Project Clean Up: The Decagon

Project Clean Up: The Decagon

by Charlie Dykstra


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When the orphaned son of a governor and top student at Harvard, Antonio Jones, unexplainably snaps, he faces murder charges for maliciously killing the man who sexually assaulted his little foster sister. But Antonio is offered a dark deal from an ominous secret society filled with a mysterious aura that challenges his convictions. If he becomes their poster boy to lead their efforts in the political realm, they will erase his crime and give him the life of his dreams. The overall goal of Project Clean Up is simple: Make the world a better place by exterminating evil people. Every single one of them.

Antonio is driven by his obsession to investigate the hidden identity of the society’s mysterious leader and why all the recruits like himself, suddenly decide to kill. He discovers one mystery after another, finding supernatural and other unspeakable activities that challenge his convictions. There seems to be no turning back as Project Clean Up consumes his life and all those he loves.

The line between right and wrong vanishes for Antonio, as he struggles to decide which side he is on. Witnessing the society’s undeniably idealistic cause, as well as their shockingly brutal means increases the depths of his dilemma. Does he follow the dream to build a better world, saving people like his beloved little foster sister? Or does he give up his dream romance, wealth, fame, and loved ones, because the ideal world comes at the high cost of just too many lives? Antonio finds himself in far too deep venturing down this dark path.

Shado smiled sincerely and in her sweet angelic voice replied, …For me, every day is Halloween, and for now on, I am the monster that gives evil a reason to be afraid of the dark.”

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781644583449
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/02/2019
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

Charlie Dykstra has written for decades; however, being dyslexic, he never attempted to publish his works. After much encouragement from friends and his mother, he decided to use modern software to help him overcome his disability.
After publishing a biography about his close friend, MMA fighting legend Johnathan Ivey, he chose Project Clean Up from a long list of his writings to be the next for print. The book was a fiction novel, but the story’s foundation is something much more to him.
When Charlie’s father was young, he made an intriguing, but at times shockingly offensive acquaintance, a former trainee from Nazi Germany. As a young boy, the German man trained (brainwashed) to serve in Adolf Hitler’s Secret Service. When the war ended, the boy was still underage and suffering from severe illness. The US soldiers spared him and took him under their wing, resulting in him coming to America.
The friendship was ironic since Charlie’s family tree consists of many Jews on both sides. Though the German man became an American, he never let go of Hitler’s dream for a perfect world and often spoke with Charlie’s dad of the dark secrets Hitler had planned to make it happen. Charlie grew up hearing the spine-chilling stories, which left him in starry-eyed wonder.
When he began to write, Charlie decided the concept of a secret society redesigning the world could not escape his writings. Though Project Clean Up is fiction, many attitudes, perspectives, and idealisms revealed in the book are quite real. Project Clean Up is a dark story that challenges the convictions of the reader to answer the question, “If I were offered the power to play God and change the world, could I resist it?”

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