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Progress in High Energy Physics and Nuclear Safety / Edition 1

Progress in High Energy Physics and Nuclear Safety / Edition 1

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On September 27 – October 3, 2008 the NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on progress in high-energy physics and nuclear safety was held in Yalta, Crimea (see: and Nearly 50 leading experts in high-energy and nuclear physics from Eastern and Western Europe as well as from North America participated at the Workshop. The topics of the ARW covered recent results of theoretical and experimental studies in high-energy physics, accelerator, detection and nuclear technologies, as well as problems of nuclear safety in high-energy experimentation and in nuclear - dustry. The forthcoming experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN and cosmic-ray experiments were among the topics of the ARW. An important aspect of the Workshop was the scienti?c collaboration between nuclear physicists from East and West, especially in the ?eld of nuclear safety. The present book contains a selection of invited talks presented at the ARW. The papers are grouped in two parts.

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Publication date: 05/12/2009
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Progress in High-Energy Physics.- An Alternative Interpretation of the Weinberg-Salam Model.- A Lorentz Invariant Gauge for the Yang—Mills Field Without Gribov Ambiguity.- Phenomenology of the Heavy Flavored Spin 3/2 Baryons in Light Cone QCD.- First DAMA/LIBRA Results and Beyond.- Issues of Reggeization in qq ? Backward Scattering.- ?? Scattering Length Measurements from Ke4 and K ± ??±?0?0 Decays at NA48/2.- Measurement of the Proton-Longitudinal-Structure Function F L at HERA.- Cuoricino Results and Perspectives for CUORE.- OPERA Experiment — Status Report.- Precise Measurement of the ?+ ? e + v Branching Ratio.- Performances of the CMS Tracker.- Nuclear Track Detectors. Searches for Exotic Particles.- The ANTARES Neutrino Telescope.- HSD Transport Model as a Tool for Studying Fluctuations in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions.- First Results on the Interactions of Relativistic 9C Nuclei in Nuclear Track Emulsion.- A Precision Measurement of the Neutral Pion Life Time: Updated Results from the PrimEx Experiment.- New Heavy Gauge Boson Searches with CMS.- CMS Tracker Upgrade Issues and Plans: A Short Review.- Search for Lepton Flavour Violation with the MEG Experiment.- The Study of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in the Pierre Auger Observatory.- The MoEDAL Experiment — Searching for Highly Ionizing Particles at the LHC.- Radiative Kaon Decays and ChPT Test with the NA48/2 Experiment at CERN.- New results for K + ? ?+ vv¯ at low ?+ Momentum from BNL E949.- The sLHC and the ATLAS Detector.- Nuclear Safety.- Problem of Radiation Resistance of Structural Materials of Nuclear Power.- Symbiotic Nuclear—Coal Systems for Production of Liquid Fuels.- Prospects of Safe Nuclear Energy in Ukraine.- Development of Methods for Simulation of Electronuclear Processes.- Simulation of Energy Deposition and Neutron Spectrum of Subcritical Assembly Irradiated with Proton Beam with MCNPX Transport Code.- Spallation Neutron Energy Spectrum Determination with Yttrium as a Threshold Detector on U/Pb-assembly “Energy plus Transmutation”.- Remarks on Muon Radiography.

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