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McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Programming with Java with CD-ROM / Edition 1

Programming with Java with CD-ROM / Edition 1

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ISBN-13: 9780072512441
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 08/14/2001
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 720
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.70(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Julia Case Bradley is professor emeritus at Mt. San Antonio College. From 1978 until her retirement, she taught courses in introductory and advanced Visual Basic, Access programming, and Microsoft Office in the department of Computer Information Systems. She began writing BASIC textbooks in 1984 using MS-BASIC (GW-BASIC), and has authored or co-authored texts in Macintosh Basic, QuickBasic, QBasic, Visual Basic, the Internet, and desktop publishing using PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, and Publish It.

Anita Millspaugh teaches programming courses in Visual Basic, C++, and Java at Mt. San Antonio College and has served as chair of the department for 8 years. She received her MBA from California State Polytechnic University, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems. Anita has also led Great Teacher's Conferences for Mt. Sac and for California Vocational Faculty.

Table of Contents

1Introducing Java1
Object-Oriented Programming10
Creating Your First Applet12
Running the Applet19
Finding and Fixing Errors20
Changing Fonts and Colors21
Using HTML to Run the Applet in a Browser24
Planning a Project25
Your Hands-on Programming Example26
2Using Variables and Constants31
Classes and Methods32
Variables and Constants34
Text Components40
System Dates47
Mouse Events51
Your Hands-on Programming Example54
3Designing the Interface with Layout Managers61
Java Layout Managers62
Your Hands-on Programming Example84
4Performing Calculations and Formatting Numbers91
Calculation Operators92
Converting between Data Types98
Formatting Numeric Output103
Handling Exceptions108
Using the Wrapper Data Classes112
Your Hands-on Programming Example114
5Creating Classes125
Review of Object-Oriented Programming126
Creating a New Class129
Public versus Private129
Returning Values from a Method130
Passing Arguments to a Method132
Dividing an Applet Class132
Obtaining Values from Private Class Variables138
Using a Class Variable for a Total139
Creating a Class for Formatting140
Your Hands-On Programming Example141
6Decisions and Conditions153
Decision Statements154
Nested if Statements166
The Conditional Operator168
Validating User Input169
Programming for Multiple Button Objects173
Precedence of Assignment, Logical, and Relational Operators175
Your Hands-on Programming Example177
7Making Selections with Check Boxes and Option Buttons191
Check Boxes and Option Buttons192
The switch Statement200
Swing Components204
Your Hands-on Programming Example212
8Using Lists, Choices, and Looping231
The Choice Class236
Swing Lists249
Your Hands-on Programming Example252
Using Array Elements for Accumulators265
Table Lookup267
Multidimensional Arrays271
Lookup Operation for Two-Dimensional Tables274
Creating an Array of Objects278
Java Arrays for C++ and Visual Basic Programmers282
Your Hands-on Programming Example283
10Applications, Frames, Menus, and Dialogs293
Multiple Frames314
Popup Menus315
A Swing Application318
Running as an Application or an Applet320
Your Hands-on Programming Example323
11Multimedia in Java: Images, Sounds, and Animation333
Using Image Files338
Using the Graphies Object to Print345
Swing Components364
Your Hands-on Programming Example367
12More OOP, Interfaces, and Inner Classes377
OOP Review378
Inheriting from Your Own Classes379
Inner Classes383
Your Hands-on Programming Example392
13Storing Information, Object Serialization, and JDBC399
DataBase Connection with the JDBC API410
Updating a Database422
Your Hands-on Programming Example129
Creating Your First JavaScript Program447
The Object Model448
Control Structures452
Fun with JavaScript--Image Rollovers454
15Advanced Features of Java459
Software Development Using Components460
Client/Server Applications473
Your Hands-on Programming Example479
Appendix AUsing an IDE485
Appendix BConventions and Standards513
Appendix CJava 1.0 Event Handling and Deprecated Methods519
Appendix DSolutions to Feedback Questions525
Appendix ECreating JAR Files541
Appendix FWorking with Dates and Functions549
Appendix GDebugging Java Programs561

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Programming with Java with CD-ROM 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was very helpful to me while attempting to learn java. This is really a beginning level book for anyone whi wants to learn about Java. The book has a few mistakes (I do not think that it was do to carelessnes on the authors' parts, I would blame the copying everything from one system to another). A good book non the less.