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Cengage Learning
The Proficient Reader / Edition 3

The Proficient Reader / Edition 3


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ISBN-13: 9780395877944
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 02/08/1999
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 524
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Ira Epstein is a professor in the Communication Skills Department at LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York where he works on multimedia and distance-learning applications. He also trains faculty and staff to enhance instruction and learning through computer-related technologies.Dr. Epstein received his Ph.D. from Fordham University and his B.S. and M.A. degrees from Brooklyn College. During his years in education, he has taught in the School of Education at Brooklyn College, served as chairperson of the Communication Skills Department at LaGuardia Community College, and directed the college's Technology Learning Center. He has published several articles in the field of college reading, and has written a research monograph for the Educational Testing Service on measuring attitudes toward reading.

Ernest Nieratka began his career in education in the National Teacher Corps, interning in Detroit. After three years as a reading teacher in junior high school, he moved to Indiana University where he spent five years directing the Reading and Tutorial segment of the Special Services program.In 1970, he received his doctorate and was part of the first Miscue Seminar offered. For the last twenty years, he has been employed at LaGuardia Community College as a professor in the Reading Department. Professor Nieratka frequently acts as an industry consultant for various schools, and has published seventeen articles in journals such as Audio-Visual Instruction and the Journal of Reading.

Table of Contents

I. Reading and Literacy 1. Frederick Douglass, "from The Life of an American Slave" Reading Strategy: Reading Narratives Reading Strategy Check: Cue Words Reading Strategy: Predicting Vocabulary 2. Helen Keller, "from The Story of My Life" Reading Strategy: Collecting Ideas Reading Strategy Check: Predicting Vocabulary Reading Strategy: Framing an Answer I 3. Sam Levinson, "from Everything But Money" Reading Strategy Check: Collecting Ideas Reading Strategy: Marking Text 4. Malcolm X, "from The Autobiography of Malcolm X" Reading Strategy: Connecting Ideas Reading Strategy Check: Marking Text Reading Strategy: Writing a Summary 5. Vince Nowell, "Why We Should Read" Reading Strategy: Reading Argument and Persuasion Reading Strategy Check: Writing a Summary 6. Ira D. Epstein and Ernest B. Nieratka, "The Proficient Reader" Reading Strategy: Reading Exposition—Part I Reading Strategy Check: Previewing 7. Geoffery Rubinstein, "History of Printing" Reading Strategy: Reading Exposition—Part II Reading Strategy Check: Making All the Strategies Work for You 8. Bernard Malamud, "A Summer's Reading" Making Connections: Reading and Literacy Library Assignment: The Week I Was Born II. Work and Careers 1. Barbara Garson, "McDonald's—We Do It All for You" Reading Strategy: Framing an Answer II Reading Strategy Check: Previewing 2. "So You Want to Be a Physician/Ophthalmologist" Reading Strategy: Reading Interviews Reading Strategy Check: Collecting Ideas 3. Anne W. Clymer and Elizabeth McGregor, "Solving the Job Puzzle" Reading Strategy: Summarizing Exposition Reading Strategy Check: Connecting Ideas 4. "Tomorrow's Jobs" Reading Strategy: Summarizing Exposition Reading Strategy Check: Connecting Ideas 5. Robert Lewis, "Looking for Work in All the Right Places" Reading Strategy: Evaluating Information on the Internet Reading Strategy Check: Framing and Answer 6. James Michener, "Work to Make the World Work Better" Reading Strategy: Evaluating Qualifications and Sources Reading Strategy Check: Reading Argumentation and Persuasion 7. Jan Halvorsen, "How It Feels to Be Out of Work" Reading Strategy: Determining the Author's Purpose Reading Strategy Check: Evaluating Sources 8. Anita Shreve, "The Day the Mommies Went Home" Reading Strategy: Reading Satire Reading Strategy Check: Marking Text 9. Ricky Griffin, "Managing Workforce Diversity in Organizations" Reading Strategy: Studying a Textbook Chapter and Preparing for an Exam Reading Strategy Check: Applying the Strategies 10. Barbara Holland, "The Day's Work" 11. William Bridges, "Change and Transformation of work" Making Connections: Work and Careers Library Assignment: Career Exploration III. Mass Media 1. Linda Ellerbee, "Television Changed My Family Forever" Reading Strategy Check: Reading Narratives 2. Tom Brokaw, "Only Good If You Can Trust It" Reading Strategy Check: Determining the Author's Purpose 3. Shirley Biagi, "Introduction to the Mass Media" Reading Strategy: Mapping Information Reading Strategy Check: Reading Textbook Chapters 4. Jim Trelease, "Television" Reading Strategy: Detecting and Evaluating Bias Reading Strategy Check: Marking Text 5. Jeff Greenfield, "Don't Blame TV" Reading Strategy: Reading Comparatively Reading Strategy Check: Summarizing 6. Kathleen Tyner, "Can Your Students Read TV?" Reading Strategy: Allusions Reading Strategy Check: Using Cue Words 7. Jeffrey Schrank, "The Language of Advertising Claims" Reading Strategy: Connotation and Denotation Reading Strategy Check: Allusions 8. Christine Lapham, "The Evolution of the Newspaper of the Future" Reading Strategy: Reading Journal Entries Reading Strategy Check: Putting It All Together 9. John Cheever, "from Bullet Park" 10. Joe Saltzman, "Too Much Information, Too Little Time" Making Connections: Mass Media Library Assignment: Exploring an Issue in Television IV. The Family 1. Jacquelyn Mitchard, "The New Traditional Family" 2. Ian Robertson, "Family" 3. Stephanie Coontz, "The Way We Weren't—The Myth and Reality of the 'Traditional' Family" 4. Arlie Hochschild with Anne Machung, "The Second Shift: Working Parents and the Revolution at Home" 5. Dr. Benjamin Spock, "Put Family First" 6. Maya Angelou, "from Keeping Families Together: The Case for Family Preservation" 7. Barbara Kingsolver, "Quality Time" 8. Erma Bombeck, "Technology's Coming...Technology's Coming" Making Connections: The Family Library Assignment: The Family, Past and Present

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