Professional Guide For Setting Up Internet Business/Making Money Online: Internet Business Information Bank

Professional Guide For Setting Up Internet Business/Making Money Online: Internet Business Information Bank

by Mr Obiaku Christopher Obunike


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Professional Guide For Setting Up Internet Business/Making Money Online is a well researched and recommended resource for general internet business, which is inspired out of eleven years of personal experience in internet business as well as making money online.
Further, It professionally directs on how to best discover a passionate internet business idea, how to set up the idea into an internet business with website or a free blog without spending a dime, unless paid strategy is applied. To make money online; It covers how to monetize the website or blog with Google AdSense; that's getting paid for each ads clicked through the website, affiliate marketing; how to earn commission with confirm sales and various other means of making money online. Further, for SEO, as to attract clicks and sales, it fully explains as well as directs on how best to promote the website or blog search engine with back links, article marketing, and so many others ways contained inside; since the level of generated traffic and sales will greatly determine the success of any internet business; websites or blog.
Since the success of any website or internet business depends on its search engine optimization, with that in mind; included is 20 SEO websites where you can post your website and enjoy awesome traffic, which saves stress of applying other various SEO strategies.
Meanwhile, with regards to offering great customer care, my contacts are attached for easy communication and information assistance.
In summary, if you hope to operate an internet business all these while or had one but don't know how to promote as well as earn progressively with it. Just relax and be happy, why, because the book will lead you every step of the way in establishing good internet business well known to you, up till it starts generating income on the internet.

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ISBN-13: 9781519533838
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/25/2015
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Obiaku Obunike Christopher is a graduate of Political science with additional qualifications in International Language, Advanced Diploma in Project Management, Executive Master's in Project Management and American Project Management Certification. Presently, a member, British Project Professionals as well as aspiring to become an established global programme manager, that's being able to manage different complex projects at the same time and still deliver strictly within budget, time, quality and scope.

Meanwhile, he's a highly disciplined, focused, innovative and proactive individual with diverse knowledge and experience in Entrepreneurship, Political, Administrative, Marketing and Managerial skills but with deep great regards for human rights and dignity for no man can create a soul. Thanks to Magna Carter of 1215, the originator of modern rule of law.

Christopher is strictly guided by three principles; Integrity, Professionalism and Honesty, which is highly necessary owing to the nature of political and environmental culture that exists around the world.
Computer/internet-wise, he is a professional internet user and search engine optimization scientist with diverse knowledge in web designing, writing original article with powerful keywords, promotion of site link with sitemap, RSS Feed, meta tags, bookmarking, online directories, press release, building of strong back links with articles marketing, commenting, link registration with . To name but few. In addition, he believes in fighting unemployment as well as financial difficulty using science and technology like internet business
Socially, he is highly emotional, caring and fun to be with for he's always happy.

In summary,, Christopher Obiaku is a disciplined, innovative, and pro-active young entrepreneur and leader who is passionate about youths and community development, reading, writing, research and emotional intelligence

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