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Professional Baking / Edition 7

Professional Baking / Edition 7

by Wayne GisslenWayne Gisslen
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Gisslen's 7th edition of Professional Baking continues to educate hundreds of thousands of students with clear, detailed instructions in the theory and techniques necessary to meet the demands of the professional kitchen. The title continues to comprehensively cover baking basics while also offering enhanced coverage of higher-level techniques such as pastry, chocolate, and sugar work. Balancing theory and practice, Professional Baking provides both the understanding and performance abilities needed to progress and develop in a successful baking career. Also included with Professional Baking are six glossy method cards that provide step-by-step photos and instructions on mixing and pie methods and pastry basics.

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ISBN-13: 9781119148449
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/13/2016
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 792
Sales rank: 75,909
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 12.20(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

WAYNE GISSLEN is the bestselling author of Professional Cooking, Advanced Professional Cooking, Professional Baking, and The Chef's Art, all from Wiley.

Table of Contents



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Chapter 1. The Baking Profession

Baking: Historical Background

Baking and Pastry Careers

Chapter 2. Basic Professional Skills: Bakeshop Math and Food Safety

Using Formulas


Using Baker’s Percentages

Cost Calculations

Food Safety and Sanitation

Chapter 3. Baking and Pastry Equipment

Large Equipment

Pans, Containers, and Molds

Hand Tools and Miscellaneous Equipment

Chapter 4. Ingredients

Wheat Flour

Other Flours, Meals, and Starches



Milk and Milk Products


Leavening Agents

Gelling Agents

Fruits and Nuts

Chocolate and Cocoa

Salt, Spices, and Flavorings

Chapter 5. Basic Baking Principles

Mixing and Gluten Development

The Baking Process

After Baking

Chapter 6. Understanding Yeast Doughs

Yeast Product Types

The 12 Steps of Yeast Dough Production

Standards of Quality for Yeast Goods

Chapter 7. Lean Yeast Doughs: Straight Doughs

Mixing Methods

Controlling Fermentation

Makeup Techniques

Chapter 8. Lean Yeast Doughs: Sponges, Pre-Ferments, and Sourdoughs

Sponges and Other Yeast Pre-Ferments

Sourdough Starters

From Fermentation to Baking

Chapter 9. Rich Yeast Doughs

Sweet Dough and Rich Dough Formulas and Mixing

Laminated Dough Formulas

Makeup of Rich-Dough Products

Chapter 10. Quick Breads

Muffin Mixing and Production Methods

Biscuit Mixing and Production Methods

Chapter 11. Doughnuts, Fritters, Pancakes, and Waffles

Doughnuts and Other Fried Pastries

Pancakes and Waffles

Chapter 12. Basic Syrups, Creams, and Sauces

Sugar Cooking

Basic Foams: Whipped Cream and Meringues

Custard Sauces

Dessert Sauces and Chocolate Creams

Chapter 13. Pies

Pie Doughs

Assembly and Baking


Standards of Quality for Pies

Chapter 14. Pastry Basics

Pâte Brisée and Short Pastries

Puff Pastry

Éclair Paste

Strudel and Phyllo

Baked Meringues

Chapter 15. Tarts and Special Pastries

Tarts and Tartlets

Special Pastries

Chapter 16. Cake Mixing and Baking

Principles of Cake Mixing

Mixing High-Fat or Shortened Cakes

Mixing Egg-Foam Cakes

Cake Formula Balance

Scaling, Panning, and Baking

Standards of Quality for Cakes

Altitude Adjustments

Chapter 17. Assembling and Decorating Cakes

Preparing Icings:

Assembling and Icing Simple Cakes

Basic Decorating Techniques

Planning and Assembling Specialty Cakes

Procedures for Specialty Cakes

Chapter 18. Cookies

Cookie Characteristics and Their Causes

Mixing Methods

Types and Makeup Methods

Panning, Baking, and Cooling

Standards of Quality for Cookies

Chapter 19. Custards, Puddings, Mousses, and Soufflés

Range-Top Custards and Puddings

Baked Custards and Puddings and Steamed Desserts

Bavarians, Mousses, and Charlottes

Dessert Soufflés

Chapter 20. Frozen Desserts

Identifying Quality Ice Cream and Sorbet Desserts

Preparing Ice Creams and Sorbets

Preparing Still-Frozen Desserts

Chapter 21. Fruit Desserts

Handling Fresh Fruits

Preparing Fruit Desserts

Chapter 22. Dessert Presentation

Overview of Dessert Plating

Practical Plating Guidelines

Chapter 23. Chocolate

Production and Tempering of Chocolate

Molding Chocolate

Chocolate Decorations

Chocolate Truffles and Confections

Chapter 24. Marzipan, Pastillage, and Nougatine




Chapter 25. Sugar Techniques

Boiling Syrups for Sugar Work

Spun Sugar, Caramel Decorations, and Poured Sugar

Pulled Sugar and Blown Sugar

Boiled-Sugar Confections

Chapter 26. Baking for Special Diets

Nutritional Concerns

Food Allergies and Intolerances

Modifying Formulas for Special Needs

Appendix 1. Large-Quantity Measurements

Appendix 2. Metric Conversion Factors

Appendix 3. Decimal Equivalents of Common Fractions

Appendix 4. Appropriate Volume Equivalents of Dry Foods

Appendix 5. Temperature Calculations for Yeast Doughs

Appendix 6. Egg Safety



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