Profiting from IPO's and Small Cap Stocks: This Could Be the Best Investment for the Next Several Years

Profiting from IPO's and Small Cap Stocks: This Could Be the Best Investment for the Next Several Years

by Norman H. Brown, Norman Brown


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Profiting from IPO's and Small Cap Stocks: This Could Be the Best Investment for the Next Several Years by Norman H. Brown, Norman Brown

Want to get rich fast? Forget bonds--CDs--Most mutual funds and blue chips too. As this extraordinary guide demonstrates, the stock of small or new companies can make you rich a lot faster than many other investments. The small size of these firms is often a big asset, giving them an agility and earnings growth potential that larger companies can't match.

To be successful in this exciting arena, investors need to know what to look for. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, Profiting from IPOs and Small Cap Stocks shows how to:

-Locate quality small caps and initial public offerings
-Separate the "hots" from the "dogs"
-Determine, like the experts do, when to buy and when to sell
-Use options, rights, and warrants in this fast-growing segment of the market to put extra dollars in your pocket
-Research stocks using your personal computer
-Avoid scams and pitfalls such as penny stocks, Ponnzi schemes, and cold calls
-Save on taxes on investments under the new IRS rules

What's more, in Profiting from IPOs and Small Cap Stocks you'll also meet the smart players in the high-stakes world of new issues, venture capital, and thinly traded pink sheet stocks. You'll see how to protect your capital, where to look for stock splits, how to get in on super-profitable ventures, IPOs and roll-ups, and more. And you'll develop a solid working knowledge of the market forces that drive new or emerging companies to succeed or fail.

"Brown, a financial journalist (Nation's Business, World Traveler), has written an informative guide to the basics of small-cap investing (investing in companies with total capitalizations under $1 billion). He explains that such investments, though riskier, provide greater potential for growth than investments in larger, better-known companies. Chapters are devoted to doing research, initial public offerings (IPOs), international investing, using brokers, evaluating financial statements, scams, investing by computer, and taxes. Appendixes list various stock indexes, newsletters, and advisory services; regional and discount brokers; and small-cap mutual funds. The clear writing style makes this book ideal for beginners, but its wealth of information on small-cap investing will benefit more experienced investors as well. Recommended for most public and academic libraries with collections on investing." (Lawrence Maxted, Gannon Univ. Lib., Harborcreek, PA/ Library Journal)

Since it's much easier for a small company to double in size than for a $30 billion behemoth to get to $60 billion, many savvy investors consider stock of new and small cap companies (typically capitalized at $150 million or less) to e the single best investment for the next several years. They're not only less expensive than their blue chip cousins, in periods of rising growth they can make you rich a lot faster.

Profiting from IPOs and Small Cap Stocks shows both veteran and novice investors how to make it big with small stock and initial public offerings. Featuring an abundance of firsthand information about potential growth stock from industry insiders and observers, it explains:

-Where to find the blue chip stocks of tomorrow
-How to rate small cap stocks--and some "tricks of the trade" for evaluating small companies
-What to look for in prospectuses and annual reports
-When to buy or sell--what techniques to use to reduce your risk
-How to size up special situations, such as ventures and partnerships
-What you must know about foreign stocks, mid-caps and micro-caps, tax shelters, tracking small companies, fraudulent investment schemes, and more

To further guide you, the author shows how to use popular stock indexes and market indicators, and provides addresses and phone numbers of regional and discount brokers (plus guidelines on using them effectively), and a complete list of mutual funds that specialize in small cap company stocks.

What investor wouldn't love to find the Microsoft or Staples of tomorrow--today? Profiting from IPOs and Small Cap Stocks gives you a roadmap to help you explore these tremendously lucrative opportunities--where millions can be made in weeks instead of years.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780735200296
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
Publication date: 09/01/1998
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.36(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.96(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction, xiii
What Are Small Caps?, 1
Doing the Research, 2
Closely Held Companies, 4
Bull and Bear Markets , 5
Measuring Performance, 6
Spotting Niche Companies, 9
Defying Common Myths, 10
Diversity in Small Stocks, 12
Investor Information, 12
Step Up to the Counter, 15
Listing Requirements, 17
Traders and Specialists, 18
Rules of the Trade, 20
Choosing Small Stocks, 22
What's Wealth to You?, 24
Investor Information, 26
The Key to Profits, 27
Finding Quality Stocks, 28
Big Bang Theory, 30
Value or Momentum?, 32
Buying into Boomlets, 33
Some Future Stocks, 34
Sins of Investors, 35
Investor Information, 37
In Your Own Backyard, 39
The Joy of Stocks, 41
The Rich Have a Strategy, 42
What Type Are You?, 45
Forget Wall Street!, 46
Finding Hot Stocks, 48
Investors Never Retire, 49
Next Stop Prosperity, 51
Investor Information, 51
Fishing for Red Herrings, 53
Finding New Issues , 54
Rating the Underwriters, 56
Tombstones and Prospectuses, 57
Watching the Insiders, 62
Be Your Own Analyst, 64
One Step at a Time, 66
Investor Information, 67
When to Buy or Sell, 69
Profitable Investing, 70
Check Earnings Reports, 73
Limit and Stop Orders, 75
Spreads and Specialists, 76
Leading Market Indicators, 78
When to Bail Out, 79
Investor Information, 81
Ventures and Partnerships , 83
Where to Look, 83
Putting It All Together , 86
Coping with Risk, 88
Questions to Ask, 90
Prospects for Profits, 91
Venture Funds, 93
Investor Information , 94
Seek Out Special Situations, 95
Sizing Up the Market, 96
Bankrupt Companies, 97
Should You Become a Contrarian? , 98
Mergers and Buyouts , 100
Sector Stocks, 102
Splits and Spin-offs , 104
Investor Information , 106
Margin Trading and Options, 107
Margin Calls, 108
Options Trading, 110
Rights and Warrants, 112
Selling Short, 114
Watching the Indexes , 116
Reducing Your Risk, 117
Investor Information, 117
Going Global with Stocks, 119
Foreign Shares, 120
Galloping Greenbacks , 123
Multinational Companies, 125
Depositary Receipts, 126
Emerging Markets, 127
Global or International? , 129
Investor Information, 130
Consider Mutual Funds, 131
Load or No-Load? 133
Choosing Among Funds?, 134
Selecting Sector Funds, 136
Picking Fund Companies, 139
Funds for Lazy Investors, 140
Measuring Performance, 142
Investor Information, 145
Reading Annual Reports, 147
What to Look For, 148
Price-Earnings Ratios, 151
Understanding Financial Statements , 153
Doing Your Own Research, 155
Figuring Debt-Equity Ratio, 157
Spotting Takeover Candidates, 159
Investor Information, 160
Finding the Right Broker, 161
Choosing a Broker, 162
Uncovering Hidden Fees, 164
Dollar-Cost Averaging, 166
Advisors and Planners, 168
Keeping Records, 170
Broker Troubles, 172
Investor Information, 173
Investing By Computer, 175
Bids and Bytes, 176
Software Programs, 177
Major Databases, 179
On-Line Trading, 181
Fundamental or Technical Analysis, 184
Computer Investing, 185
Selecting Your Computer, 186
Investor Information, 188
Penny Stocks and Other Scams, 189
Dialing for Dollars, 190
Mail Fraud, 192
Penny Stocks, 193
Rogue Brokers, 195
Ponzi Schemes, 197
Minding the Store, 199
Investor Information, 200
Thinking About Taxes?, 201
New Rules Favor Investors, 202
Planning Is Tougher, 204
Investing Matters, 206
Seize Your Share, 207
Legitimate Shelters, 208
Avoiding an Audit, 210
Investor Information, 213
Appendix A Leading Indexes and Indicators, 215
Appendix B Newsletters and Advisory Services, 217
Appendix C Regional and Discount Brokers, 225
Appendix D Small Cap Mutual Funds, 229
Index, 245

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