Programming BASICS: Using Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, HTML, and Java / Edition 1

Programming BASICS: Using Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, HTML, and Java / Edition 1

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Cengage Learning

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Programming BASICS: Using Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, HTML, and Java / Edition 1

New from the BASICS series, this text provides a step-by-step introduction to programming with Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, HTML and Java making it ideal for a survey course on these popular programming languages. Besides the Visual Basic unit, the book is non-software specific so it can be used with different compilers including Microsoft, Borland, Metroworks and Symantec.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780619058036
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 10/23/2001
Series: BASICS Series
Pages: 744
Product dimensions: 8.38(w) x 11.12(h) x 1.27(d)

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introducing Programming Logic and Languages Lesson 1: Introducing Programming Logic and Languages Unit 2: Introduction to Visual Basic Lesson 1: A First Look at Microsoft Visual Basic Lesson 2: Forms, Controls and Properties Lesson 3: Events and Code Lesson 4: Mathematical Operators Lesson 5: Exponentiation, Order of Operations, and Error Handling Lesson 6: Data Types and Variables Lesson 7: Strings and Decimal Types Lesson 8: If Statements Lesson 9: Nested If Statements and Option Buttons Lesson 10: Do Loops Lesson 11: For Next Loops and Multiple Forms Unit 3: Introduction to C++ Lesson 1: Entering, Compiling, and Running a C++ Program Lesson 2: Variables and Constants Lesson 3: Math Operations Lesson 4: How Data Types Affect Calculations Lesson 5: Strings and the String Class Lesson 6: Input and Output Lesson 7: Building Blocks of Decision Making Lesson 8: Selection Structures Lesson 9 : Loops Lesson 10: Building Programs with Functions Lesson 11: Passing Data and Using Library Functions Unit 4: Introduction to Web Programming with HTML and JavaScript Lesson 1: Quick HTML Know-How Lesson 2: HTML Organization Techniques Lesson 3: HTML Power Techniques Lesson 4: What is JavaScript? Lesson 5: Using Images with JavaScript Unit 5: Introduction to Java Lesson 1: Integrating Applets into Web Pages Lesson 2: Introduction to Java Programming Lesson 3: Data Types and Strings Lesson 4: Math Operations Lesson 5: I/O and Exception Handling Lesson 6: Decision Making in Programs Lesson 7: Loops Lesson 8:. Data File Basics Lesson 9: Developing and Inheriting Classes Lesson 10: Arrays and Vectors Lesson 11: Applets Appendices A: ASCII Table B: The Binary Number System C: The Programming Process D: Order of Operations E: The bool Data Type

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