Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger

Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger

by Paul Maguire

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Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger by Paul Maguire

In 1342, an old wizard stands atop a pile of rubble that was once a bustling village, complete with happy citizens, a vibrant marketplace, and a mighty castle. Cursing the conflict that brought this civilization to an untimely end, the old wizard bestows his last bit of magic on a spectacular dagger. He buries the dagger deep within the earth, praying that one day it will be found by somebody brave enough, and smart enough, to save the village from ruin.

Centuries later, Tyler Gerard and his best friend Brandon Giles enter a contest, the prize for which is the opportunity to join legendary explorer Professor Fielding Atlas on his quest to ind the Summoning Dagger of Mercastus. Although both boys have the full and active imaginations that are typical of seventh graders, nothing will prepare them for the incredible adventure that lies ahead...

PAUL MAGUIRE lives with his wife and two sons in New York City, a place he has called home since 1990. After working on the New York Stock Exchange for more than two decades, he decided to shift gears dramatically and pursue his lifelong dream of writing. Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger is Maguire's first effort in this new endeavor, and he hopes to continue telling the tales of Professor Atlas's adventures in many future installments.

Maguire wishes to give thanks to his family for the many ways they have helped him during this effort. To Coleen, who offered a great deal of support and encouragement, and to Andy and Finn, who provided the ideas and the inspiration which truly brought Professor Atlas to life. Maguire also thanks his father, Jim, who taught him how to tell a story, and his mother, Diane, who taught him almost everything else.

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BN ID: 2940013072831
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
Publication date: 08/30/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

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Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger by Paul Maguire 5 STARS I throughly enjoyed Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger. It is entertaining! Has problems that make you think. (I could not think of how to solve them) Has villians and heroes,jesters,knights in armor,magic and lots of fun. Professor Atlas is having a contest that started a year ago in different cities. The two winners will get to go on a dig with him and have an adventure. He has a big following on his web site Brandon Giles and Tyler Gerard are seventh graders and big fans of Professor Atlas. They here about the contest and study for a week they are sure they are the biggest fans of thier school. The day of the contest they find out that the contest has been running a year not a week like they thought. All the other cities had contest and the winners of thier cities now all converged to compete for the two spots. The teams had two team members to try for the contest. Brandon and Tyler are a little more worried about it but they are going to do thier best. Thier are a lot of kids thier for this final day of the contest. Instead of answering questions about the Professor Atlas and his trips they are riddles and other tests they need to pass. If they guess wrong they are out. If another team goes faster than them and come in before they pass they are out. I did not want to stop once I started the book. It was hard to put the book down. I look forward to more books with Professor Atlas in the future. or in the past. In 1342 a wizard standing on the ruins of his city sends the last of his magic into the dagger and buries it deep in the rubble. To one day be found by someone that can stop his city from being destroyed. This is the famous tale of the Summoning Dagger that others have looked for it and now Professor Atlas believes he can find it. He does not realize that magic was real and if when he finds it he will go back to the 1300 BC. This is a fun adventure that fans of Ranger Apprentice,Percy Jackson, Harry Potter or Jimmy Coates will enjoy. All ages can read it and escape into the past to see what life is like and if they can make a difference. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. I see Amazon shows different Pub. dates and netgalley shows one so I am including both. Publisher:Smith Publicity Nov 6, 2012 220 pages Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC (August 29, 2011) ISBN-10: 1457505096
TCM_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Tyler and Brandon are the best of friends who win a contest to spend time with their hero Professor Atlas. These seventh graders find out that they will be traveling to Britain to help Professor Atlas with his latest adventure. Upon meeting Professor Atlas, the boys learn that they will be helping the Professor find the lost Summoning Dagger of Mercastus. It is said that the dagger had been lost after Hallswich Castle had been destroyed. A prophecy handed down from generation to generation stated that the dagger waited to find its rightful owner. In true adventurer form, Professor Atlas, Tyler, and Brandon immediately find themselves in hot water. Evidentially, they aren't the only ones looking for the dagger. Professor Atlas` old rival Blackjack hijacks them demanding to know the location of Hallswich Castle. Although they manage to escape, it won't be their last run in with Blackjack. Professor Atlas and the Summoning Dagger is quite the adventure. Not only do the boys find their lives in danger several times but they also travel to the past to actually meet Mercastus. Loved this story completely and can't wait for more adventures from this trio.
Beverly_Stowe More than 1 year ago
Have you ever thought how an event that occurred hundreds of years in the past might affect your present and even your future? Have you ever had the opportunity to spend the summer with your hero whose life was one adventure after another as he traveled all over the world? What if winning a simple contest would grant you the chance to learn more about your hero? Sounds easy enough, huh? In author Paul Maguire's debut novel, PROFESSOR ATLAS AND THE SUMMONING DAGGER, almost eighth-grader Tyler Gerard and his best friend, Brandon Giles, are about to find out answers to the above questions. The contest should be a cinch, right? The boys know just about everything there is to know about Professor Fielding Atlas. The professor will select two winners to accompany him to England where he'll be studying a site where a medieval castle once stood. Well, the test is not exactly what the boys were expecting, but they put their ingenuity to work to solve each question presented to them. I'm not going to spoil the fun for you, but they do win and soon find themselves in London. Villains, time travel, a dagger, a castle, threats of being beheaded, you name it. Mr. Maguire's novel covers just about everything. The boys and Professor Atlas get out of one mess only to find themselves in another. If it's possible to change history, Tyler, Brandon, and the professor are the guys that can do it. The author has written a story with plenty of action and adventure to keep you reading on into the late hours of the night. I think you'll find yourself rooting for the boys as they encounter a host of unusual characters and obstacles, but deal with them many times like typical teen boys would do. I believe we'll be seeing more of Professor Atlas, Tyler, and Brandon in future stories. This is a fine debut novel. I'm looking forward to more from this author. I think you will be too once you've read PROFESSOR ATLAS AND THE SUMMONING DAGGER. Paperback copy courtesy of the author and Dog Ear Publishing.