application communication and XML Web Services.

This book provides a comprehensive guide to using ADO.NET, with plenty of practical code examples, extensive technical information, and a detailed case study. Whether you are developing Web Applications using ASP.NET, Windows Forms applications, or XML Web Services, this book will show you how to utilize .NET's data access technology to maximum effect.

This book covers:

  • ADO.NET and the .NET Framework
  • Using the .NET Data Providers to create connections and execute commands
  • Using the DataSet to manipulate data
  • ADO.NET and XML
  • Using COM Interoperability
  • Performance and security issues

    Whether you're already developing applications within the .NET Framework, or have experience of developing data driven applications with ADO and wish to make the transition to data centric applications within .NET, then this book is for you. It is aimed at fairly experienced developers, and is not intended for the casual ASP.NET developer or the beginner.

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    ISBN-13: 9781861005274
    Publisher: Apress
    Publication date: 11/01/2001
    Series: Professional Ser.
    Edition description: 2001
    Pages: 900
    Product dimensions: (w) x (h) x 0.05(d)

    Table of Contents


    Chapter 1: Data Access and .NET
    Chapter 2: The .NET Data Providers
    Chapter 3: Visual Studio .NET and ADO.NET
    Chapter 4: Using DataReaders
    Chapter 5: The DataSet
    Chapter 6: Using the DataAdapter
    Chapter 7: Typed DataSets and DataSet Schemas
    Chapter 8: XML and the DataSet
    Chapter 9: Constraints, Relations, and Views
    Chapter 10: Transactions
    Chapter 11: Mapping
    Chapter 12: Making a Data Services Component
    Chapter 13: ADO.NET and Web Services
    Chapter 14: SQL Server Native XML Support
    Chapter 15: Performance and Security
    Chapter 16: Integration and Migration
    Chapter 17: Creating a Custom .NET Data Provider
    Chapter 18: Case Study - Cycle Couriers

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