Profitable Crafts Vol. 3: Designing Your Own Projects Could Never Be Easier!

Profitable Crafts Vol. 3: Designing Your Own Projects Could Never Be Easier!


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Profitable Crafts Vol. 3: Designing Your Own Projects Could Never Be Easier! by

Niche Product - Hobbies - Now You Too Can Design Your Own Projects And Patterns Like A Professional! Provided by a published designer with over 15 years experience!

Designing your own arts and crafts projects just got easier than you could have ever imagined!

If you\'ve ever wanted to design your own projects and patterns, for publications or just to provide unique gifts for your loved ones, then this issue of Profitable Crafts will have you designing wonderful new products in no time.

It doesn\'t matter if you\'ve never designed a single crafts product, the methods covered in this manual are easy enough for any beginner to understand and follow.

Even if you are a professional designer, you\'ll still find methods and techniques included in this manual to help improve your designing skills.

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Even if you are not into making arts and crafts, you can still profit in this market and this special report shows you how!

If you can\'t paint, sew, crochet, knit or cross-stitch, that\'s perfectly ok, you can still make money by selling original handcrafted arts and crafts related items without sewing a single stitch or painting a single brush stroke.

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Thinking Tips
In this chapter I am going to share with you a number of designing tips I have used successfully in the past.
Sewn doll clothes:
To make a quick basic pattern for sewn doll clothes, first take a cheap basic fashion doll obtained from the dollar store. You don’t want to practice this on an expensive doll, so practice on something that you can throw away if you mess up.
Cover the doll with a light layer of Vaseline then cover the torso, arms, legs etc. with a mixture made of 1 parts torn paper (plain copy paper works best so that no ink gets on your doll) and 1 part Elmer’s school glue.
Let this dry on your doll then slowly cut the paper away at the sides.
Lay your glued paper flat on regular paper, trace around it then add ¼ inch for seam allowance. You now have a basic pattern that should fit your doll perfectly.
As I said, practice first on cheap dolls, to ensure that you don’t damage any of your good dolls.
The Vaseline washes off the doll quite easily using dawn dish detergent and water.
Book covers:
You can cover books attractively using many different methods. By covering a plain notebook or journal with things like cloth, paint, glitter, leaves etc. You will find that designing attractive covers for books is quite easy.
To cover in cloth, just measure the books spine, and add enough room for your cloth to fold over the edges so you can glue the cloth into place easily.
Dawn dolls:
I love making dawn dolls. These are made using dawn dish detergent bottles, because these bottles are perfectly shaped to make nice doll bodies.
To make a dawn doll, just pop the cap off the bottle, and glue a round wooden bead in place for the head. Any size bead will work smaller beads will make thinner heads, while larger beads make plumper heads.
Just make sure that the bead is big enough where the doll will look natural.
To make the arms, just make a tube of cloth and stuff it, then glue the middle behind the dolls neck, fold the ends to the front and stitch ends together so it looks like hands are joined.
Now you can dress the doll with cloth, paper or any other material you feel would be suitable.
Using the dawn doll as an example, I’m sure you can see other ways to recycle normal household containers into useful crafts.
Beads, ribbons and lace:
You can design so many wonderful things using just a box of basic notions like beads, buttons, ribbons, lace, rick-rack etc.
These items can be made into purses, used to cover boxes, used to decorate clothing, curtains etc.
You can design many different decorative and gift items, using nothing more than a wide variety of notions.
People love wreaths, and there are so many fantastic ways to decorate wreaths that no one should ever run out of creative ideas when working with them.
By adding party favors, you make a nice birthday wreath. You can add dried leaves and seeds for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday wreath.
When thinking wreath designs, don’t limit yourself to just one Holiday like Christmas, but instead think of the many other holidays as well.
Old CDs:
Now I know you have had one of those many AOL CDs come in your mail before.
Instead of tossing these CDs in the trash, wasting precious landfill, why not instead use them to make wonderful gifts?

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